Happy Earthday Everyday

Happy Earthday Everyday
We were born here on earth
We have lived here our lives
We eat, we play, we work, we…
We were sent to care for our world
We cannot do the care alone
But we can make small steps
To make sure there is a home
For future generations
One small part of the bigger picture
As we have no where else to go currently
Take care of this world for all of us
Together, surviving separately yet together
by Pauline Harris


Tree Bark Art

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I took a photo of some parts of a tree. Later, I used an app to make it into an artpiece. By Pauline Harris

Good Friday

Good Friday 
I knew God’s plan 
Would be fulfilled soon
Reflecting on our shared meal
Of just not long ago, last night
We lovingly prayed together 
I telling you new rules
‘To love God above all’
And also
‘To love one another, 
As I have loved you’
Continuing our meal
We ate together 
Turning bread into my body
We drank together 
Turning wine into my blood
Symbols becoming real
Soon what I was born to do
Will become true because all of you
One of you got paid
But all of you will deny me
Say you don’t follow me
I accept this as it is all
Part of the Will of God 
Today I am at court
And sentenced to die
The only ‘sin’ I committed
Was to Love and share God’s plan 
Of mercy and of grace 
‘I suffer, so you may live’
Here I am Lord, my God
‘Forgive them, for into Your Hands
I come in peace’
And may love prevail 
Everywhere and in everyone
Forever and always 
And So It Is

By Pauline Harris


Life has a roller coaster feeling
Slow to start out, learning new things
Taking small steps leading to bigger ones
Giant leaps up to the top
Quickly tumbling downward
Racing heart jumping all about
Confusing the mind 
Which direction is the right one to take
Some encourage going this way
But insecurity tells us ‘no’
Waiting for a sign, allowing the moment to speak
A rainbow does appear
Shining a light for us to follow
This way to get unstuck
And soon joy does follow us
By Pauline Harris

A Tribute for Friends/Family

A Friend/Family Tribute…I wish for you that you may find joy within to carry with you all of your days. I hope you find your Joyney here what you are looking for in life. Here is to all of those who have meant something to me…A big hug, a smile, and something left unspoken. Please know that each of you meant something to someone…enjoy ~pharris2013

Notre Dame

Notre Dame 
A poem by Pauline Harris

The introduction was simple 
A hunchback man and a cathedral 
Songs were sung
People were helped
Some fears realized
And peace found
Within the walls
Where the Rose Window
Shined in glory
Grace befell upon all

Later on I began to see
The Gargoyles watching
Keeping the city safe
The angels and saints
Help to keep the watch
Peaceful in grace and song

During my visit
The reality awoke in me
In the distance on a canal boat
I saw the steeple and arches
As the boat moved closer
There were areas under repair
My heart sank some
As the outward beauty 
Was not for me to see

And then the walk to the front
Lots of people gathered 
Here and there, many excited
Just as much as me
Some were praying

The great Rose Window 
Up way up high
Dim on this side 
As the rains came down
Determined I pressed on
Through the archway of the door
I am in awe and take a deep breath

Artwork everywhere 
Statues, paintings, relics,
Carvings all detailing stories
Loads of people 
All wanting to take in this moment

And I turned my head
To see my heart leap 
My joyney now complete 
As the Rose Window shown
The richness of light
And blessed us all with the sight

Decades have passed
Since that one day
A fire struck the Cathedral 
Loosing it’s steeple
And much of the structure

But there is spirit 
That has been expressed
Although now in ashes
Wonderment will arise
Becoming compassionate love
Bringing the world together 
With grace, hope, and joy

To Connect With Oil

To Connect With Oil
By Pauline Harris

Preparations made
Gathered oil and some cloths
A friend joined with me
As we sat readying ourselves

Calmly we looked at the oil
Taking a damp cloth
We washed our hands
Delicately touching each 
And then our feet
Each toe and finger cleansed

Turning to my friend
Sitting quietly
Reflecting on moments
Times we spent together 
Seeing the love we have enjoyed

I take my friend’s hand
Gently massaging each part
Adding some oil 
Here and there
Encompassing the loving care
We have for one another

And then my friend took
My hand anointing me with oil

Such a powerful time
Each of us in shared respect
Taking time to sit with each other 
Taking time to acknowledge 
Our friendship and love
We are at peace
Caring and sharing as one

Cloud Photo Art

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Deep Within

Deep Within
By Pauline Harris 

Reflections of clouds 
Shadows distract 
Options keep pouring down 
Learning multiple avenues 
Bring each of us forward 
Twisting our passages 
Seamlessly through time 
To reach this moment 
To help others, inspire, 
And / Or create a future 
Worth giving to our descendants

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News is…

News is…
What happened specifically 
Who was involved, impacted 
Where it occurred, where it may effect further 
When events were and possible related events

Why are opinions unless based upon facts,
Truth can be opinion based
Especially when not all facts are known

These statements are 
Compiled here by me
So much of our news 
Is biased, opinions 
Facts are what, who, where, and when
Sometimes how and why

by Pauline Harris

Surprise Open Doors

Sometimes we get a lil glimmer

Of connecting with another…

Then the door slams in our face…

We try to say to our selves it was

A good connection, they will remember us…

Then again, why did they slam the door

In our face when all we gave them was a hug…

Trying so hard to keep the feeling of

The connection flowing, even with a sore nose.

The connection is the most important thing to keep our eye on.

As we make our way onto another door.

By Pauline Harris

Formation of Life

Many ages ago the formation began…

With a sparkling within a sense of wonder…

Full of life giving grace, the sense of renewal took fold…

Glimpses of what to come floating within the stars…

Showering down to the earth…

A lil sparkle of love grows…

And ignites past the darkness…

Ppast the hurt…Past the past…

Stepping towards the future…

Shinning brightly…and bam…

Here is me…a lil diamond glowing…

By Pauline Harris

Step On Out


Just A Little Wave

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Watch Out: Inspiration is Around the Corner

Watch out there is a new disease going around…its called Inspiration…it can come from anywhere or anyone…once caught, it is easily passed on…some may seek it out… it can be discovered in creativity…or learning…reading…walking…sleeping…
Oh no…I think it has found a new victim…or is this person one who will survive this Inspiration…we will see one day

Mixed Up Plans

something went wrong…perception is needed to be changed…
looked outside for the answer…no answer to be found that satisfied what I needed…looked within…
still not there….
closed my eyes to see…
a glimmer of hope was shining up at me…
opened my mind to know the light…
let go of anything holding me back…
and there it was…the answer I needed…
I breathed in and breathed out…
Awakened to possibilities…
Alive once again…I AM there…pharris2012

I am grateful for long-term friends.

Many times moving forward can take a lot of energy…and there is always that lil voice saying what about this or that…but one must focus on love and dreams…and let them guide the way…who knows…perhaps friends will find their way back into your life…So many of mine have… by Pauline Harris

Dragons, Dragons

Dragons, dragons everywhere
Upstairs, downstairs
Do not dare stare
For nothing compares
To my friends these dragons
As they come from everywhere
Keep aware and do not stare
~By Pauline Harris

Let’s Dance

Let us dance
fully with the 
stars above
to guide us
through life
and to be
there, as our
Let’s dance.
~pharris 2015


❤ hugs ❤

Sometimes changes in our lives happen slowly over time…

and other times, we have changes that happen within an instant…

Change is part of our everyday lives…

sometimes we are given clues/tools on how to deal

with change and other times we rely on what we already know,

our friends/family and sometimes even society as a whole.

Some may just carry on(bugger on)…

some may just sit and let life go on…

and some may run and try to make more changes.

In each situation of change,

it is comforting to know change is inevitable,

change is constant.

It is also nice when the sun rises for a new day.~pharris2013

A Garden Shared

Gardens are cool…we sometimes are fools…for not being there in person…with our deal loved ones…indeed we are fools…for insisting our loved ones always will be…by our side no matter day or night…but true to life…one day our loved ones will cease to be…however our love will continue to be ever so strong…peace with each of us as our gardens will grow… by Pauline Harris

Thinking of a Friend

We would laugh

And cry and sometimes

Ask the question why

We would go out of our way

To help others better themselves

By organizing and preparing

At moments when the floods

Would rush into the rooms

Finding new methods

To reach many who chose

To keep their attention

Solely upon making trouble

Solid engagement when

Connections were made

Craving to be heard

Hands reach out for more

Attention grabbing

But somehow the calm voice

Softly speaking

Tenderly with wisdom

A notion to bring forth

The reality of a caring friend

Noticing all around

We carried on with our duty

To be friends and work solemnly

Separately and yet equally

Preparing for the future

Of tomorrows yet to come

Goodbye dear one

I will miss your laugh

And your healing hugs

And thank you for being you

By Pauline Harris

Updated: Gentle Hands Across Generations

(Inspiration:  a photo of five hands of different ages layered on top of each other)

Time passes onward

Carrying with it wisdom

Down through the ages

Some words become phrases

Linking all beings

One to another

Completing the circle

Fulfilling the rhythm

Memories unfold

To give others formed words

With warmth and laughter

To move ever forward

Because there is no way back

Whispers have foretold

The hands of generations

Will unite to bring joy

Across the ages in love

By Pauline Harris

Originally posted
01SEP 2016 , this one is revised


We Matter

Some people may and do point out all our flaws

But we matter. We are loved. 
Life is challenging for us alone
When we care, share, be aware 
We will step lightly into a new day
Together we are stronger alive

By Pauline Harris

Reflection of Trees

Shadows reflected in the world around
Appear to see trees in the ground
Only to realize the water is there
For all to see what is happening everywhere
—by Pauline Harris

A Friend’s Grief

Personally, I will
Never know your loss
But that does not
Mean I don’t care
I feel your pain
And your dispare 
I share many moments 
With you in grief 
Here, I am 
With hugs
Or just to listen
A shoulder to cry on
Someone to just 
Walk with 
Or just be with
Loosing someone
Takes a long time
To recover
Each loss is unique
And so many reminders
May present themselves
All part of the experience 
Take care
And know you
Are loved
Safe joyney
…by Pauline Harris 2017

I wrote this poem a few years ago.
It is ever relevant today as then.
Change is constant in our world.
Comfort is found in love shared.
Blessings. Pharris

Hidden Blessings

Time is ever changing

Circling in motion

We sometimes spiral

Deep into peril

Not realizing the depths

We had fallen into

Then suddenly almost abruptly

We glimpse up to see

A helping hand, a spark of light

Reaching out towards us

To express compassion

Loving grace is here at last

Guiding us every moment

Along the joyney of life

Take care dear ones

As blessings surround us

Each and every moment

If only we open our hearts

To see the many heartsmiles

Presented to us each day.

By Pauline Harris

The Art of Living

Now is the starting time
Here is where we are
Knowing joy brings hope alive
Inspiring creative thinking
And finding solutions 
For the future is at hand
By Pauline Harris

Why Poets Write

Poets use words to express moments in time or mind as a way of breathing into life those moments. Constant turmoil of the outside world seems to implode upon the poet as the words reach out of the depths to become alive and somehow make the poet more whole.~pharris

Planting Seeds of Love


Joyney to Life

As each of us are forever in life
Along this joyney changing,
Improving ourselves into
Who we want to be

by Pauline Harris

Hidden Treasures


This Feather

Slowly dropping

From the sky

I am not sure why

A feather

A feather once

Adored and ruffled

Once completed

And whole

Falling down

To the earth

Down to the ground

Almost right there

Right in front of me

My hand reaches out

Grasping at air

Fingers spreading

Attempting to grab

But alas, nothing

Only air…not fair

As I look around

There upon the ground

Sits for all to see

The feather

Looking at me

As though to laugh

But I know in my heart

I did step down

And took the feather

Up into my hand

At last this feather

Was truly mine

Although one day

It may wilt

Or fly away

Until then

I shall cherish

This feather of mine

by Pauline Harris

Calling of the Birds

Out in the fields, he stood

Among the grassy meadows near the hills

Moon had just risen above the eclipse

Shadows approach to gain insight

Of the coming year to be

The trumpet is blown

Birds flock to the sound

Dancing in a rhythm

Only the awaken can fathom

With delight, notes echo in the distance

Seeking those who are listening

Carry on to find delight

Carry on to share wisdom

Carry on, carry on, carry on

by Pauline Harris
inspiration: a photo of a man in a field playing the trumpet with birds coming out of it.

Gratitude Whispers

There is whole opening to see the sky above…angel tears trickle down to greet me…the wind whispers sweet words of wisdom…I grab you and give you a bear hug, as I need someone close by…the sense of wonder catches my eye…I do delight in this overwhelming feeling of comfort and joy…Gratitude fills my soul~pharris2012

Basket Full of Hearts

Just a tiny hug
From me to you
Not much, but a lot
Of loving thoughts
No words could convey
The shared kindness
I wish for the world
This very day and always
By Pauline Harris

Web Play

In the fog
Of the morn
This tree 
A spider web
The whole view
As you see here
By Pauline Harris

Along The Road

Travels had taken me

Far across the many miles

Rivers have rippled

In the wake of each day

Drops of love sprinkle joy

And little bits of sadness

Followed closely with comfort

Differences proven to bring

A newfound hope in today

by Pauline Harris

Tidbits of Unconditional Hugs

Sharing a little light
Sharing a healing hug
Sharing a sparkling smile

Sharing some love
And blessings to all

Sharing a glimpse of light
A smile and hug
Healing presence
Safe travels 
Blessings always

Encourage Someone Today…Give a Smile…Be Sincerely You while uplifting another…Say a Prayer…Warm a Heart…Be available…Listen

Just a tiny hug
From me to you
Not much, but a lot
Of loving thoughts
No words could convey
The shared kindness
I wish for the world
This very day and always
By Pauline Harris


In A Dream

In a Dream
by Pauline Harris

As I slept
A vision appeared
Set me on the doorstep
Of what was to be
And what had been

All came clear
When I looked 
Beyond what I could see
With visions of light
To seem
Just right

But hold on tight
There were multitudes
Of every being
And every source of time
All living together
No separation
None departed

An energy of joy
All enclosed
And represented here
A bliss like none other
And all gathered
Without limitations
Peaceful solitude
All working as one
Oneness and whole
Captured in love
Easily recognized 
By heartsmilez
Shared with all

Awakened later
The love carried on
And shared 
In moments of joy
Graciously forwards

Seeking Joy

A crack in the wall
An opening of the door
A different path
An answer to a ponder
A gracious acceptance
Of what will be
The joyney forward
In the light of a new day
By Pauline Harris

A Tree Stump

A Tree Stump
By Pauline Harris

Cut and left
Here to rot
Drying up
Of what 
Once was

Only to
The present 
In time
Here now
Of a life
Once lived

To inspire 
To carry on 
Ever after

Icy Shadows

Shadows of what was once real slide away revealing truths we have not seen before. In this newness, what was once believed to be fact no longer holds true. But we need not despair, as we have a right to decide where we stand.

In the icy weather, the earth chills and revitalizes to bring on the spring and new growth yet to come. May we find ways to move forward in this world together. 
By Pauline Harris

Adventures To Share

Adventures to Share 
By Pauline Harris

A calling begins
Sometimes with 
A whisper

Speaking in riddles
For each to decipher
A legend or myth
May bring us clues

But we begin by
seeing all there is
can be something
look inside
and outside too
looking up
may bring a new
to you in some way

Bringing a new insight
Full of perception 
In light of the day

Thanks to those who
Join us on the joyney 
By Pauline Harris


Exams of Our Lives

We do each live different lives
So true for someone to judge
And yet no one has all answers
Instead of tearing each down
Why not inspire, teach, assist 
Share the joyney with love 
Forget about the hatefulness
Embrace the whole human race
By Pauline Harris

Joy to Step

A step into wonderment…To Know…not just believing in Joy, Knowing Joy…stepping aside when something interferes and looking beyond and yet staying within the present moment. Enjoy each connection…Joy Unbounded.~pharris2013

In Days To Come

In Days to come
There are many truths

Foretold in the writings

Of ages past
Within these words

Are general shouts

Sounding of advice

Only the reader

Can decipher

What one will believe

As what is to come

Although what will be

Will become reality~Pauline Harris

Seeds of Love

Blessings bloom and grow
to flourish
in love and care
and venture forth
to spread
around the world
Share seeds of love
and watch the world 
bloom and grow
(so above, so below
love heals all…) by Pauline Harris

Unbreakable Cord

Life is a team effort. Each of us contributes in our own way along the joyney. A teacher inspires while providing tools to carry ourselves onto the next task. A creative person gives insight to the world around. A friend provides comfort with a shoulder to cry on. A parent gives Heartsmiles to carry us into a new day. And some others prepare the world with essentials and some perks for life to continue on. – Pauline Harris

The Birds Soared

The Birds Soared
By Pauline Harris

Gathering around
Along the banks
Of the river’s shoreline 
The birds were there
Some flying, some landing,
And many fishing
Together they gathered
Sharing their lives
Living as a team
All reading themselves 
For the winter’s stay
Preparing the land
Nests to be built
Food to harvest
Water nearby for fishing
All is set in order 
And ready to begin
A long winter’s stay
As the cold weather
Blows it’s way in

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