Washing Hands

Washing Hands
By Pauline Harris

Stepping up to the sink
One hand turns the faucet on
Water flows down into the drain
Both hands reach for the soap
Enough soap to wash them
Lathering each crevice, not missing a spot
Around each finger to the tips
In between, both palm and back
Feeling the soap bubbling
With each stroke inside and out
Moving the hands to the flowing water
Clearing off each reminent
Watching all the soap and dirt
Go swiftly down, down the drain
Washing the grime away

A simple act we can do
To protect us and others
In a small way everyday

Do We Listen

No photo description available.
by Pauline Harris

Light Shines in a Crack

Sometimes the light
Is shining brightly
Through the crack

The light may not be
Visible through the fog
But hope illuminates
For us to eventually see
The light beyond

Knowing the light is there
And for us to see one day
Take heart in that thought
Allowing it to warm us
All around with Heartsmiles
By Pauline Harris

The Walk

The Walk
by Pauline Harris

Out the door
Two dogs on leads
A tug to go this way
And another to go that
Each dog with her own mind
Each wanting their choice
Forgetting all are in this together
We each must make the effort
To take the path forward
An agreement is made
Walking the path down
Deep into the valley
Through the old tree forest
And to the rolling stream
The water flowing over
The pebbles in the gentle brook
Guiding us along the way
Each of taking in the moment
Of the peaceful journey
And now the brisk walk
To return home renewed

Living Light

Living Light
By Pauline Harris

Many moons ago
A spark was lit
Growing strong
Deeply implanted
In kindness and compassion
The spark grew
Into a flame
Growing strong
Being passed on
To all those who care
Sharing the love
Growing strong
Encompassing the sky

A Quilt

We are like a quilt
All different parts
Threads and materials
We are put together
Made strong in love
Completed and strong
Combined to comfort
And protect ourselves
From whatever forces
Do come our way
Together we rely
And support each other
By Pauline Harris

Purple Blossoms

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Purple Blossoms by Pauline Harris Arf Photography'

A bright light shines
Through the crack
Reaching forth to bring
Healing hugs

by Pauline Harris

Dancing Into the Future

Dancing Into the Future

A waltz gives
as it is common
and familiar.
A line dance
brings people
to dance as one
all together.
And then there is
the wild card:
no rhythm, no reason
all in it for
following blindly
as they hear
what they want to hear.
Each dance is
chosen by the
but some may
just choose what
they hear is right
and some may
choose to let
others lead the way.
Whatever the dance,
our future is in
for most different
forecast than
what has ever been
danced before.-by Pauline Harris

Healing Hugs and Heartsmiles

Healing hugs and Heartsmiles
We are in this world together
Sharing our joyneys through Love
Expressing our love everyday
In our paths daily in all we do
Allowing love to flow
Within us, through us, and all around us
And so it is
-Pauline Harris


Wanted Inquire Within: Someone who sees the whole person and not quick to judge. Someone who is a little curious and willing to step outside their comfort zone. Someone who likes to have fun, but also likes to have quiet time. Someone who is understanding and caring…and lends a good ear, but also allows room to grow (encourages growth) along with time to be with friends and family. Someone who likes nature, to travel, to read…to research. Someone who finds joy in simple moments. (Someday, I hope I find this someone to be my friend and maybe more, until then…enjoy)~pharris2013

Spring Into Bloom

No photo description available.

Someone somewhere is
Thinking of you fondly
Sharing a Spring hug
Across the miles
By Pauline Harris

Love Forward

Image may contain: flower
Art Photography by Pauline Harris

Love and Light

Image may contain: possible text that says 'A Love like no other Carries Us all Each and every day Guiding us, if we listen Silently supporting us Always in the Light by Pauline Harris'

Photo Art is made from my photo of clouds using an application to create this new creation. By Pauline Harris


Compassion…once upon a time, I saw hope in so many or at least I thought I had. There was a shared joy that invigorated the whole world. We cared more about everyone around the world. We helped each other grow and live. Our love for one another was apparent in our mutual understanding. We learned new methods of doing and of being. We truly cared. Maybe this was the rosy dream, but couldn’t we find it within ourselves to have compassion for ourselves and others. * by Pauline Harris

Local visiting Nina and Pinta

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water


Love Surrounds Us

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature, possible text that says 'By Pauline Harris'

We are each one of a kind
We are each needed here
We are each loved,
but some may not know this part
Love is all around us

Wonderful Event

Somewhere out there
On this very day
Something wonderful
Will happen to someone
…who knows
It might be one of us
…enjoy the day either way
By Pauline Harris

Pelican…and Take Off

Image may contain: ocean, sky, text, outdoor, water and nature


Islands in the River

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature, possible text that says 'slands in the River by Pauline Harris'
My attempt to make the photo I took on a foggy day look like a watercolour painting.

Passing Angel Tears

In days of old
I felt a connection
To this one
Who stood
Before millions
Of times
Long since past
Of a teacher
Who knew
All were one
I knew these words
As they resonated
Deep within
But then others came
And tried to change
How I felt
Stating only these
And not those
Somehow I knew
The truth was free
And here it was
In the only place
Of all over, everywhere
For tears flowed
From the sky
From all the beings
From the land
Flowing in the rivers
Flowing in the ponds
Flowing in the sea
For all are created
To inspire and create
To allow the flow
From one tear drop
To an ever-flowing stream
The loss of one who taught
So many to see and know
The joy is in the living each moment
As one breath leads to another
Ripples downstream
Into every awoken being
Angels here
Angels above
Angels all around
Guide us as we live
And survive to connect
By Pauline Harris

Being A Spark of Light

Image may contain: possible text that says 'A spark breaking through the crack in the window to shine brightly onwards by Pauline Harris'
my art photography

to Be

As each of us are forever in life
Along this joyney changing,
Ever-evolving, exploring indepth,
Improving ourselves into
Who we want to be
By Pauline Harris 2019/2020

Heartsmiles along the Joyney

Heartsmiles along the Joyney
by Pauline Harris©

Some may find value in the next dollar
Or in the item we may desire
But the connection of a smile
a hug or shared desire
Makes life worth so much more
Time shared with ones who inspire
Can last longer than both require
As their learned inspiration
comes along to expand horizons
And meant to be shared with others
In a smile, a hug, or shared desire
Blessings to all who are touched
By the shared connection, enjoy and
Heartsmiles along the Joyney

Chickpea/Corn/Black bean salad

2 cans of chickpeas, drain
1 can of whole sweet corn, drain
1 can of black beans, rinse and drain
1 can rotel with green peppers (optional)
Avocado (optional)
Green onions (optional)
Splash of vinegar (white wine vinegar)
Splash of grapeseed oil
¼ cup mock fruit sweetener
Spices like onion powder, garlic powder,
Pepper, salt, (optional: curry or other mixed seasonings)

Take one can of chickpeas and place on a tray and put in oven for about 30 minutes on 350. Let set in oven after oven is turned off for about 30 minutes.

In a mixing bowl, layer the chickpeas with corn, black beans, rotel, green onions. Put splashes of vinegar and grapeseed oil with mock fruit sweetener and seasonings/spices along with avocado sliced up. Mix well. Chill. And enjoy.

Leap Day

Leap Day
By Pauline Harris

A special day
Only appears
Once every four years
Some may not see
The significance
Of this very day
Knowing someone
Born to this day
Can give a little
As their birthday
Only comes every four years
Although we do celebrate
Their presence every day
Special moments happen
When the Leap Day
Shows up like today

One Voice, One Vote

One Voice, One Vote
By Pauline Harris

All our lives we learn
About casting that one vote
We learn from history
Not all have a chance to cast
We learn from family and friends
Opinions of who to vote for
We learn information about
Those running from various sources
Some will tell about how
this one is better than that one
Posters will line the streets

But here is the one thing
Once the ballot is in your hand
It is up to only you
Who you choose to vote for
If that choice is ever taken away,
It is no longer a free society

Please research and vote
And yes, many who take office change
But we can only do so much
With our voice cast in a ballot

Our own ballot, our voice, our vote
Fought for, many died for
Some silenced and some forced
Our upbringing teaches us
The morals and beliefs

Futures change by all
Who take the time
To lend our voice
Some whispers speak
Only we can make
Our voices known

And now is our right
To have a say
This is our voice, our vote
Our freedom to vote
Being mindful, we cast our ballot

Spring Is Near

Spring is near
Inspiring us
To create
A world
We develop
For the young
And oh so dear
All to cherish
And make anew
For the love we care
To share from us
To us carries us through
By Pauline Harris 2018

Purplized Peach Blossom

by Pauline Harris


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says 'hugs Note: these might be air and invisible hugs, but they come with the same impact as the regular bear hugs do... enjoy your day.'
by Pauline Harris

Rays of Heartsmilez

Beginning at the heart …
rays brush out …
painting a picture …
of love expressed…
In the world around…
By Pauline Harris

Encouraging Photo

Photo and saying by Pauline Harris

Hand Knotted Necklaces by Pauline Harris

Image may contain: jewellery
My first completed knotted necklace.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Blood Stone and Turquoise necklace by Pauline Harris'
Turquoise and Blood Stone HandKnotted Necklace.
Image may contain: possible text that says 'Shell and Glass Hand-knotted necklace by Pauline Harris'
Shell and glass beads in HandKnotted Necklace.
No photo description available.
Jade Handknotted Necklace.
No photo description available.
Hand Knotted Labradite Necklace.
Image may contain: jewellery
Jasper, Jade, Bloodstone, and other beads in this handknotted necklace.

Confidential: Our Minds/Thoughts

Confidential: Our Minds/Thoughts
By Pauline Harris

People ask what is on our minds
All the time
And how we are
Do they really want the answer
Most of the time, no
They are being polite
Or want to use the answer
Against us in some way

Our thoughts are ours
Yes, we can share them
As a way of connecting with others
Caution in sharing
Only with those caring

Honesty is good
Silence is good, too
To know when to speak
And to know to be silent
Takes us time to discover
As we may trust one
And find out the opposite
While another was trustworthy
And then another sometimes

All part of life
These people we trust
Our thoughts/mind is ours
We share with confidence
That our connection is strong

Being mindful of who we connect with
Allows us to make life one worth living


Art Photography by Pauline Harris
original photo by Pauline Harris
was of the moon at night

Did I Look There

Did I Look There
By Pauline Harris

Something went missing
I know where, too
Looking several times
And in different ways
It was not yet found
But I did see something
That made my heart go
Stop and gaze this way
Look upon that window
The vast array of colours
Spreading across between
The panels of stainglass
Giving the viewer
A newfound perception
Of the beauty in life
Thank you for that.

To Ponder …

A question to ponder: are we in life trying to touch the moon by grabbing for it through the reflection in the pond water?

Something out of reach in our everyday lives and yet we seek to reach for the moon as if it were there within reach, but then again is anything out of reach.
-Pauline Harris

Easy bread

Easy bread
1 cup protein buttermilk pancake dry mix
1 cup Greek yogurt

Preheat oven 380 degrees.
Mix together (add in seasonings, if desired). Place on prepared pan into desired size.
Cook for about 20 minutes, check at 15 minutes to see if they are lightly brown on top. Let cool and enjoy.

Walk Gently

Walking gently through life
Seeing wonderment in hearts
Listening as birds sing a tune
All may not notice the rustling
Of each blade of grass in the breeze
Or the visiting flocks moving south
But those who witness these joys
Awaken their minds to joyney everywhere
By Pauline Harris

Step To Know

A step into wonderment…To Know…not just believing in Joy, Knowing Joy…stepping aside when something interferes and looking beyond and yet staying within the present moment. Enjoy each connection…Joy Unbounded.~pharris2013

Mystic Oak

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature
This photo art piece took about 3 hours of working to complete from my own photos.

Be Still

Be Still
By Pauline Harris

Be Still
Know that changes
Are always happening
Take time
To Be
With those we love
To Be present
To look up
God’s Love surrounds us
Yes, even there
We are God’s creation
We are stewards
Of this world
And all that dwells
Upon the Earth
We can and do love
Compassion, grace,
And mercy
Are our tools
May we continue
To inspire and create
Love eternally

Trust The Path

Trust The Path
By Pauline Harris

This way, that way
Right teachings here
Kindness in demand
Compassion here, at hand
Greed sneaks in the door
Fear grows in the corner
One says his way is best
However it contradicts others
Hearts scream when one is silent
A tiny candle light shines
Way off in the distance
A tug on the clothing
Awakens those closed eyes
Silently movement begins
As Heartsmiles open to love
Light to light brightening the day
The path forward is lit
With souls coming together
All in love, kindness forward
The way forward starts with one step, one light

Silent Tears

Silent Tears
By Pauline Harris

Although our lives
Just recently met
The joys and wisdom
Have touched each
Of our souls so deeply
Words only can convey
A small amount
Of the love shared
In the many avenues
Of growth bringing
More love and understanding
To each of our souls
Together we are
Most grateful
To future of more
Kindness forward
Shared and forever
Universal Love

Spanish Moss Draping

Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor


Ring Around Full Moon

Just after dusk, the moon rose
Bringing with it a view of the clouds
Forming a crescent shape around it
…looking up to see this beauty in the sky
By Pauline Harris

Image may contain: night and sky, possible text that says 'Ring around the Moon by Pauline Harris Art Photography'

Painted Phoenix

Out of the ashes
New life sprang
Rays of light
Shown through the love
Shared by all
Who saw wonderment
In amongst the world
-by Pauline Harris

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Painfed Phoenix by Pauline Harris Arf Phofography'


Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature, possible text that says 'Healing hugs and sparkling Heartsmiles by Pauline Harris Art Photography'


Thinking of You

Thinking of You
By Pauline Harris

Loved ones
Whether distance
Has come between us
We are still close
Close at heart
We may not see
Each other near
In our hearts
We are always inside
Caring and inspiring
Sometimes poking fun
Loved draw near
In times of need
But sometimes
We need to just be
Be there with a hug
Or with a comic relief
Or with an item of need
We all need that support
And yes even those who refuse
For we all live here together
Making our impact here
I am grateful for all
Of my loved ones
Near to my heart

The Fires in Australia

The Fires in Australia
By Pauline Harris

The burnt ash
Leave marks
Along the beach
Of what was thought
To be seaweed
Alas ancient forest ash
Or ash from homes
Now all taken
Ravaged gone
Torn from the earth
In vast bellows
Of recharged flames
Constantly destroying
All in the wake
Of each spark
Lives, land, all lost
Rains have been forecasted
Firefighters and others help
Healing hugs come from afar

note: posted this poem before

The Fires in Australia

The Fires in Australia
By Pauline Harris

The burnt ash
Leave marks
Along the beach
Of what was thought
To be seaweed
Alas ancient forest ash
Or ash from homes
Now all taken
Ravaged gone
Torn from the earth
In vast bellows
Of recharged flames
Constantly destroying
All in the wake
Of each spark
Lives, land, all lost
Rains have been forecasted
Firefighters and others help
Healing hugs come from afar

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