voting is our Right

voting is our Right
by Pauline Harris

Tomorrow is a day
To reflect and cast a ballot
Reflecting on who we choose
Each one of us consciously
To bring our voice into play
In the day to day activities
Of what becomes a law
To govern our society
It does matter who we choose
But more than that
The person we choose
Must live up to our voices
And listen to us
We can use our voice
In ballot form each election
We can submit and sponsor bills
Help get the word out about our views
Many fought and many died
For our votes to be cast
Make a difference with a Vote

Giving Life Changing News

When giving
life changing news,
Don’t be
a know-it-all
Don’t laugh
Do give all
Of your information
In paper form
Allow for the person
To take a moment
Give support
Don’t criticize him/her
It is his/her life
Not yours
And just because
He/She sees things
A bit differently
Still offer support
Because life is not all
Set in stone
And we are all
And all
Worthy of this life
We are all
Living on this planet
Enabling each light.
To shine brightly.
By Pauline Harris

Love Blessings

Love Blessings
by Pauline Harris

May the infinite love
Surround us as we share
This love to all out there
In times of healing
And of wisdom
We create our relationships
With understanding
And compassion
To express this eternal love
Throughout our living days
For others to carry on
This love spread around
The world, is in you and me
For all to see and share
Healing the world
Starting right here
In you and me
Blessings and healing hugs

Sky Feathers

The original photo was taken in the 90s in Arizona on Native Land. The feathers are a tribute to that time and space. ~Pauline Harris

Sharing Light

Sharing Light
By Pauline Harris

We are here together
Guiding one another
Loving one another
In our own lives
Helping where we can
To make something matter
To be a voice with a message
Saving substance
Offering wisdom
Spreading wings
Adventures await
But only in shared
Lighting of each other
For when the candle dims
Sadness ensues
Time may pass
Shared love helps
All of us step
Kindly forward
Giving a spark of hope
Life continues
Showing us our joyney
Here is the love
We share to carry us on

One Person, my friend

One Person, my friend
By Pauline Harris

I want you to know
You are important
You are loved
and you made
A difference
Because you care
Because you share
Because you inspire
But also because
You were there
When a hug was needed
Or a shoulder to cry on
And with the shared
Experiences life handed us
You were there
And still are here
Deep within my heart
Is the place you are
And always shall be
I love you forever
And always my dear friend

Chilling Love

Chills rushed to the very core of the bones.
Sending thoughts of times when the winds
were so cold and unnerving. Keeping me
Still in that moment until the touch came
From your warm hand. Reaching me
Deeply with your embrace. Thank you
For the welcoming hug and for rescuing me.
I am comforted within in your arms,
Holding me closely, quietly, sweetly.
This love is mutually needed and accepted.
~Pauline Harris

Iris Arrows


Infinite Feathers


I am Grateful.

I am grateful.
Thank you
For caring
For sharing
For being real
For inspiring
For delivering
What was needed
That moment
All is what it is
-Pauline Harris

Water Flowing over Pebble Stones

Image may contain: flower and text

Water flows over pebbles
Reaching out to grasp
And yet keeps moving on

The Campfire

The Campfire
By Pauline Harris

During the day
Gathering what we may
Branches and twigs
Piling it there
In the clearing
We had made
When dusk
We settled down
Sitting near
Our gathering
Of branches here
Chattering and singing
A frigid wind blew
Time to light
The flames grew
After the friction
Of a spark upon
Small tiny bits
Giving way to twigs
Then the logs ignited
Allowing for a long
And yet slow burn
We sat in wonder
Gazing deeply
From a distance
As flames changed
Sizes and shapes
Such a peaceful moment
And now for the food
And later marshmallows
Stuffed as the flames
Dwindle, we set the fire out
Breaking away the logs
All the branches are ashes
Dirt shoveled on flames
Slowly and quickly
As needed, making sure
All is out, no heat
Nor fire anywhere
Bury it all with sand
Dousing with water
Completely buried
Our once fire now gone
Yet memories remain
Maybe one day
We will do this again

Tiny Glimmer

Tiny Glimmer
by Pauline Harris

Much had been happening
Some have said be informed
And true enough
Watching, researching,
Learning, reading,
And trying to process all
However it seemed
Not all cared enough
To do the same
As they only wanted
What was best for them
And cared not or even loved
They carried on with their ways
When it came to love
A crack in time expressed
The glimmer of hope
To shine, just as a sliver
Until it grew, first inside
Then passed on
With kindness forward
Reaching out to others
To join in the movement
To empower ourselves
To make the world a little brighter
And carrying enough
For future generations
Just a small glimmer
Of hope survives today
Help in making someone’s day
Add a smile or a kind word
Hugs and prayers
Let us encourage
Kindness forward
Each and every day

Star Shine

Image may contain: cloud and sky


The Glass Jar

The Glass Jar
By Pauline Harris

Clearly sitting in sand
Some place in the land
A glass jar held
Butterflies just grown
Birthed and bred
Captive whole life
Given nourishments
And provisions for living
But could only stay
Where they were
Until that day
Upon the beach
Waves crashing
In the distance
Birds flying around
Grounded in this jar
Someone began
To twist the lid
These butterflies
To fly away
However at first
They stayed
For all they knew
Was the safety
That jar
One of them saw
And realized
The lid was gone
Could be had
If to take one risk
To fly away
The only home known
Into the great beyond
Learning new beginnings
Letting go
Of the perspective
Confined in the jar
Now shattered
Upon the beach
With all the butterflies
Flying away
Into new beginnings

Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower
By Pauline Harris

The blossom arose
From a bud
Ready to spread
And show
It’s splendor
The beauty
Of this moment

Days were gone
The moment
Had past on
Time had come
For others to share
The glory in beauty

A tear dropped
As the wilting
Wrinkles here
Dry spots there
Slowly departing

Wilted flower
Has gone to rest
And thank you
For sharing a moment
Of beauty with the rest of us

Mirror Mississippi River

Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Sunset over the Mississippi River. Photo was taken a few years ago. Reworked it some and mirrored it.


Image may contain: outdoor


Purple Tree View

Image may contain: indoor

Photo Art by Pauline Harris

Painting This Moment

Painting This Moment
By Pauline Harris

Varied are the colours
Mixture of elements
Try this technique
Stroke the brush that way
Gather details with this
Mixture, not too heavy
Lighten that area
Shadows add depth
Make this part abstract
While making that part realistic
Impressions are collected
Viewpoints distinguished
Completed product needed
To flow together as one
Tormented with indecision
Postpone unveiling
Resting and gaining strength
Moonglow ignites
Newfound inspiration
Goal met, complete
And whole painting done
Unveiled to world
Mixed emotions
As criticism and
Adornments come

Japanese Garden at Huntington Library and Gardens in California, 1990s

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature


Lone Orchid

Lone Orchid
by Pauline Harris

A sea of poppies
In all directions
Set in this field
Off of an old base
Long since gone
Were the echoes
Of those who served
Leaving peace
But what was ours
Here to make
For we fight still
Over viewpoints
And don’t listen
To the wisdom
In the wind
Or of those who know
Written words
Or oral memories
Of how peace can be
Some choose to break
Clinging to fears
However there is
But one love
Paving the way
If only our hearts
Can open up
With healing
A common start
Shared joys
Beginnings to have
Willingly to live
Together, side by side
With one lone orchid
In a sea of poppies
Helping to guide
To Love Forward


Image may contain: text

Gold/yellow, green, and purple with some white were the colours used here…the green didn’t like the purple as when they were close to one another they changed to a tan brown.

Waves Curving

Image may contain: cloud, sky, nature and water


Posing Bee

Image may contain: plant, flower, sky, nature and outdoor


Parts of one of my paintings

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: water

Arising Storm

Arising Storm
By Pauline Harris

In the far off distance
Winds picked up
Clouds began forming
Two of them gathered
More joined in
Misty tears falling
Ripples in puddles
Pounding echoes
Clasp of crackling
Lightning breaks through
Riveting across the sky
Drumming up memories
Whispers growing louder
Beating at the door
Rolling thunder beats
Landing pivots of visions
Until reminded here
A greater presence
Is surrounding each of us
Always and forever
Guiding us, if we listen
Heartsmiles show the path
Leading through compassion
Embraced in love
All encompassing
Directions revealed
For us to take steps
In these storms
Along the joyney of life

Photo of Bee Visiting, 2 Renditions

Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: plant, flower, sky, outdoor and nature

One Summer With You

One summer years ago, I met you…something just clicked…you made me laugh…we could tell each other stories…we encouraged each other’s imagination and inspired greatness in one another…we supported one another…and yet it was only that one summer we knew each other…twirling hair…flirting…laughing…swimming…dancing…walking…just you and I~Pauline Harris

I Am Me, Different and True

I Am Me, Different and True

People always point out
How I view life differently
And act a bit odd comparatively

Thinking about it
If we were all the same
Life would be boring
And easily oppressed

There are blessings to know
But we must be willing
To step outside our box
Even the TARDIS
To look at the world
From another angle
And possibly meet
Some angels along the way
~Pauline Harris

Greetings This Morning

Greetings This Morning
by Pauline Harris

Awoken with a stir
A wrestling at my feet
Movement came
And my dog jumped
Out of her bed
And onto the floor
Soon she was at the door
Waiting for it to open
Upon opening I saw
Her jump off the deck
And run to clear the yard
Then my eyes moved
To the sun rising greeting
This new morning
And behold the haze
And morning dew
Presenting a dreamy
Welcome to this day
Such blessings beholden here
With an open heart I believe
The adventure awaits
For each of us to breathe

Walking Peacock

Image may contain: bird and outdoor
Image may contain: bird, plant and outdoor
Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

Same photograph used in making these renditions.


Image may contain: bird, plant and outdoor
Image may contain: text

Silent Hugs

Silent Hugs
by Pauline Harris

The embrace came
From a longtime friend
Across the miles
She held my hand
And led me down
This path of healing
I didn’t know I needed
She may not have known
What she had accomplished
But still the impact
Of that friendly embrace
Comforted this soul
And inspired me wholly
For that embrace
Was given freely with joy
And gratitude ensued
Thank you my friend
I love you so…dear one

Mountain Blessings


Vibrant Trees

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature


Time to Breathe

Allowing the moment
Of the breath
To enter in
Our very being
And make way
Throughout our being
And allowing us
To make each step
As we walk through life

Enhanced Sunset

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The Oyster

The Oyster
by Pauline Harris

One day, the oyster
Gathered up muster
And a piece of sand
Over time a newness
Began to develop
Slowly the sand
Into something wonderful
Beyond recognition
A beautiful pearl
Was born for us to see

Wondrous Clouds

It was a cloudy sunset,
But the colours seem to shine.
There were many photos taken.
Some showed dimly lit clouds.
This was one of them,
Yet I knew deep within
It could be enhanced
To share the wondrous colours
That it held inside…
To my joy, this came to be.
Pauline Harris

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DNA, Our Folded Self

DNA, our Folded Self

Each of us are folded uniquely
Live our lives as best we can
And yet life seems to let us know
Each step we take is ours alone
Yes we may walk in and out of lives
Even side by side many times
But somehow just a sliver of light
Shows the way for us to follow
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
With love and kindness
Maybe we can share
Our joyneys always
By Pauline Harris

Waves of Life

Waves of Life
By Pauline Harris

Visiting the waves
At the edge
Of the beach

Doors seem to be
Opening up
Holding mysteries
Yet to unfold

Attempting to listen
As silently in reflection

The onward sweep
Captures my heart
Swooping within
The depths of the waves
Swirled around
Encompassing me fully
Immersed in love

Fully developed
In knowing
And now

All powerful
Waves of love
Teach me
Each moment

To move forward
Ripples encircle
The Spirit above
The Elements of Earth
And how we respond
Given to the waves
As they guide us
All with each motion
And always
Our souls

Angelic Kisses By Pauline Harris

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and text


Stunning Sunset

Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor and nature


A Teardrop from Heaven

A Teardrop From Heaven
By Pauline Harris
Swift winds had formed
Out of the whispers
Helped by distant thunder
A single teardrop fell
Down to earth
Slowly others followed
Forming a massive puddle
The ripples spreading
Encompassing all directions
Filling the world
With unending love
And now it is our time
To spread love forward

Giants are Frightening, or are they

In response to someone who was afraid of giants…or so they were told….***There is the sound of rumble in the distance. The sound is getting closer. The room begins to shake. Loudly a voice appears to say, ‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum.’ Goose bumps show up along your arms and legs. Shivering. You grab a blanket and go off to bed. Making sure to cover your head…and then someone nearby says…’boo, who are you?’ And you realize it was all in your head, because the one who asked that question was you. Calmly, you begin to breath again and carry on. –pharris

Purple Perspectives

Image may contain: drawing


Becoming Evolved

Becoming Evolved
By Pauline Harris

Enjoying every second
Eating and traveling
Adventures to new leaves
The caterpillar was living life
Until one day the time
Had come to make a bed
Sleep was needed
Resting well in the cocoon
Changing from the core
Into a totally new
The butterfly emerged
Refreshed from rest
And ready to shine
Renewed spirit
Alive once again

Aftereffects of One Day

One of things about the reminder for the anniversary was about the representation of one child who said when asked to point out his parents. The child replied, ‘I can’t they (the people coming out of the area) look the same.’ (As the people were all covered in ash from the buildings and beyond). …we all looked the same that day. We were all focused on coming together. We were united in that moment. –pharris

Sunset Reflection

The beauty
And wonderment
In one moment
Lost in the next
And still we carry on
Finding our ways
Through life

By Pauline Harris

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