Becoming Evolved

Becoming Evolved
By Pauline Harris

Enjoying every second
Eating and traveling
Adventures to new leaves
The caterpillar was living life
Until one day the time
Had come to make a bed
Sleep was needed
Resting well in the cocoon
Changing from the core
Into a totally new
The butterfly emerged
Refreshed from rest
And ready to shine
Renewed spirit
Alive once again


Aftereffects of One Day

One of things about the reminder for the anniversary was about the representation of one child who said when asked to point out his parents. The child replied, ‘I can’t they (the people coming out of the area) look the same.’ (As the people were all covered in ash from the buildings and beyond). …we all looked the same that day. We were all focused on coming together. We were united in that moment. –pharris

Sunset Reflection

The beauty
And wonderment
In one moment
Lost in the next
And still we carry on
Finding our ways
Through life

By Pauline Harris

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Art from Sunset

Created with photo of a sunset

Love Found, Nor Forgotten

Love Found, Nor Forgotten
By Pauline Harris

Believe or not
Someone walked up to me
And said Watch out
Because I am here
To tell you about
An amazing love
And that you are loved
I looked confused
Because of the approach
But then there was a feeling
That swept over me
Basked in this amazing love
I went on with my day
Feeling something of delight
Thank you whoever you are
For spreading joy and love
And now am reminded I am
Of this all encompassing love
And maybe somewhere, someday
Wait a minute…Now is the time
I want you to know
Yes, you reading this poem
That you are loved
And thank you for being you
Love Kindness Forward

Spherical Heartsmilez

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Flutterby Whispers


Open Hands

Open Hands
by Pauline Harris

Many days had given
Us undo stress
Over uncertainty
And unrepresented

We were all
At our wits end
Looking for comfort
Looking for stability
Looking for loyalty

The stress continued
To rise from all directions
No end in sight


There before us appeared
These open hands

At first no one noticed
A tiny voice called to us
Look over there
And see hope is alive

We rubbed our eyes
And looked up and out
To see hope is alive
In these open hands

We discovered the hands
Belonged to one who
Had taken some time
To awaken and see
There was hope
All around us
If only we changed
What we were looking
To see about us

For hope was there
In front of us
All the time
We just needed
To focus on gratitude
For the blessings
Surrounding us each day

sunset in August


Glowing Sunset

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Conjuring Love and Light

Love abides everywhere, if we only take to our heart to see it.

No photo description available.

Mystery Beyond

Mystery Beyond

My heart pounds

As I leave my chair

Slowly approaching

The unknown behind

The door, as I grasp

For the knob

Stretching out my hand

Holding on

To discover

What is beyond

I open the door

Slowly at first

Weary of what may be

Something a bit scary

Creepy crawlies tempt me

Creaky sounds mellow

Any other noises nearby

Attempt to distract me

From my mission

Whispering words

Of encouragement

To myself, I

Move forward

On, Through the door

One step after another

Only to discover

What was beyond

Was known to me

All along

The fear I felt

Was just

My imagination

And now to discover

What is the mystery

Behind the door to the future

…By Pauline Harris

The Hug

The Hug
by Pauline Harris

Time had seemed
To drag on and on
Stress from all about
Nothing seemed calming
Until out of nowhere
Came this touch
And then embrace
The hug I so desperately
Wanted and needed
Showed up to hold me
Close at the heart
And seem to take all
That anxiousness away
Along with uneasiness
Thank you for the hug
Gratefulness for a friend
Who cares as much as you
And yes, I know the hug
Was good for you as well
As the smile rose upon
Your loving face with grace

Birth of a Blossom

Birth of a Blossom
by Pauline Harris

A seedling was planted
Compacted with soil
Watered once in awhile
And left, almost forgotten
Until one day something new
Was brewing underneath
The very soil once was sowed
Slowly cracks opened up
Dirt began to crumbly away
Breaking free within this opening
Was a bursting of fresh beginnings
The shaft of the blossom
Started coming forth
Showing there was still life
Within its very heart
There for all who dared
To gasp a peek
Stood the blossom
Tall and sleek
Appearing to have
Gained so much
Wisdom while kept
In the depths
Of the ground
Now sound
And ready to speak
The newly born flower
Showed off its’ immense plume
With all the petals in its’ bloom
And now all the photographers
Have gathered to take lasting photos
To remember this day and this one
Beautiful Blossom in all its glory
For it had the courage to share
With us the love of being there
And we are forever grateful
To being made aware
Of this one moment
With this one blossom
And its courage to survive
And thrive for all us to see


One day a few months back, someone asked if I really looked around while I was taking photos of the sunset that night. I said yes and I did/do, but it got me thinking of what else is around we hardly pay attention to as we are so focused on the task at hand. Do we see the bats who fly at dusk? Do we notice those who walk their dogs at dusk? Do we hear the screams of ones who don’t want to do their homework and want to play outside still? Do we notice how close that car got to us even though we are well off the road? Do we notice the ones in the hidden shadows that seem to be there, but are not there for all to see? Do we see everything there is to see, why no we don’t. But we choose what we focus on in that moment. As for my focus on the sunsets, I have always seen the bats that fly at dusk. But I am more aware of the the clouds that form in other areas not just the sunset ones of which is very enjoyable to see, too. I am grateful for those who share in seeing there is so much beauty in this world. And am equally grateful for compassion as we share this planet with one another. ~pharris


Hope is a wonderful instrument to help in carrying on through life. There is something about hope that helps one to believe even when no lights can be found. Hope gives some will power to carry on, carry on. Hugs to Hope, as we all need some hope now and again.~pharris

Sunset from 26 August

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Real Is…

Real is …
(In honour of the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’)

Real is when love is shared
How we are show we care
And become aware
There are others out there
Whom we can share
In this world together
Somehow, everywhere
For kindness matters
Blessings and take care
-by Pauline Harris


by Pauline Harris

Haunting images
Creep the night’s sky
Wandering into
Someone’s dreams
Causing troubles
That go bump
In the night

Images strangely
Interrupt the comfort
But leaving loneliness
To grab hold of us tight

Until awoken
And start
The process
Of realizing
It is all of fear
Or of dread

And now
To know
There is
A light
Upon us
A Love
To us all

Shadows are but
Shadows of fear
Love casts
These fears
Far away

In Love
We carry on

Sunflower Seeds

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I used a photo of one of my artpieces to reconfigure to this artwork.

Birds on the Pier, Stormy Weather

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Swamp Grass Creation

No photo description available.



Forgive us of our wrongdoings, as we forgive ourselves and others of our/their wrongdoings. (paraphrased part of the Lord’s Prayer). Forgiveness is a big step in recovery. Much of the time it is looked at with eyes of why should this be a step at all. Forgiving oneself and others is a sign of respect and allows the positive energy to return to the place where negative energy once occupied. Forgiveness allows one to move on in peace.~pharris2012

Joy and Gratitude

Joy and gratitude. There are some people who we meet in our lives who bring us joy just by the thought of them or their presence or even a connection through some device. I am grateful for those people in my life…they make life more meaningful and rich. There has been occasion when we met, we knew right off we were destined to be friends. I am grateful for those moments and for the friends, for they make life wonderful. Hugs to all those who make life meaningful for others…enjoy~pharris

The Crows

Winds sweeping over 
The wheat leaving 
Waves upon which
The crows use as guides
Blow gently into 
A good night’s sky
And sleep peacefully 
Now the night is nigh
-by Pauline Harris 
My words inspired 
By Van Gogh’s painting ‘Wheatfield with Crows’, July 1890

Colourful Sunset

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Sunset HeartSmilez


Woe Is Bed

what for are thou bed
to see or to be
in said bed
guess it is well
past my bedtime 
it is fun
to relax and just be~pharris2013

Garden Delight

Image may contain: water

This is a painting I did a few years ago. The creation process is quite meditative and relaxing.

Sunset Swirl

No photo description available.


Love Creating Ripples in the Universe

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By Pauline Harris

As a child
And later on
As an adult
Can and does
Add so much joy
To that moment

The bottle 
Is ready
To open 
The wands
Are ready

Open bottle 
Grab wand
And retrieve 
Bubbles to blow
And watch
All those bubbles 
Everywhere bubbles

Attempting to grab
Some to blow again

Pop them bubbles 
Oh what fun
Seeing the rainbows
In the bubbles

Gone away 
For another day 
Of joy and play

Tiny bubbles 
And joyful

Come back
And let us
Play again

Tiny bubbles
Catch them
Share the joy

With Gratitude


Bright HeartSmilez

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One Step Forward

I step back…hesitate…there in front of me…the unknown…I watch a moment…look around to see…what I really need is deep inside…I step to the side…and see there is nothing to fear…all the fear comes from me…and I am choosing not to accept it…I move forward…I leap…I fly…just one step…is all I need to take…and I am on my way ~Pauline

Drops of Water

Drops of Water
By Pauline Harris

Clouds had formed
In the afternoon 
Of this mixture of a day

Winds picked up
Blowing this way and that

Dry heat
Creating fog
As one walks
Out the door
To greet a new day

Out of nowhere 
A single
Plops a splash
Upon the windshield

By the disturbance 
Looking out
More drops
Do appear

And making
Their presence 
Known to me

Creating a basis
For multiple 
To form
In this place


Closing my eyes
Taking a deep breath
Holding it momentarily

There is more
More to life

Fully aware
Moments don’t last 
Feelings may stir

I can now
Move forward 
Knowing the drops
Are part of the whole
One moment 
To the next
We each have a place
A place in the whole
Enlightened by love
Forever and always

School Daze

School Daze
By Pauline Harris

Excited and nervous 
Headed out the door
Backpack and lunch
Ready to go
Long walk 
Out the door
By the house
With colourful roses
Dogs barking
Way over there
Keep quiet 
Keep on task
No need to wake 
Others up
But too late
Run passed them
Or walk calmly
To ourselves
Be respectful 
We are guests
Not all friendly
Names called
Many forgotten 
Eggs thrown
Shells and gooey mess
They run after us
Wanting to fight
Keep on walking
Running at times
Clean up later
Mustn’t miss the bus
Make it to the bus stop
Five minutes to wait
Take a deep breath
And step onto the bus
Try to get the window seat
To gaze outside
Forget those names 
Compose ourselves
We are guest
We represent ours
Respecting each other
We kept our promise 
As best we could
The view from the bus
Gave us time
We needed
To ready ourselves 
For the day at school

Gratitude Gifts

There are people everywhere in all walks of life. Sometimes, somewhere. Someone might meet someone who brings a special gift to that person. The gift is not tangible any form, but the gift is more precious than anyone can want. Soon someone will want to take that gift from them, but if the gift is true …than no one can take the gift away without the permission of one of the two peoples. Here is to gratitude for the gift and the giver…and the receiver…, for each have their own part…and each have their own heartsmile. Blessings.~pharris

Wonders to Delight

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Focusing on the wonders to delight and ignight more light to share with the world. Finding positive ways to share in life’s joyney. By Pauline Harris

A Local Pond

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Future To Be Written

The future is yet to be written, 
the past has closed its book, 
the pen and paper are ready for input
…so what is the plan…
dreams of God who holds the key
…knows right now…
I am where I need to be
…(and so it is)…journey on…
(words by me with influences from everywhere)

By Pauline Harris 2012

One Guarantee

One Guarantee

We are born and die
But to live our lives
How and to whom 
Do we dare share
A caring heart
Gives beyond self
Stories told
Adventures taken
Even if only in words
Or in shared experiences
Helpful hints
Laughter and tears
Gracefully guaranteed 
An honest experience 
Until we meet again 
…by Pauline Harris

Windows to The Soul

Windows Into The Soul
By Pauline Harris 

We walk through life
One step or movement 
Ever forwards
Onto our joyney 
Into new beginnings
And yet mysteries
Follow us wherever 
We venture to go

But ultimately 
The decision
For our outlook
Is completely 
Ours to make

There is beauty
In the wilderness 
And in our own

Our hearts
Can see what
Our soul
Delights in

Slowing Down to Breathe

Slowing down
the breath
I breathe

A moment 
To invest myself
In this wonderful world

I close my eyes
Taking in joy
Holding on
Realizing this sensation

Out Love 
Seeing this Love 
Spread beyond 
Self into all

And reminding
I am grateful 
For being

Only to know
I am 
One part
Of the whole
Wonderful Beings
The Human race 
By Pauline Harris


By Pauline Harris

Walking this life
We stumble and fall
We strive and thrive
Each living our lives
Some may accomplish 
Making a difference 
And/Or creating something 
And/Or inspiring others
Yet in each moment 
We are part of the whole
Living side by side
Making life as we know it
Not only for ourselves 
But everyone as we can
Acceptance and supporting
Allowing growth 
Allowing to be oneself 
Lovingly and always true
Taking heart
Moving kindness 
Forward forever 
Thank you

Time to share
For we are
Here and there
Through our
Forever Forward 
In Love 
And gratitude

That Mountain

That Mountain 
By Pauline Harris

That mountain 
Has been there
Staying put
Watching me
Seeing my every move
Waiting patiently 
For me to make
My own voice spoken
No rewards
Just a gentle shake
Turning the crumbles
Into stirred up words
Phrases formed
From slippery slopes
And rocky climbs
A moments rest
As taking in this beauty
Climbing higher 
This mountain 
Once a challenge 
Now a companion 
Sharing in the awe
Reflecting on life
That mountain 
This mountain 
And we together 
Created our team 
To joyney on through life

Flutterby Visiting

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Fountain PhotoArt

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No photo description available.

Night Callers

Night Callers 
By Pauline Harris

Headed to bed 
Covers comfort 
Snuggled so tight 
Dreams calling
My head to rest

Only shortly
As body wakes
Outside I go
Darkness of night
Twinkling sparklies
Shine basking light

Carefully walking
Torch in hand
Look up to see
Spider in her Web
Waiting on prey
None yet tonight

Gaze up further 
At the stars
Shooting stars
Gone in a flash

Soon back
To the covers
Sleeping again
Rest well 
For a new day


thanx to all 
those air hugs 
and blessings galore
shared from one to another
inspiring joy
expressing love
thank you
for B-N-U-Fully

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