Mystic Oak

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This photo art piece took about 3 hours of working to complete from my own photos.

Be Still

Be Still
By Pauline Harris

Be Still
Know that changes
Are always happening
Take time
To Be
With those we love
To Be present
To look up
God’s Love surrounds us
Yes, even there
We are God’s creation
We are stewards
Of this world
And all that dwells
Upon the Earth
We can and do love
Compassion, grace,
And mercy
Are our tools
May we continue
To inspire and create
Love eternally

Trust The Path

Trust The Path
By Pauline Harris

This way, that way
Right teachings here
Kindness in demand
Compassion here, at hand
Greed sneaks in the door
Fear grows in the corner
One says his way is best
However it contradicts others
Hearts scream when one is silent
A tiny candle light shines
Way off in the distance
A tug on the clothing
Awakens those closed eyes
Silently movement begins
As Heartsmiles open to love
Light to light brightening the day
The path forward is lit
With souls coming together
All in love, kindness forward
The way forward starts with one step, one light

Silent Tears

Silent Tears
By Pauline Harris

Although our lives
Just recently met
The joys and wisdom
Have touched each
Of our souls so deeply
Words only can convey
A small amount
Of the love shared
In the many avenues
Of growth bringing
More love and understanding
To each of our souls
Together we are
Most grateful
To future of more
Kindness forward
Shared and forever
Universal Love

Spanish Moss Draping

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Ring Around Full Moon

Just after dusk, the moon rose
Bringing with it a view of the clouds
Forming a crescent shape around it
…looking up to see this beauty in the sky
By Pauline Harris

Image may contain: night and sky, possible text that says 'Ring around the Moon by Pauline Harris Art Photography'

Painted Phoenix

Out of the ashes
New life sprang
Rays of light
Shown through the love
Shared by all
Who saw wonderment
In amongst the world
-by Pauline Harris

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Painfed Phoenix by Pauline Harris Arf Phofography'


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Thinking of You

Thinking of You
By Pauline Harris

Loved ones
Whether distance
Has come between us
We are still close
Close at heart
We may not see
Each other near
In our hearts
We are always inside
Caring and inspiring
Sometimes poking fun
Loved draw near
In times of need
But sometimes
We need to just be
Be there with a hug
Or with a comic relief
Or with an item of need
We all need that support
And yes even those who refuse
For we all live here together
Making our impact here
I am grateful for all
Of my loved ones
Near to my heart

The Fires in Australia

The Fires in Australia
By Pauline Harris

The burnt ash
Leave marks
Along the beach
Of what was thought
To be seaweed
Alas ancient forest ash
Or ash from homes
Now all taken
Ravaged gone
Torn from the earth
In vast bellows
Of recharged flames
Constantly destroying
All in the wake
Of each spark
Lives, land, all lost
Rains have been forecasted
Firefighters and others help
Healing hugs come from afar

note: posted this poem before

The Fires in Australia

The Fires in Australia
By Pauline Harris

The burnt ash
Leave marks
Along the beach
Of what was thought
To be seaweed
Alas ancient forest ash
Or ash from homes
Now all taken
Ravaged gone
Torn from the earth
In vast bellows
Of recharged flames
Constantly destroying
All in the wake
Of each spark
Lives, land, all lost
Rains have been forecasted
Firefighters and others help
Healing hugs come from afar

The Quilt Process

The Quilt Process
By Pauline Harris

Gathered over time
Skills learned and taught
Threads, fabrics,
Scissors, rulers,
Irons, patterns
Researching to begin
Planning out design
Deciding on size
Which pattern to focus on
Which color scheme
Choosing fabrics
Coordinating fabrics
To the design
Formulating the quilt
All materials gathered
All pieces measured
And measured again
Grains in the right direction
Ready for the cut
Straight or curve
The design details all
Pinning cut materials together
Check pattern
Ready for the first stitches
Pressing often
Check pattern
Pin more, sew more
Slowly coming together
Forming a top piece
Trying to keep flat
Ironing and checking pattern
Individual pieces form whole
Sandwiching top with batting
And the back piece
Pin together and quilt
Binding when quilted
Enjoying after completed

A Time of reflection

A Time of reflection
By Pauline Harris

A man stood by
Greeting many
Who held tears
In their hearts
As a friend passed away
Shots in the distance
From those who aim
And want to scare
And state their voice
Silently others scream
Mostly in dismay
For threats had put
Them in the corner
Out of sight
Out of thought
One man continues on
He tells of what he recalls
But the loss is greater
For the quiet mourner
As she heard how little
He valued some rights
While boasting his views
In a life taken long ago
Justified or not, the life is gone
Another said she fought hard
To keep her head held high
While others gathered roses
And photos of days gone by
Humble servitude as guide
Cries in aches we must hide
Choices we bare as we share
Shots bring memories
Distant lives cry in hurts
Mumbled views need reflection
Silently a moment to rest
As life continues each step
Soon the joys return
And the sleepy may rest
But still the rings of shots
Echo, echo in the hearts of all
Whether to boast or reflect
Whose freedom is gained
If a life is taken too soon

A Great Mystery For Us All

A Great Mystery For Us All
Is to discover the good
The good to use five senses
The good to share and inspire
The good to create and live
The good kindness in our hearts

We can boast about how we are
We can force others into our views

But the real courage is in kindness
Allowing others to find innovation
Improving all life and lives alike
Stepping back to allow growth

A drop in the river moves forwards
Rocks become smooth as sand
Valleys are carved, trees fall
Flooding occurs after fires ravage land
Circles of life reborn to create anew

But where do we focus
On conservation
On innovation
On selfish gains
On good for all
On the golden rule

The great mystery is life itself
And how we choose to live it fully
By Pauline Harris

Painted Oak Tree

No photo description available.

By Pauline Harris

The Lone Polar Bear

The Lone Polar Bear
By Pauline Harris

Drifting away
The iceberg went
Broken off
The polar bear sat
No where to go
Drifting away
Lost in the currents
Hope fading away fast
Drifting away
The polar bear thought
If only I can find
Land once again
Drifting away
In hopes to find
The land with much
Much more than dreams
Seemingly provide
Drifting away
Only the waves to guide
The polar bear to survive

Connecting Threads

Two met each other
In a distant land
Both choosing one thing
But before they could go thru
They both needed a reminder
A reminder of what was yet to be
And connecting threads lead on
Their choices would be felt
Well beyond these threads
So, off to see how much value
Just one life could be
For each of us has value
Well beyond measure
Few get to see
The connections
Between you and me
Those two decided
To carry on and set others free
And thanks to people like them
We can all be who we are meant to be
By Pauline Harris

Bits of Kindness

Bits of Kindness
Impacts greater than
Those who received
And those who gave
For there is something
That lingers from kindness
Allows us to move forward
Sharing the love once given
To many others years after
Thank you all for kindness
Both in accepting and giving
As we enter here in love
To share love forward
With the world around
For kindness knows no bounds
-Pauline Harris

The Rip Torn Blanket

The Rip Torn Blanket
By Pauline Harris

Years had passed
Since receiving
This blanket

Many places
It had seen
Cries in the dark
Comforting the shivers
Warming the heart

And then
One day

Noticing feathers
Coming out of it
My blanket
Had been torn


I looked at it

I took a moment

Thinking through
All this blanket
Meant to me
And of ways
I could repair it

Finding a needle
Some thread
Mending on the way

This blanket
With me
All these many years
Once torn
Now mended

Ready for many more
Adventures to enjoy

Mary, Mother to Jesus

Mary, Mother to Jesus
By Pauline Harris

Mary was awoken one night
At first a fright until she saw
The angel there before her
Mary listened with her heart
Knowing deep down
This night is important
After the message, her mind
Was full of wonderment
Excited by the news
She would have a son
Her life changed forever
To one day travel far
In order to deliver
Him to the world outside
Nurturing Him from day one
Teaching Him love each day
Allowing Him to explore
Adventures were His to take
Encouraging Him to grow
Each and every day in love
Always by His side
Mary, sweet Mother to Jesus
Thank you for your courage
And thank you for sharing
The Blessings of Jesus with us

A Gift Given

A Gift Given
By Pauline Harris

Thoughts went into
This gift from me to you
Truthfully I could not find
The perfect one for you
But I do hope you see beyond
And know the love inside
Is more than life itself
For this love I eternally give you
May light find and guide you
Each and everyday

Mourning, Years Later

Mourning, Years Later
By Pauline Harris

Shock was first reflex
Slowly acceptance

But there was a bit
Holding on
And sometimes regret
Of all the missed Opportunities

Longing to say
How much
Loved one meant

Gentle soul taken
And we must move on
Torn with emotions
Reminded of connections
A smell, a sight, a place

A newfound being
Holds the door
As we walk through

We still love
And honour you
In sharing you
Within our lives today
Forward we walk in love
While remembering you
Are with us each day

In memory of Steven Nowell Maggard
12 December 1970-13 December 1988


By Pauline Harris

The moment was now
The feeling was right
The setting was there

I grabbed my camera
Viewing the angles
Setting the balance
Attempting to grasp
The whole concept
Of this very moment
I took a photograph
Knowing full well
I could only get
A minute second
A partial glimpse
Of what just happened

Clearly I missed much
But I had a glimpse
And captured a part
To keep for awhile

In life, it the same
We are in each other’s lives
But we are only getting
A glimpse of what is
In many ways that is enough
But in others, we want more
Life is moments made
From our shared experiences
And the moments in between

Polly's Onion Soup

Polly’s Onion Soup by Pauline Harris

Stage One: cook some roast beef slices in Johnny’s Au Jus Sauce with a couple of cups of beef broth. Keep the broth mixture for onion soup for later use. ( the roast beef can be used for French Dip or something else, it is not needed in the onion soup itself).

Stage Two: sauté onions in a saucepan (about 4 sweet/Vidalia onions sliced into slivers). When the onions are ready, add a package of Coleman’s Sheppard’s Pie Dry mix. At this time, an addition of unflavoured protein mixture can be added. Mix well. Add some seasonings like garlic and basil. Slowly add the broth mixture from stage one. Let boil for about 5 minutes, then simmer for 30 minutes.


I serve it with crackers or bread and cheese on top of the soup. It can be frozen and reheated later to enjoy.

On Winter's Doorstep

On Winter’s Doorstep
by Pauline Harris

As the leaves begin to change
Multitude of colours and shapes
The weather darkens
The winds breaks branches
And many leaves begin
There descent to fall
Falling softly to the ground
Sometimes in big chunks
Rain and some snow
May fluster its way here
But there on that branch
Sits one solitary leaf
Struggling to keep attached
Long since turned from green
To orange and now brown
Holding on to life, but
Knowing full well it too will fall
Leaving behind the tree
It once knew as home
To die beneath the limbs
Making dust to dirt to replenish
The earth and allow new growth
To begin again for future life
As the time renews
Each dawn with the sun
And the moon following at night
Life goes on with the cycles
Love has created in its wake
So someday we may be that leaf
And become dust, but we also will
Help the life on this planet move on
Forever in hope as life goes forward on

Spirit Be Mine

Spirit Be Mine

Taking a step further into unknown
Walking as if making a point
Guidance needed with each fluid movement
Not knowing, fear sets in slightly
But seeing your wisdom and inspiration
There before my eyes holds steady
A galloping leap into the unknown
Leading me with your comforting spirit
I know now, I can
Thank you for making me possible
By Pauline Harris 2016

Triple Drop Leaves

Image may contain: plant

Once a set of leaves
Drips of water lay
Pulled directionally
Reconfigured by me
To this you now see
By Pauline Harris

Smokey Embers

Smoky Embers

Gazing into the logs
As they begin to take flame
Engulfing embers
Combust deep within
Carrying the gazer
Towards a journey
Like no other
Captivating the soul
Enriching the feeling
Of being connected
To the oneness
Within the ever-burning
Called life
And guided
By the energies
Within the embers
Let go to fully
When left in ashes
Only to be reunited
In the new fire
By Pauline Harris

Dusty Sand

Dusty Sand
By Pauline Harris

Sitting on the beach
Looking out at my feet
Seeing my toes covered
In lots of sand, surrounded
Everywhere I look by sand
Each grain entwined
Captured now here
In this moment
Only to be swayed
By the oncoming wind
And away
The grain of sand
Left me
Onto find
A new home
As for me
I have the memory
Of that moment
On the beach
With sand at my feet
Dusty sand surrounding me
And then letting me go
Further with our lives
Separated by our joyney

The Stars Above

The Stars Above
By Pauline Harris

A roaring sound
Comes from the distance
Closer it nears
Deafening to ears
Go outside to see
What is it to be
Two jets whoosh by
Seemingly very close
Almost touching
The treetops
Watching as the lights
Fade into the distant
Another one creeps up
And disappears
Like the others
Into the glow
Of the night sky
The stars above
Glistening sparkles
Coming forth to greet
All who are willing
Inspiring many
As lights streak nearby
Guiding some into paths
Of adventures in dreams
And in life itself
Captivated by the glow
First from the jets
And now the stars
Light illumines the soul
For us to carry on

Healing Heartsmiles

Image may contain: text and outdoor



There is something about that beat
Reaching into to grasp the heart
Taking us on a trip inside the rhythm
Knocking at soul’s door keeping in step
With the one love, one heartbeat
By Pauline Harris

Love & Light

No photo description available.


Sunset with sparks in clouds

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, plant, outdoor and nature

voting is our Right

voting is our Right
by Pauline Harris

Tomorrow is a day
To reflect and cast a ballot
Reflecting on who we choose
Each one of us consciously
To bring our voice into play
In the day to day activities
Of what becomes a law
To govern our society
It does matter who we choose
But more than that
The person we choose
Must live up to our voices
And listen to us
We can use our voice
In ballot form each election
We can submit and sponsor bills
Help get the word out about our views
Many fought and many died
For our votes to be cast
Make a difference with a Vote

Giving Life Changing News

When giving
life changing news,
Don’t be
a know-it-all
Don’t laugh
Do give all
Of your information
In paper form
Allow for the person
To take a moment
Give support
Don’t criticize him/her
It is his/her life
Not yours
And just because
He/She sees things
A bit differently
Still offer support
Because life is not all
Set in stone
And we are all
And all
Worthy of this life
We are all
Living on this planet
Enabling each light.
To shine brightly.
By Pauline Harris

Love Blessings

Love Blessings
by Pauline Harris

May the infinite love
Surround us as we share
This love to all out there
In times of healing
And of wisdom
We create our relationships
With understanding
And compassion
To express this eternal love
Throughout our living days
For others to carry on
This love spread around
The world, is in you and me
For all to see and share
Healing the world
Starting right here
In you and me
Blessings and healing hugs

Sky Feathers

The original photo was taken in the 90s in Arizona on Native Land. The feathers are a tribute to that time and space. ~Pauline Harris

Sharing Light

Sharing Light
By Pauline Harris

We are here together
Guiding one another
Loving one another
In our own lives
Helping where we can
To make something matter
To be a voice with a message
Saving substance
Offering wisdom
Spreading wings
Adventures await
But only in shared
Lighting of each other
For when the candle dims
Sadness ensues
Time may pass
Shared love helps
All of us step
Kindly forward
Giving a spark of hope
Life continues
Showing us our joyney
Here is the love
We share to carry us on

One Person, my friend

One Person, my friend
By Pauline Harris

I want you to know
You are important
You are loved
and you made
A difference
Because you care
Because you share
Because you inspire
But also because
You were there
When a hug was needed
Or a shoulder to cry on
And with the shared
Experiences life handed us
You were there
And still are here
Deep within my heart
Is the place you are
And always shall be
I love you forever
And always my dear friend

Chilling Love

Chills rushed to the very core of the bones.
Sending thoughts of times when the winds
were so cold and unnerving. Keeping me
Still in that moment until the touch came
From your warm hand. Reaching me
Deeply with your embrace. Thank you
For the welcoming hug and for rescuing me.
I am comforted within in your arms,
Holding me closely, quietly, sweetly.
This love is mutually needed and accepted.
~Pauline Harris

Iris Arrows


Infinite Feathers


I am Grateful.

I am grateful.
Thank you
For caring
For sharing
For being real
For inspiring
For delivering
What was needed
That moment
All is what it is
-Pauline Harris

Water Flowing over Pebble Stones

Image may contain: flower and text

Water flows over pebbles
Reaching out to grasp
And yet keeps moving on

The Campfire

The Campfire
By Pauline Harris

During the day
Gathering what we may
Branches and twigs
Piling it there
In the clearing
We had made
When dusk
We settled down
Sitting near
Our gathering
Of branches here
Chattering and singing
A frigid wind blew
Time to light
The flames grew
After the friction
Of a spark upon
Small tiny bits
Giving way to twigs
Then the logs ignited
Allowing for a long
And yet slow burn
We sat in wonder
Gazing deeply
From a distance
As flames changed
Sizes and shapes
Such a peaceful moment
And now for the food
And later marshmallows
Stuffed as the flames
Dwindle, we set the fire out
Breaking away the logs
All the branches are ashes
Dirt shoveled on flames
Slowly and quickly
As needed, making sure
All is out, no heat
Nor fire anywhere
Bury it all with sand
Dousing with water
Completely buried
Our once fire now gone
Yet memories remain
Maybe one day
We will do this again

Tiny Glimmer

Tiny Glimmer
by Pauline Harris

Much had been happening
Some have said be informed
And true enough
Watching, researching,
Learning, reading,
And trying to process all
However it seemed
Not all cared enough
To do the same
As they only wanted
What was best for them
And cared not or even loved
They carried on with their ways
When it came to love
A crack in time expressed
The glimmer of hope
To shine, just as a sliver
Until it grew, first inside
Then passed on
With kindness forward
Reaching out to others
To join in the movement
To empower ourselves
To make the world a little brighter
And carrying enough
For future generations
Just a small glimmer
Of hope survives today
Help in making someone’s day
Add a smile or a kind word
Hugs and prayers
Let us encourage
Kindness forward
Each and every day

Star Shine

Image may contain: cloud and sky


The Glass Jar

The Glass Jar
By Pauline Harris

Clearly sitting in sand
Some place in the land
A glass jar held
Butterflies just grown
Birthed and bred
Captive whole life
Given nourishments
And provisions for living
But could only stay
Where they were
Until that day
Upon the beach
Waves crashing
In the distance
Birds flying around
Grounded in this jar
Someone began
To twist the lid
These butterflies
To fly away
However at first
They stayed
For all they knew
Was the safety
That jar
One of them saw
And realized
The lid was gone
Could be had
If to take one risk
To fly away
The only home known
Into the great beyond
Learning new beginnings
Letting go
Of the perspective
Confined in the jar
Now shattered
Upon the beach
With all the butterflies
Flying away
Into new beginnings

Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower
By Pauline Harris

The blossom arose
From a bud
Ready to spread
And show
It’s splendor
The beauty
Of this moment

Days were gone
The moment
Had past on
Time had come
For others to share
The glory in beauty

A tear dropped
As the wilting
Wrinkles here
Dry spots there
Slowly departing

Wilted flower
Has gone to rest
And thank you
For sharing a moment
Of beauty with the rest of us

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