Kindness Matters

I had my list
Entering the store
Focused on the items
Aware to find
What was needed
Looking around
Things in different places
Item not there
New location
The search goes on
Seeing familiar
Someone approaches
Asks if I am okay
Needing to pause
Not clear of need
Ask for directions
Several solutions given
Take one and say thanks
But was it received
As he walks off
Did I miss the
Or was he focused
Upon something else
His job and helping
He had left to help
Another customer
Thank you guy helper
In the store yesterday
It meant something
To know caring hearts
Do exist somewhere

Kindness Matters
By Pauline Harris



After A Storm

Forecasts had said
Plenty of rain to come
Clouds had formed
Events were held
Sadness prevailed
Winds picked up
Roads empty of traffic
Eerie sounds called out
Sirens and beeps
Warnings became evident
Me crawling into bed
Head pounding, need rest
Woken later to find out
Torn roofs and turned over cars
Were just a few miles away
No one injured, just property
Call from loved one
Inquiring about if we are okay
Caring hearts bring Heartsmiles
Thank you caring hearts
For bringing warm thoughts

After A Storm
By Pauline Harris


The Pebble

Here, it was
Along here
I had walked
Just the other day
Trying make clear
My head
But instead
I stumbled
And fell
Over some
Just here
And that’s
I found it
Just there
Those two
This one
First I thought
Another pebble
But as I
Picked it up
My eyes grew
Not knowing how
And when
I had to know
Was this true
It wasn’t a pebble
But a seed
For my hope
Was for the seed
To grow and grow
I wanted it
To grow with love
Grow with joy
To become this
Could dream possible
Miracles do happen
So I planted the seed
And shared this story
For one day I know
Hope will continue
To shine brightly
And sprinkles of love
Will appear to allow
Each of us to flourish
As we plant seeds
For the future
To become
What we will harvest
From that one seed
We planted today

By Pauline Harris

The Dance Called Life

Welcome one and all
Each of must join in
Some may sing
Some will play music
Some will remain silent
Some will remain still
And there are some
Who choose to dance
Completely at will
Moving across the floor
After opening the door
Whoosh to the left
Flowing to the right
Never in one place
Too long, just gliding
Constant melodies playing
Tempo changing
Confusion sets in
Chaos for some
Comfort for others
Strangers intertwine
To make a new style
Rhythm in sync
No longer in control
Forward and backward
All directions in tow
Time and space
All mixed up like
The signs for our times
Some give in
Others follow the flow
Many stay true
To who they really are
And some learn
To become anew
As the waves
Begin to change
This direction here
Or that way there
Only in the end
Will we know
Which way was
The way of love
Until then, we dance
This dance called life
by Pauline Harris

UnBeating Heart

Unbeating Heart
I waited too long
To know that closeness
I had so longed to feel
You would laugh
And cry just timely
I never understood
Until after we hugged
Our goodbyes
And no more tomorrows
For you and I together
Many moons have passed
I knew I loved you
Friends were what we…

I cried hard at the goodbyes
No comfort came from you
I knew you were better off
No more hurts nor pains
I had to forward and I did
But the feelings, the longings
Carry on…releasing you with wings
Fly away…fly off into space
Drop by a star or two
And share your amazing light
I still love you, my forever angel.

By Pauline Harris


Glimpses of Sparkles

Deep darkness
Surrounded in
Depths of fog
Distance past
Condoned by many
Only to be repeated
Reinventing the lone
Ripple of light
Breaks through
The slivers in the wall
Built long ago
As a fortress
To contain all who
Dwell within only
To discover this one
Keeping the hope
As expressing new
Beyond chaos
Towards a taste
Of delights yet to come
As knowledge awoke
To the unconditional love
Expressed in sparkles
In the eye of the beholder
With a smile in gratefulness
For the one who loves
Unconditionally…thank you
by Pauline Harris

Quieting Mind

Silently I lay
Just before slumber
Thoughts seem to
Rush in from all
Mostly of events
Or what ifs
I take a breath
Breathing in
And breathing out
Focusing on
One key
My breath
Is life itself
Here I lay
I need to
Quiet my mind
Breathing helps
Calms my thoughts
Welcoming my breath
Centering me
Allowing me
To create
In my mind
A place of solitude
Of innovation
Creating dreams
For my tomorrows
To thrive and survive
Quietly now
Just breathing
For what comes next
by Pauline Harris

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