Nine Eleven Remembered

Nine Eleven Remembered

By Pauline Harris


The start of a normal day


The unspeakable occurred


Before this date

Planes were planes

Innocence lost

As the planes

Were used


A few set forth

On a mission that day

To change the world


And briefly, they did


We all looked up

To see

The horrors unfold



And yet real



As they took place

Before our eyes


Frozen in time

Ash falling

Deep in ash



So many perished

No trace left behind


Gone in an instant

Just ashes remain


A child cried out

Looking for a parent

Someone asked the child

To look around

And point out the parent


The child looked and looked

And said, ‘They all look

The same. All the people

Look the same.’


Briefly all the people

Covered in ash, looked alike


We came together

United as one

Time Was Lost

Time Was Lost

By Pauline Harris


We had agreed to meet

Here on the beach

Those many years ago

Our paths were not meant

To meet again, this day

We were never again to meet

For what we had was gone

The waves had washed

The memories away

Taking with them

Any hope of love


I came this day

To the beach

To claim myself

Free of you


But here you are

Waiting for me

To hold me tight

In those arms


I am afraid

Of my love for you

Is still strong

And can I trust you


Once you left me

All alone, abandoned

Now, you are here

Asking me to return

To our shared love


Can I forgive

And move on

With you

Or without you

The choice is mine

And I will let you know

What I decide


Goodbye for now


* * * This poem was inspired by a photo of someone on the beach.




Once upon a time, there used to be this tradition of connecting together by placing arms around another. They called this tradition ‘hugs’. Hugs were special in they told so much without saying one word. Alas, we do have hope to one day return to the hug custom. Until then please take this short story as my hug across the globe to you….by Pauline Harris


Listening By Pauline Harris

Do we listen to respond with disconnect? or to understand and find some common ground?…are we so far apart from each other we cannot come together at all? Yes, we are all different/unique. We do have commonalities. These are roots we can build upon or destroy…it is our choice.

A Moment of Solitude

A Moment of Solitude
By Pauline Harris
* * *
Sitting quietly
In the stillness
Of this moment

The trees rustling
As the wind whispers
Quietly softly
Tender echoes
Of memories
Long since passed

I reach out
Trying to grasp
One memory

Alas, it is gone

Looking around
At all the trees
Surrounding me,
Every corner

The roots beneath me
Growing strong
And sturdy
Holding all above
With strength
And complexity

The trunk of the tree
Supporting me as I lean

Branches overhead
Providing shade

As the tree breathes
Oxygen flows through the air
Providing me breaths

And I return my gratitude
While breathing out
And also tenderly
Caring for the roots,
The trunk, and branches

Helping each other
Where we are
Together growing

Connecting Posts

Connecting Posts

by Pauline Harris


One day after a rain,

I set out on the land

To put some much needed

Posts across the border

I knew these were in need

As to define what I knew

To be the boundaries

Not just for me

But for others to see

Proclaiming this area

Solely to be mine

Mine to venture

To claim the boundaries

Mine to work

Mine to plow

Mine to dig

Mine to plant

Mine to grow

Mine to discover

All that it can do

The boundaries with posts

Connecting one to another

Making a fence

A declaration

Of the ownership

That is until

I realize that

I am only

A caretaker


For looking after

This land so dear

It came through

The many hands before

All lending their hands

To keep all alive

Across these lands

Healing, nurturing,

Feeding, and living

These lands may have posts

The posts may divide us

And yet they may unite us

It is up to us

We ourselves

To decide

How we react

To each post

We come across

Ripples in the Land

Ripples in the Land

By Pauline Harris

Once the ripples

Of the current

Rushed over this land

Leaving behind

These wrinkles

Frozen in time

Washed away forever

What was once

Rich land with a river

Gone and forgotten

Those days along

The banks of this once

And mighty river

Leaving behind

Just threads

Of the ripples

Where the mighty

River called home

The Flower

The Flower

By Pauline Harris

As the sun reached

For the horizon

Greeting us

With a new day

The blossoming flower

Opened up to say hey

Presenting many colours

As it showed its array

A butterfly flying by

Saw the delicious

Flower just waiting

There to nourish

Those who came to rest

And feast then be on its way

Along came the hummingbirds

Chasing one another

Until they reached

The petals of the flower

Each enjoying what the day brings

And I sit in wonderment

As creations delve

Around this blossom

The Dynamics of Breathing

The Dynamics of Breathing

By Pauline Harris

Sitting quietly

Stillness abound

Focusing on breath

Close eyes

Calming thoughts

Take a breath in

Allowing the breath

To travel each part

All the crevices

Reaching the fingers

And all the toes

Exhale out the breath

Deep breath in


And out


In each piece

Out joining peace

Calmly breathing

Each moment aware

Peace at hand

Today is Given

Today is Given

By Pauline Harris

The sun rises

Greeting all

Delighting sight

Awoken this morn

Eyes open slightly

Vaguely awake

Rub my eyes

And stretch my arms

Rolling out of bed

Time to see

What this day

Will become

Living in the light

Seeking each moment

Breathing each breath

Here comes the daybreak

And is ready to begin

Stepping out

The door slams shut

Startled and yet moving forward

Here we go, ready to live

This day is full

Of opportunities

Ready, set, hope

Rusted Relic

Rusted Relic

By Pauline Harris

Up in the window

Stood leaning

Against the pane

An old art piece

Once made of love

Pure Love, true love

Now long forgotten

Discarded, thrown away

Left outdoors

Rained upon


Until one day found

Brought inside

Seen the wisdom

Of years of tears

Carefully and selectively

Searching for meaning

Surviving through all weather

Accomplishing adventures

Winkles guiding the path

Tiny steps to feel the touch

Of a helping hand

Positioned to set here

In this window

Allowing others to know

The joyney forward

Is cherished and hope-filled

While also weathered

Taking time to know

True Love remains strong

And ever-growing

As reflected in this one

Rusted Relic


A string attached

From one heart

To connect

With another

Forming a bond

Like no other

Love declared

Shared beyond

Any measure

To heal all

Strongly pulling

The world

To come together

In compassion

And gratitude

By Pauline Harris

One Breath

One Breath

By Pauline Harris

One breath

All there is

Is one breath

To breathe

The one breath

Is to breathe now

Taking a deep breath

Bringing the breath in

Imagine the breath

Reaching in

Touching every


All the molecules

Of the body

And breathing out

Letting go

Allowing the flow

Making new

Our commitment

To participate

And do our part

This world

Is beautiful

We can

With our breath



And care


Leave our world

With a breath

Breathing now

One breath

One breath

One breath

For all

Who dwell within

This planet

Called home


Bubbles By Pauline Harris


Encased air

Pockets of joy



Fun amusement …

Loading the mixture

Onto the wand

Blowing bubbles

Watching them escape

Floating in the air

Wind blowing


and couples

Ready to pop

Bursting in air…

Catching some

For a second go…


See the joy

Feel the joy


Ready to play

Hugs to my Friends

Here is to you, my friends. To those who have cared, To those who have shared, To those who inspired, To those who persevered, I send to you a healing hug and a sparkling smile. And some love to carry on….

We don’t know what tomorrow brings. All we know is here and now. We have each other Through thick and thin. Thank you dear ones. by Pauline Harris

A Time To Ponder

A Time to Ponder

By Pauline Harris

Seeds had been planted

Grounds ready for blooms

But there is hesitation

As snow covers all the lands

We thought it was mistaken

Until we opened the doors

And saw for ourselves

The densely covered soil

Was not to be seen today

And possibly not tomorrow

Either, we will wait and see

Hibernate a bit longer

Sheltered in place

We will wait for clearance

From the Almighty’s Grace

We look outside our windows

Seeing what we want to be

Only yet to be dismayed

For we have to wait and see

One day soon we will venture

Out those doors and glee joyfully

Only if that day would come safely

We shall put our voices together

Celebrating the opening of eyes

The seeds will sprout again

Hope lives in our hearts

Carefully we will wander

And blossom with our talents

Fully aware of our steps

Are taken one step at a time

Each flower represented

For us all to visualize

The beauty we all share

Deep inside…Let us bloom

Together, forever

In Love Eternally

I Really Want To…

I Really Want To

By Pauline Harris

Constantly I see you

The pain you have

The injuries endured

The agony in each step

I really want to

Take that pain

Washing it away

Healing each part

But, only

If you want

For this is your pain

I can comfort you

I can help heal

But to truly recover

And heal completely

You must take

The first step

And accept

Healing is possible

Please know this

I love you

And we are together

No matter the path

We make our joyney

Forward together


Our Joyney

Our Joyney

by Pauline Harris

Once given a soul

And some place to go

Forward we walk

Creating at will

What we can make

Knowing little

Of what may come

Our choice is now

The wonderment

We may bring

The joys we see

The love we give

All part of us

As we go forth

And live each day

To our fullest

Yes, boundaries are made

With rivers flowing

Creating pathways

All for us to follow

As guiding our paths

Little is known for sure

Only what is present

Here and now

Taking our steps forward

Loving each other

Allowing each to grow

Into their full potential

Is all part of this process

Of our Joyney now

A Stroll, One Day

Walking amongst the earth with the view of wondrous stars abode…me just a simple one who dreams of something…mountains may be in the way many a time…but me…I must climb…maybe it may seem like I am standing still at times…alas I am climbing if only in my mind…I will reach my destination at the moment I am meant to be… ~by Pauline Harris 2010

A Tea – filled Moment

In the moment awareness…
the tea is ready to be poured.
All the preparations made before.
The cup is a ready vessel.
The smoke indicating readiness
My hand reaching down
To the pot, grasping the handle
Gently picking it up
Steam releasing
Dipping to pour
Tea going into the cup
Easing the pour, as nears the top
Setting the tea pot to rest
Looking at my cup of tea
A swirl of foam settles
From the ripples
The pouring had made
My tea is ready to drink
-by Pauline Harris
Inspired by Mindfulness

Great O’ England

Great O’ England
By Pauline Harris

Great O’ England
Fair thee well
The skies above
Mists down to earth.
The glory of
The last day spent
There walking
Through the
And by the

The O’ land
Doth touch
My soul
Singing of
Days gone by
Hearts unfurled
The song of Love
Dances by
Good day
O’ Memory

…I wrote this poem around the age of 14 after leaving England where I had lived for many years. …Recently, I shared this poem with a friend of mine and he stated we never really leave a place or person totally behind us. They are with us always.

Someone’s At the Door

Someone’s At the Door
By Pauline Harris

After a long day
We were resting
In our front room
Our living room
Talking to each other
About events of the day

When there was a knock
A knock at the door
Then a pounding upon it

Looks of confusion
As we saw each other’s face

Who could this be?
So forceful and demanding?
Bewildered, we got up
And walked towards the door

The pounding got louder
Our heads were throbbing

Cautiously, we began to open
The front door slowly
No rush to see this forceful being
Whoever may be behind the door
We thought of them rather rude
Disturbing our time together

And now we could see
Who this could be

A yell came crashing in
To our listening ears,
‘Can you come out to play?’

Oddly we laughed
As we saw the deep layered snow
Just everywhere we looked
And there was our friend
So pleased to see us home

A day of sledding, snow angels,
Snow ball throwing,
Igloo building
And very wet, damp clothes

A day full of pure joy
A good memory
Of another time and place
That still brings
A heartsmile and peace

Life is ever evolving

Life is ever evolving
Changes everywhere
Love heals us forever
Love continues through us
Guiding us, if we care
To accept love is everywhere
By Pauline Harris

They Returned

They Returned

By Pauline Harris

Many moons had passed

After walking onto that plane

Taking them off to distant lands

Some knew ahead of time

They may not make it back

All wrote a letter for home

Carrying a photo of a loved one

Close to their heart in a pocket

Courage in each silent opportunity

Cautious in movements

Especially in the dark

Not sure of enemies in plain sight

Friends at one time, soon departed

Rotations, Rations, Heat, Sweat

Intense relations, high stress

A long awaited care package

Dry, not so fresh cookies

Shampoo, soap, toothbrush

Comics and homemade cards

All bringing a much needed smile

Tears wiped from those eyes

Brush off the dust

Return to normal pace

Onwatch until relieved

Keep awake, keep awake

Alert to each movement

No matter how small

A child one day, now gone

Another grown up looking in

Each can be enemy or friend

No one is for certain

Time tells no lies

But the dead hands

Only keep the clock alive twice in a day

Stories unwritten

In the secrets they could tell

No one can fully understand

What it was like for them

Over there,


Over there

Now they have returned

Never the same as when they left

Secrets written on their hearts

No one really knows

No one really wins

When peace is going to last

Except those who were silenced

Before they returned

Each side with a mission for peace

And freedom to last

Will peace prevail

In a world desiring

Their way is the path

Do they listen to those silenced

Do they listen to those at peace

They all return home, never the same

All want freedom and peace

Silence speaks volumes

The Wrinkles

The Wrinkles
By Pauline Harris

Holding onto my loved one’s hand
I felt the love we shared
As I looked deeper still
The valleys of wrinkles protruded
All the places they had seen
The odd handshake or two
The pages turned, the music played
The joys fulfilled, the tears
And tears in the fabrics
Each valley deeply carved
A wrinkle telling each
Moment in time well lived
A caring soul holds my hand
Thank you dear one
I love you so much

Early Morning Greeting

Early Morning Greeting

Woke up…
Early to…
Be greeted by…
A gentle soul…
A warm hello…
I turned to find…
Bunches of blessings…
I had not counted on…
Each breath and step
I took led me further
Down a path I was unsure of.
Following my instinct,
I took a deep breath
And stepped into
A sense of the Divine
As I looked into the mirror
Seeing only a reflection.
Deeper, I gazed and
There before my eyes
Did appear the answer
I so longed to know.
A smile shone through
My mind was smiling.
I knew at that moment
Life may have
Hills and valleys,
But my choices and outlook
Make the world
A place where I want to…
Just one step and one smile…
*by Pauline Harris

Did They Listen

Did They Listen
By Pauline Harris

Blindly they heard
The words spoken
Truthfully and eliquently
Nodding heads
Barely awake
She spoke of wisdom
Caring within each phrase
Desiring nurturing
From those who claimed
They were there
There for others
And yet…only one
One thing truly got heard
The money jingling
The moment money
Was mentioned
Ears perked up
All eyes on the speaker
Tongues to the floor
Drooling apparent
As eyes looked yonder
Long past the wisdom
Long past the caring souls
Money spoke so loudly
No other whispers were heard
Greed ruled those people
No one listened to wisdom
Or to those they left behind

Words On a Page

Words On A Page

By Pauline Harris

Words on a Page

Can speak volumes

Or not even be read

The words are

Thoughts now written

Sometimes improved

Sometimes denied

Stillness in letters

Written to be seen

Even if only by the author

Later may be burned

In the fires or twisted

To mean something

Entirely different

Is the meaning

For the writer to convey

Or for the reader to interpret

Might be a bit of both

And one reader may see this

And another sees deep details

Simple words have multiple meanings

Baggage with many words

Of what has been taught

And what symbols transfer

Through time to become known

As one thing or another

Words on a page

Mean so much more than the symbols

That create the word

And the power given to those words

Can be more than intended

Is it the writer/speaker

Or the reader/listener

Who decides what the words mean

All do, but they do individually

Words matter, meaning matters

They may be just words to one

Speaking volumes to others

Words convey so much

Within each symbol

Written or spoken

They are not just

Words on a page

Trenches of Love

Trenches of Love
By Pauline Harris

As the shadows
Met their demise
Sunlight creeped in
Through the cracks
Shining brightly
Upon every rusted
Crevice, highlighting
The deep valleys
In each wrinkle
Upon my loved one’s face

All the joys and concerns
Each earning their place
A reward for wisdom
And allowing grace
To flow as the rays
Express their gratitude
For the love shared
By this one soul
Has expressed so much
Love and compassion
Their legacy lives on
In those whom
Their love touched

The Middle Path

The Middle Path
by Pauline Harris

In the upbringing
Much is taught
Much is learned
Some may be given
Other things forbidden
All rules to follow
Perimeters made
Blinds cover much

A view of foiled cardboard
Covering each window
A blanket to block the light
From reaching within
To help us sleep at night

Slowly as the days get shorter
The windows are opened
Until it gets colder
And the snow begins to fall

Covering all with blankets
And cuddling for warmth
We comfort one another
With what we have here
For us all to share together

The Drop of Rain

The Drop of Rain

By Pauline Harris

Vapors gathered

As winds picked up

Clouds forming

Droplets moving

Within the clouds

Slowly gaining strength

Momentum to move


As directed by wind streams

Gusts move this way

And thrown that way

Suddenly a drop

Raindrop falls down

Reaching the ground

Starting a puddle

Another and another

Combining forces

Making ripples

Circles spanning out

One ripple connecting

With so many others

All engulfed in the puddles

Carrying on expanding

Making a stream

Down towards the river

Flowing into the ocean

Always one drop

Among so many

Single and yet together

Making the whole connection

Time To Grieve

Time To Grieve
By Pauline Harris

Not too long ago
Someone told me
Quiet, she is grieving
She needs her space
She has her own ways to grieve

I am okay with allowing
Someone space and time to grieve,
As long as I am awarded the same

But see, I have not always
Been given the chance
Told not here or not at this time
‘Wipe those tears’
‘Don’t do that now’
‘Quiet now’, ‘Do as told’;
It never was time and place
To grieve
No one listened

When the whispers were spoken
No heard a word
Free to speak
Only if you were you
Told some it was okay

But when I spoke
Quiet now, others are speaking
Or we heard that story
Not really…
Change is constant
In favor of haves

When is it time
To safely grieve

A Storm is Brewing

A Storm is Brewing

by Pauline Harris

Clouds formed

With winds blowing

Clustering together

Gathering strength

Moving over oceans

Mountains hinder growth

Parts changed


Learning what will survive

Out to water again

Giving all to be alive

Waves announce a path

Showing the path forward

Is still brewing deep down

Making a mention

Of what is yet to come

Preparing now, it may be

Nothing goes unnoticed

The future is not written

Only one set of hands knows

It will be or might be

We can only prepare

And do our best

To share love forward

Soar Towards Love

Soar Towards Love

by Pauline Harris

Rush this way

Haste to speculate

Words said

Actions taken

Some wool covers eyes

A moment reflected

Past comes back

Visions of dreams lost

Others profit behind scenes

Puppets used, pawns moved

Changes too quick

Historical stories retold

Whose words are true

Facts matter, not to hide them

Is there time to investigate

Or are actions going to take over

Quickly a time of rest


Looking for peace

Starting within

Deciding focus

Towards Love


Stillness in a pause

Only to be interrupted by greed

Forcing their story on others

Must return to Love

Refocused in this moment

Knowing where we stand

To Soar Towards Love

Awoken by Thunder

Awoken by Thunder
By Pauline Harris

Off in dreamland
Fast asleep after
Long hours awake
Pillow comforting
Head all at rest
Out of the blue
A crackle of thunder
Rung it’s voice
Through to my room
Awakening me
With such a fright
My heart now a’racing
Deeply within my chest
I wipe my eyes
Rubbing them awake
Pitter patter, sounds
Of rain hit the roof
Slowly gaining strength
Rumbles deepening
Totally aware
The storm is here
Fear knocks on the door
Aware it is there
Look to see
How to move on
Tightening it’s grip
Fear digs nails into
My skin…don’t let fear
Settle in. Acknowledge it.
Use it to strengthen resolve.
Find the solution and purpose
Move forward proactively
Together we will make it
Hushed no longer, a step
Forward in love, always love
As love lights the way forward

Deconstructing Our Fears

In deconstructing our fears, we all have them.
Define our fears, not dwelling on them.
We are mindful of how we transfer our fears towards others.
We respect others. Support each other.
Inspire and be ourselves all at the same time.
There are opportunities dwelling in hope and trust.
Learn about those opportunities and
Grow in Love. Love Forward. by Pauline Harris


by Pauline Harris

When the world seems
In a dismal state
Quietly hushed in wait
Waiting for something
Big to happen
The hush is quite unbearable
And the rush to do something
Is tremendously knocking
At the door to open

Wait…sit a second longer
Breathe in, breathe out
Hesitate a little bit longer
Not for those who did wrong
Only to find true focus
Each breath a gift

Silence was not agreement
Not always, sometimes forced
Told did not understand
Or told not to speak
Respect those…but

Here is the thing
To do justly, mercy
Grace and love
Yes, Love unconditionally
And that is where hope lives

Hope lives in tomorrow
Hope lives in dreams
Hope lives in opportunities
Hope lives in innovation
Hope lives in creation

Tomorrow is never promised
We live each day the best we can
With the opportunities given
With the promises written so long ago
Have we forgotten the golden rule

Hope only lives on, if we allow hope to live
And if Love is our guiding light
Hope lives on, hope lives on

2014 Tribute to Maya Angelou

❤ One fine lady who
shared her life
and her love of
Words with us all
Her expression of
Art and words
Graced us with
An insight like
No Other
I am grateful
for her courage
and love
Thank you
Maya Angelou
for expressing
the way of being
an angel before your time
and now, you are an angel
“looking down upon us with love.”‘
my words inspired by a quote from Maya Angelou
Pauline Harris 2014

Moments in Nature

Moments in Nature
By Pauline Harris

Around the early
Of this year
Much was dry
Not much water
In the rivers
Or the ponds
Harsh dryness
Lead to some
Wild burns
And waters
Flowing from
Northern rivers
Leading the lilies
In the pond
To mature
Out of the mud
The eagles building nests
Their young eager to fly
Soaring way up high
A rare sighting
Some warn signs
Of trouble on horizon
Others detour
To a different route
All seeing only glimpses
Of the wonderment
The world has to share
Grateful for each moment
And the connections
We all share

Love Thoughts Shared

by Pauline Harris

*Share your Light
Brighten up someone’s day
Who lives in darkness

*There is something freeing when creating something from the soul to give to the world. Within the many valleys and hills, the act and the completion of the creation helps bring wonderment to the world beyond oneself.

*To create art and writing
From the silence within
Allows deep healing to begin

*Unconditional love is rare
It is so amazing to share
Thanks to those who care
I love you dearly, I care

*And what beautiful glimpses
Does nature speak
When we only listen
With our heartsmiles

*When you look at grass with the eye, it looks different then when viewed with a magnifying glass and still different than looking from a far distance. The world is viewed differently by our own experiences and our learned perception.

*Love moves ever forward in our connections with one another and how we pass those insights on to others.

*The beauty of using the words to portray a thought, feeling, and/or story is how we can connect with others.

The Adventure of the Mind

Searching for something bright and beautiful…must begin with awakening thyself to seeing there is beauty within…letting it out to see there is a world to see…Let us see what this adventure in life is to be…look first in the mind…and see all~Pauline Harris 2010

We Love…

We love, because we are made of love. Sometimes we forget this fact. Until we are reminded by loved ones, love is eternal and is always present. Love lights the path we follow each day. Blessings always, Pauline Harris

Poetry Addiction

Times are scary
But if we know the signs
Even if it is apparent
I think I might have
Had some influence
Brought on by this thing
Called poetry
Just maybe there might be
A few more lines deep inside
To glide upon the page
-by Pauline Harris

A Longing To Say Goodbye

A Longing To Say Goodbye
by Pauline Harris

Your passage beyond
Has not gone unnoticed
But restrictions block
The inperson goodbyes
Although distance
Was an issue too
I remember your smile
And your gentle kind spirit
A great big hug
And thoughtful talks
Our walks are far apart
Each other near at heart
You have traveled farther still
I must make do until
We meet again
In that great beyond
Who knows when
Our love and light
Will continue to grow
And be ever so bright
Goodbye my friend
Until we meet again

Dedicated to a few souls who have gone on in the past few months. John Dee, Rosa, and David. Ken and some others, too.

Before All

Before All
By Pauline Harris

Prior to anything
There was nothing
Uncreated life
No thing
But then how
Did that one thing

A twinkle
A spark of light
The start of it all
The force behind
Pushing forward
Life begins anew
With love as the force
Creating all that is
From love is good
Only good and love

Return to love
Refresh in love
Finding kindness
Once again
In love surrounding
Here, there
Love is…

Love and Light

Time to Weep

Each time we weep
Is a little bit different
For the one we knew
Is uniquely who they were
They may not even know
Their smile brought light
Beyond their being
In through the darkness
Appearing in a crack
Just at that moment
When it was needed
Thank you dear one
May your smile
Light your way
From this joyney
To the next one
Goodbye for now
And I will try to share
My Heartsmiles
With Love and Light 💞
By Pauline Harris

Smile Shine On

A smile can be
Your expression
Of your light
Shine brightly
Because maybe
Someone near
May need to be
That love does
Shine the way
By Pauline Harris

Light Remains

There is an old story
About those have passed
Their lives live on
When remembered
Whether in memory
Or in gesters
Or in traditions
Past down through generations
We each leave something behind
For generations to find in the future
…by Pauline Harris


By Pauline Harris

Source of life
Pure H2O

Formed in the sky
Clouds bring rain, snow,
Hail, sleet, or other forms

As water comes down
To the ground
Enriching the soil
Making crops grow
Nourishing the soul

As the rain comes down
Filling the rivers
Capping snow on top
Of the mountains
Draining into the oceans
Circulating every drop
The water, bringer of life
Flowing through the world
And quenching our thirst
Water, bringer of life
Clenses our bodies
Both within and out
Water is our source for life

Dancing Inside

Dancing Inside

by Pauline Harris 2017

In one moment
For a breath
Another becons
Come hither
Trust issues
As they demand
No voice
Just silence
Hidden Truths
Somehow prevail
Unspoken hollowings
Cries for tears
Unknown wanderings
Stepping aside
As if pushed
Paintings undone
Writings rewritten
History told
Through obscure lenses
Banished truthsayers
A cry silenced
With snowflakes
Or chemicals eaten
Drinking forbidden
Waters to comfort
Whispers sewn
In plain sight
Secrets speak out
A call for hope
Nothing but brightness
Will light tomorrow
With love
And joy
Of today
Joyney on
Joyney on
By Pauline Harris

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