Moon Walk

Moon Walk
By Pauline Harris

A dream sparked
Curiosity, which began
The quest to go beyond

Many joined in the team
Calculations were discovered 
Patterns and stitches
All verified as directly 
One could in the unknown

Training into what would be
An event only a few 
Millions spent 
and much gained

A leap into history 
With just one step
Rocks and sand
Older than previously 

An event bringing 
Together to see
In the view
Rising Earth

Distant memory
Fifty years ago 
Once again to be
One day, a dream
Forever forming


From Clouds to this creation

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Floating On Water

Floating On Water
By Pauline Harris

Went for a swim
Touched my toe
To the surface
Of the water
Then walked in

Stepping a few steps
In order to fully 
Immerse myself 
Into the whole effect
Filling the hug 
Of every droplet
Encompassing me
From all directions

A trust grew within me 
I knew this water
Could and would hold me

After swimming 
For a bit
I lay flat 
Upon the water
I am safe
And relaxed

The waves
Carry me

Until awakened 
But I carry 
That moment 
Forever forward 
Knowing that hug
Brought me comfort

I am grateful 
For that water
For that time
Always shall be mine

Stormy Weather

A storm on the horizon
As tensions had already risen
Extremes of beliefs
Hold many captive
And others struggle

Calm spirits call forth
Heed the silent moments
Breaths taken peacefully
As those working together
Find Love is more than a place
Time cultivates the joys
Stirring in pots and forming
A newly rediscovered
Position learning peace
Is at hand together
Helping one another
Survive to live another day

Even when the storm comes
There is a way forward
Peacefully in the wayshower

…Storms may come
But we can work together
To accomplish life while and after
For the wayshower knows the way

by Pauline Harris

Two Puddles Art Piece

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Taking Time

Whisper from the Forest
by Pauline Harris

Faintly in the distant
Was heard a sound
A murmur of a noise
Not very loud
Hardly even bothering
But it persisted
Rambling on
And on further
Growing louder

Now almost unbearable
Reaching inwards
Into the the gut
The sound vibrates
Annoying at present

Clap my hands to my ears
Still the noise comes forth

Time to get up
And walk 
Into the woods
We go together

Trying to find
A clue of what
Is making those
Dreadful sounds

As we walk closer
The sound is more
Apparent, more real

We walk further in

Only to find
The answer
Was …
A cry from nature
For us to come
And visit sometimes
And enjoy the beauty
From the within
The forest trees

from Puddle to Art Piece

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Healing Hugs n More

Healing hugs to all of us
For the hug can be 
Paid forward to another
Frequently inspiring smiles
And friendships to follow
Blessings always…
By Pauline Harris

Love Forward

Image may contain: cloud, text that says "May the Love we know Be shared forward For others to care And the world will grow On in the future We build in this love by Pauline Harris"

May the Love we know

Be shared forward

For others to care

And the world will grow

On in the future

We build in this love

by Pauline Harris

Our Planet Shook

Our Planet Shook
By Pauline Harris

Normal, hot day
Settling into dusk
Out of calmness
Uneasy feeling 
A rolling motion
A shake here
Woken abruptly 
From the eye lids drooping 
Heart is pounding
Sudden jolt 
Still rolling
Hands shaking
Racing thoughts
Enter the mind
No where safe
But to stay put
Until shaking
Is done

The tremors 
Begin to slow
Deep breaths
Check self
Check area
Stay calm
Keep breathing 
Allow awareness 
To return to normal 
Deep breaths
Relaxing with calm
Eerie moments past

Hints of Rain


Drops had collected
Upon the flowers and leaves
Creating optical mirrors 
For all to look deeply
Inside only to see
A reflection of now
And not what is to be
By Pauline Harris

Bamboo Reworked Into Art

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Hidden Prayers

Hidden Prayers

By Pauline Harris

There are many levels

Of what we are willing

To convey to others

Including close friends

Sometimes what we say

Never gets heard

Or there is confusion

Or other voices are louder

But knowing there is

One who hears all

One who awaits

With each whisper

Spoken even if only

Inside the mind

For this One is

All Knowing

All Loving


Visible and Invisible

Prayers are heard

With open arms

Full of much needed

Unconditional hugs

Night Then Light

Night Then Light
By Pauline Harris

Time had come
To bid good night 
As we all hid
In our shelters 
And under cover 
Taking comfort 
In some delights
The warmth
Of a blanket 
Nestling us
A joy to behold
Resting well 
For in the dark
Whispers may come
In a dreamlike state
Showing delights
Of events yet to become

As day light springs forth
Eyes begin to waken
No more captive
Hence forth found
Lovingly cared for
With a grace filling
The world with this energy 
If we can only listen 
To the beating heart
Of the whispering winds
Take heart in this ever-
Loving joy of spirit 
With love all is possible

The Doors of Life

The Doors of Life

By Pauline Harris

I was walking down

This one street

With many doors

Presenting themselves

All shapes and sizes

Some glamorous

Others plain and ordinary

All possible futures to behold

Thinking to myself

What could be hidden

Behind each of these

Adventures did await

As I took my time

First to gaze

Then to attempt

To sneak a look inside

But few were open

Just a crack to peak

While others closed

No way to see inside

Tempted with desire

I knew whatever

Door I opened

Was waiting for me

To take the first step

And begin to walk

Myself through into life

Grateful for Hugs

I am grateful for love shared
To help others know we cared

I am grateful for joy
In knowing we can enjoy
The joyney through life

Thanks to those hugs
Much needed at times
But coming aware of love
Is giving the care we all need

by Pauline Harris

Green Leaves Dragon


A New Day Arises

A New Day Arises

By Pauline Harris

Awoken after a quiet rest

Shadows came to appear

Just after the sun rose

Into the morning sky

A deep breath to begin

This new day upon us

Clearing the mind

For preparations made

Birds at the feeder feast

As squirrels eat their fill of seeds

A dog barks and protects the grounds

And I watch in wonder of this bliss

Clouds begin to gather

Making rains fall on us

Drops delightfully spread

In pockets for new growth

Hunger growls change focus

A growing need for substance

Humbled by the blessings

I return to fill my other needs

Only to realize, one day

I will return to this place of joy

In hopes to share this peace

Once again another day

Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand
By Pauline Harris

Growing up 
Was an adventure 
Moving around 
The world 
Seeing all kinds
Of history 
Of places
Pure wonderment 
And to know
That touch
Holding of my hand
When walking
Through the woods
Or up the castle steps
Or him dressing up
In monster gear
Protecting us 
Far and near
My dad’s hand
Was there to hold
Playing cards 
Planting flowers
Taking time
My dad’s hand
Was there to hold
And continues to be 
Thank you dad
For being there
Holding my hand

Taking A Moment

Taking a moment 
To reflect on 
Blessings surrounding us
Every hour
Of each day
Thank you 
To the One
Who loves us
By Pauline Harris

Sunflower Seed

The seed had been planted 
Long ago and forgotten 
Until the soil began to move
Break open, sending up
A special gift, yet to peak
A rounds casing held this gift
Growing taller each day
Watering and sunbathing 
This gift was readying itself
Until one day, the gift began
To open the outer peddles
And then suddenly the flower
Appeared for all to see
This beautiful sunflower 
Sharing in delight of this day
By Pauline Harris

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D-Day Remembered

D-Day Remembered, 75 years later

by Pauline Harris

The tides were changed,

The tides were changed

That fateful day in June

People worked together

From many nations, many backgrounds

To fight for freedoms

Some freedoms they would never know

By air they dropped

By sea, they came in droves

By land, they moved into battle

All planned out together

For one purpose

To fight for freedom

Freedom to have a voice

Freedom to make the world better

Freedom to care, to love

Freedom to live together in harmony

Learning from one another

How we can be better, do better

And make our world something to pass on

Generations are yet to know what poppies mean

Generations learn what is clean and unclean

We have a responsibility to all of us

To make sure freedom is for all

That our world is for all of us

As we carry our voice forward

Allowing for all histories to be known

Let the waters flow through us

Leaving ripples of the past

To touch the future

With our freedoms, we can speak

Of our continued love shared

Thank you brave people of the past

For giving us the freedoms we have

We may not say it everyday

But you are in our hearts always

Thank you for being tides of change

The Walk In The Woods

The Walk in the Woods

by Pauline Harris

Leaves scattered

Along the path

Rocks deeply embedded

Wind rushing through

Whistling in the branches

I stumble and falter

Tired from the trek

On a tree stump, I sit

My gaze wonders

Around my area

Onto a flower

Laying quietly

Still near water

A puddle in a stump

As if it is floating

And yet so still

The water reflecting

All surrounding it

Deeply lucid



And my gaze goes inwards

As if falling until

A drip of water

Lands upon my face

Waking me

From the daydream

And left me to ponder

Where to go next

Shadows Passed On

Shadows Passed On
by Pauline Harris

Distant future yet to be
Silhouettes shade signs
Clouding over written words
Crinkled papers reappear
Drawing onlookers to peak
Decipher phrases change thought
Chains of perception break
Chances of improving increase
But some may levy blankets
Hope breaks veils with love
Joy prevails in silence
Gentle compassion becomes
The balance life needs

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Cuddle Up In Love

Cuddle Up in Love 
A blanket of love
Wraps around each of us
Warming our hearts
With peace and joy
As we each take to the day
Our giving attitudes 
Forwarding love all around
Allowing Spirit to guide us
Towards sharing love
As we go about living today
By Pauline Harris

Song In Mind

Song in Mind
By Pauline Harris

A reminder song
It can be just a note
Or a word or phrase
The memory sweeps
Back into consciousness
Bringing with it
Feelings of that moment
A moment in time
Long forgotten
Brushed into now
Smiles and tears
Recall that time
People’s faces
Once blurry
Gone in a hurry
No, wait…
Let me be there
Once again
A distant thought
Gone now
Forgotten again
Until that…
Trigger begins
To bring it all back
Take us back
Or forward
To that place
In motion when all
Will be peaceful
As we remember
Life can be at times

Dream On

Dream On
By Pauline Harris

To follow one’s dream
Is first to discover 
What it is that makes
One to become whole
This process can take
A moment or several attempts 
Also may develop over time
For each us on this joyney 
Have our own life to live
Fulfilling a destiny 
Like no other
Uniquely our own design 
Although with great
Influence from others,
Our circumstances, 
And our own gumption 
Sometimes obstacles 
May deter us on our path
Returning us to wonder 
And wander as part
Of the steps we take
To make our lives complete 
As we discover our dream
And maybe one day 
One day others will see
The dream is realized

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They Heard The Call

They Heard The Call
By Pauline Harris

They heard the call
As we were at war
Hopped on trains
Stopped at the Canteen 
For a nibble and dance
Drank some coffee
Signed up to fight
A uniform issued
And dogtags given
Caught a train to train
Then off to war
Focused on mission
Freedom for all
Justice served
Peace to come
But first a war 
To be fought and won
Most of us here 
Are late teenagers
A few younger
Snuck inside
All to fight
For our rights
And a voice
To vote
And so our path
Is shown
Drops made
Trenches dug
Food rationed
Struggles made real
Casualties discovered 
Not all who join
Will return home
Sadness may linger
But brave souls
Continue to enlist
And others support 
Those who join
To become
United in mission
As freedoms won
Victory complete 
When voices vote
For unending peace

The Change

The Change
By Pauline Harris

Long were the days
Eating the leaves
Crawling up trees
Capturing rays of sun
Bellowing in this great life

Until the change began 
My body began to ache
I needed rest
A cocoon, I made
Rest well, I will

And so I did rest
Changes were made 
Transformed, I was
A whole new me
With wings to soar
All way up high
Flying in the sky

Though my life
Is different now
I am grateful
For where I have been 
Loving the new me
Wings and all
Soaring into the future 
And onward through 
This joyney of life

Healing Hugs And HeartSmilez

Healing Hugs and Heartsmilez 
sent to all who need 
and to those who care…
pay them forward…
with love and gratitude,
blessings to you all. 
~Pauline Harris

Smilez To Share

By Pauline Harris

Don’t be surprised

if sometime, somewhere

someone steps up to you

and says

“what a beautiful smile you have”

while they are thinking

“you have brighten

my world today, thank you.”

Keep on spreading Joy…Hugs.

Full Moon Calling

Full Moon Calling
By Pauline Harris

Pieces had been scattered
Across time and space
Leaving many undecided
As how to proceed
With the next steps to take

Knowing the joyney
Is yet to become true
Only we each ourselves
Are meant to learn
The troubled path to peace

Surprises come dancing
Into each segment
Of our lives, if only
We take a moment
Holding our breath

As we find an answer
Of what once was future
Has now turned to pass

We find a threshold
Showing multitude
Directions and paths

None left forgotten
But yet all seem
So distantly fallen

Search moves forward
To discover uniqueness

Fulfilling our destiny
In shapes of things
Perceived as they are
Dreams long since gone
As passions keep focus

Dwelling on reality
Shadows cover with smoke
No one immune
To the scattered fragments
Of the full moon tonight

Spring In Bloom

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a Discovery

a Discovery

by Pauline Harris
The misty fog had set in

My walk towards home

Was clambered with surprises

Dust had gone to rest

In the murky waters at best

Standing still to feel

This moment wanting to last

Chills fall down my spine

Moving on as only I can

Needing to move forward

Thoughts of moments gone

Trials of perception live on

Hidden cries go unnoticed

Shouts of what is wanted

Desires take deep breaths

Striking deals with egos

Wipe sparkles on invoices

Setting joys to be forgotten

I walk on as secrets become

Unveiled, but whose point of view

All being shoved in face-to-face

Heartbreak when lost in the crowd

No one remembers …respect

All saying, but few are listening

Each stance harshly portrayed

Independent minds criticized

Take a side or we can’t talk no more

And if you take that side

Well, were we ever friends

Please express you views

Or at least keep them true

Oh, freedom…well that is for

Those who live their lives like I do

No learning but what we want you to

No believing but what we want you to

No paying off debts because we want

You to be fully indebted to us forever

A slave to society

Follow your dreams is just a myth

A myth that only few will achieve

Unless we take a step out of this fog

Make some waves of our own

Standing up for respect of all involved

Loving one another and caring for each other

We all are here together

A world like no other

Blessings to all…and hugs

The Art Piece

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The Art Piece
By Pauline Harris 

The concept grew
Within the mind
As the artist
Picked up the brush
Applying layers of paint
The formation became 
Fully developed 

An onlooker watched
As the painting was hung
Ideas flooded the mind
But none were close 
To the concept 
Of the original artist

Discussions were made
Trying to find out 
Who is right, which view

All-in-all, the artist
Began to speak
Fluidly the words
Flowed saying this,
‘Once my creation
Is complete, I have
To let it go free
And be all it is meant to be.
If someone else walks up
And sees a whole new story.
Let the story develop
And carry on forward.
As this is meant to be,
My creation continues 
To grow. Bringing with it
A furthering of more
Creations to all.’

Happy Day To You

Happy Birthday to all those
celebrating a birthday today…
Happy Un-Birthday to all those 
who are not celebrating a birthday today…
may we see the blessings we have before us 
and be grateful for all the blessings we have…
enjoy your day…n remember to smile 
(your smile may change one life)
By Pauline Harris

Onto Soaring Above

Onto Soaring

by Pauline Harris

Starting off relying on others

To help get me started

And yet relying on them

As they rely upon me also

All of us a team, but not all of us

Knowing we are a team

Some of us hidden from view

Others out front boasting with glee

Each of here in a place

Working towards something big

Bigger than each of us combined

Steadfast in our roles

Although some of us willing

To do more, to be more

To inspire others

To bring a sense of duty

To offer more to those to come

And in this way, we live on

Carrying out our mission

To make the world a better place

Reworking old ideas

Creating new innovations

Allowing others to soar along with us

For in our statements of life

We have but one true focus

And that is the love we share

When we care about this world

And those who live upon it

A world full of wonderment

To which we soar above in love

One Day in the 1990s

In light of ongoing events…this memory came to mind
One Day in the 90sBy Pauline Harris

I was on the education staff at a school. This story is not about the students, but a parent.

… mid-day came

A loud pounding

At the front door

The whole building

Seemed to shake

Harsh shouting

Everyone on alert

Although we were not

Sure what was happening

As we were still inside

Working in our classrooms

Maintaining order

Helping students

To remain calm

And try to get them on task

…the yelling outside

Got much more threatening

Lock down was ordered

Although we pretty much

Had already been doing it

But now we were locked in

Away from the door

And remaining calm

Rustling noises came

Bang, shots were fired

And then silence

Police came

No one was killed

No one was injured


…the parent was taken

Into custody

The gun was gone

All was secure

And handled appropriately

As we all had trained for

We found out later

The parent was drunk

And in a custody battle

Over their child

…we were prepared

But we never wanted

To use that training

Beforehand we thought

It odd training,

But now it is common

Sadly too frequently used

Rushing Waves

Rushing Waves By Pauline Harris

The storms had come

And gone today

I wanted to feel

The gentle breeze

Off to the beach

Gathering my things

The sand was a bit rough

To walk about on

Clashing sounds

Echoed in the air

As I walked up

To the rushing waves

Foam washed to shore

Bringing along

Bits of shell and rocks

Leaving them behind

Here and there

Another wave approaches

Closely followed by more

A bit choppy with the wind

Oh but that sound

Mesmerizing sound

Drawing me closer

Nearer to be


Within the day’s


By the seashore

With these rippling


Birds At Birdfeeder

Birds at Birdfeeder
By Pauline Harris

Bird feeder filled up 
Back inside to watch
Cardinals come quickly
Taking to the ground
At first, then up
One flies to feeder
Protecting his self
While eating away
A female cardinal 
Approaches slowly 
She seems okay
A few doves fly by
Landing just there
Getting some seeds
A few small birds
Cautiously land nearby
Pecked at by some,
But ultimately eating 
All eating, sharing seeds
Politely eating together 
…until a bluejay comes
Commanding the food is his
He eats his fill and off he goes
The other birds return
Safely eating together

A couple of symbolic flowers…for military brats

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The Hummingbirds
By Pauline Harris

At this time of year
When the world is
Awakening with flowers 
And greenery all around

Tiny bees and hummingbirds 
Fly about from one flower
Onto the next, a few bits away

Spotting them
Zooming in and out
Oh look over there
One resting on a branch
A couple of breaths
And whoop, there it is
Off and flying once again
Such wonderment 
The tiny hummingbirds 
Take to flight
What a delight

Bearded-Iris Floral Art

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By Pauline Harris

During the walk 
To the stream
Sprinkles spat
At me from the sky

Raindrops dripping 
From my brow
I wiped them slowly
With a cloth from my eye

A few more steps closer
The rustling leaves
Made a thundering sound
I clasped my hands nearby

Walking further deep
Leaves on the ground
Turned to more rocks
Slick spots began to appear

Carefully stepping 
Here and there 
Cautious with my feet
I shall not leap
Even as my heart does race
Excitement feels my soul
As sounds of rushing water
Make way to my ears

Twickles of water cascade
Over the rocks and down 
The lengthy stream
Carrying with it
Distant dreams
Of fresh clean water
Clenching my thirst
Few droplets 
To carry me home
Away from this dream
My walk by the waterfall

The Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool 
By Pauline Harris

Approaching the water
Pause to take off
My slippers and grab my 
goggles, ready myself 
Walking down the steps
Feeling each tingle
As the tiny ripples 
Form bigger waves
Fully inside the pool
I dive into the deep end 
Grab the side bar
And begin stretching 
Focusing on tummy crunches
Tightening and release 
Run in place, 
then jumping jacks
Some laps with different strokes
All focusing on strength 
Barre moves plies and relives
Stretching full body
Time to float and relax
Walk it out and out I get

The Path Forward

The Path Forward
By Pauline Harris

In the dark, here I was
Wondering around
Looking for a clue
Where to move next

Many paths presented 
Themselves very well
But none seemed 
To be my destiny

Suddenly a light
Shown through towards me 
I looked this way and that
An overwhelming feeling 
Told me this was my path

Walking up to the light
A gap appeared in the path
My heart pounder
As I pondered where I go

Quietly I spoke to myself
Realizing I am ready
And onward I went
The path forward, I go

One’s Bliss

By Pauline Harris

Sometimes when on the path

to finding one’s bliss

there is a glimmer

of one’s bliss on the horizon,

but one must wait for the time

when one’s bliss

is a vast array of sunshine.

Although sometimes when

one’s bliss is just a glimmer,

the time may be right

to pursue bliss then.

Ultimately, one must know

when to pursue one’s bliss

and when one must wait

to follow one’s bliss. ~adapted from many

The Bell Ringer

The Bell Ringer
by Pauline Harris

From days of old
I had heard the bells
Calls to church
Or calls carrying the soul home

With each call
The sound would linger
One ring in one ear
And the bellowing sound
Echoing in the other

I thought one day
I could jump high enough
To catch the ropes
And have the strength
To pull them down
Down to the ground

Causing the ring
To make a thundering sound
Crashing through the silence
And alerting all the town

But then it came time
I no longer lived near
One of those great churches
So my dream went no where

Although I still long
To hear that amazing sound
Lingering in one ear
No longer do I crave
Holding the cords
For I have other adventures
Now I crave

Love that sound
Thank you Bell Ringers
You bring sound
Like no other can replace
And blessings to those
Who lay ear to listening to
The bells tolls we hear

The Raindrop

The Raindrop 
By Pauline Harris

Off in the distance 
Whispering winds pick up
Blowing dust and particles
Making water vapors appear 
Gathering up steam
Pushing ahead
Contributing to the brewing 
A storm is on the horizon 
Make preparations 
Take cover

A single raindrop falls
Reaching the ground
More start to come
A puddle is formed
Ripples appear
One raindrop connecting
To many others
Overlapping ripples
Splashing about playfully

A moment in joy
Doth appeared

Until the rain continued
Falling making floods

A pause in the storm
A much needed breath
Silence awoke deep within
Calmly now, each tasked 
To find a way back to hope
With each raindrop bringing 
Sparkles of love with light
Carrying forward our hearts
To seeing there is always 
A peacefilled way in love

The Quiet One

The Quiet One
by Pauline Harris

Loudly others speak
Thunder breaks through the wind
Rushing cars speed past by
Greedy wanting just their voice
Rattled cries go unheard
Shouts showing weakness
Speaking of love as wrong
Telling others of their wrongs
When all the while,
Shadows in the smoke
Seldom noticed except by a few

Cracks of light
Trying to reach out
Only to be smothered
By greed…
But, there was one
One who knew
Something so true
A Love Unending
Bearing the soul
In everlasting joy

Quietly, I reached out
To find this one
For I knew I had to
Find love once again
To make love whole
And in peace of solitude
I did find…The Quiet One 
And joined along
Sharing kindness forward
Where we could in love

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