Unbreakable Cord

Life is a team effort. Each of us contributes in our own way along the joyney. A teacher inspires while providing tools to carry ourselves onto the next task. A creative person gives insight to the world around. A friend provides comfort with a shoulder to cry on. A parent gives Heartsmiles to carry us into a new day. And some others prepare the world with essentials and some perks for life to continue on. – Pauline Harris


The Birds Soared

The Birds Soared
By Pauline Harris

Gathering around
Along the banks
Of the river’s shoreline 
The birds were there
Some flying, some landing,
And many fishing
Together they gathered
Sharing their lives
Living as a team
All reading themselves 
For the winter’s stay
Preparing the land
Nests to be built
Food to harvest
Water nearby for fishing
All is set in order 
And ready to begin
A long winter’s stay
As the cold weather
Blows it’s way in

The Potter

The Potter
by Pauline Harris

Clay on the slab
Water in the bucket
Butter knife ready
Wire sitting there
Next to the chair

The potter slowly
Puts some clay
Upon the table
With some splashes
Tempering the moment

Making movements
To allow new designs
Becoming something new
Inspiration found
Details inlaid

A pottery created

A Twinkling Light

A Twinkling Light
by Pauline Harris

Shadows surrounding
Every twist and turn
Darkness approaches
No where to go

A crack forms
In the distance
I see a flickering
A twinkling light

A hand reaches out
Come here with me
Feeling comforted
Drawn closer
I walk to the light
I see this light
Is my friend

Fills my soul
I am at peace
My friend and me

One Page of Life

One Page of Life
By Pauline Harris

Each of us
Are writing
Our own story

We learn 
And inspire 
We create
And exist

Some choose
To do evils
Using power
To create
Their ideals

Some create
While valuing 
Of ancient times

Some create
By surviving 
Day to day

Some have
May never see

Some teach
And inspire
To achieve 
And gratitude

All of us
On the path
We create
With the help
Of each other
As world’s book
Is created
With all of us
In it sharing
Our lives
On this planet

Birthday Blessings

Gratitude fills my soul…
As I have been a part of…
So many blessings…
Thank you all…
Those who ….
Continue to be truly…
A friend in deed…
Healing hugs…
And Spectacular Smilez…
May hope and joy be with all…

by Pauline Harris

Walk Gently

Some feel the need

to tear someone down,

but take a moment to truly listen

There might be some common ground

for each of us to learn

and share with one another

For we are here together

Living next to one another

Maybe one day we will hear

We are so much stronger together

Blessings to all~Pauline Harris

The Girl With a Candle

The Girl With a Candle

This girl had heard

Of a special time

When all were given

A candle to hold

Now hold this candle tight

Do not fright

From the light

It may flicker

It may falter

But this light

This very light

Is an expression

Of love

The girl stood there

With the candle

In her hands

A little shaken

With anxiety

As the light was lit

From the stage

And passed around

Until the light

Was on her row

She calmed herself

It is just a light

And here it was

Her turn to have hers lit

Deep breath

Brightly the flame burned

For all to see

She smiled with glee

The girl looked

Deeply into the flame

Wondrous colours

Glaze her eyes

Setting her heart

All aglow with delight

Waves of air

Blew all around

Not my candle,

The girl stood

Her ground

My flame is lit

It shines so bright

I want all to see

How beautiful

This world could be

For you see

The light is

In both you and me

Sure candles may

Have flames that burn

But our lights shine on

Day and night

Blessings to all

May joy and hope delight us all

by Pauline Harris

In The Shadows

In the Shadows

Deep in the darkness

There lurks the secrets

A few numerous ones

Can seem like clouds

Fogging the mind

With twists and turns

Luring us in further

Shall we go in as asked

However there is some cracks

Slices in the fog letting in wonder

A light so strong

It will never falter

Keeping an eye

Upon this opening

We begin to strengthen

And allow ourselves to grow

Deep inside we flourish

In creativity and inspiration

Allowing others to join in

The discoveries of joy and hope

For in the shadows

The shades may seem to win

But if we hold true to our very being

We prevail with a new found sense

Of what we need to carry on

With our joyney through life

By Pauline Harris

Silent Light

Darkness prevailed

While wars were fought

Lies were told

Shadows deepened

Their grip upon us all

Until in the crack

In that wall

Did appear

A longing

Of what

Could be

Without fear

A spark

Of tiny





Into the night

Our eyes

Opened wide

As we saw

A truth

The true



In the midst

We became



Carries us on


Unto a new dawn

Forever blessed

Basking in light

We live on

Carrying on

In the Silent Light

By Pauline Harris

Rivers of Tomorrows

Shadows of the past
Drift behind us
Visions of dreams
Cast lures before us
Tempting us to move
Ever forward
Catching our thoughts
Of a brilliant adventure 
Our curiosity takes hold
As we step out into the waves
Swimming into the currents
Of all tomorrows
Our joyney begins here
Blessings always 
And Happy New Year 
By Pauline Harris 2018/2019

One Light

One Light
By Pauline Harris

Off in the distance 
Only darkness 
For a long, long time
Needing more
Some entertainment 
A call went out
Reaching far
Into the nothingness 
To find a piece
Of the light
And becoming aware
The light grew
With the love received 
Until one day
The whole planet
Became united
In listening 
And learning
To join together
In the peace
That had always present 
Just heeding the call
To work together as one
In love eternally

May we each listen
to our hearts and 
Find the love
Surrounding us
Everyday in every way

To Inspire

Those who inspire 
are amazing people indeed
For they lead
Without desire
or wanting themselves
Just for the pure joy
of bringing people
To know ourselves

A Pause

Please stop for a pause. 
Ponder this for a moment.
We met somewhere, 
Sometime, or online. 
Relay a fond memory
Of our days of old.
And thank you for the blessings
You have made in our lives.
pharris (with inspiration from others
circulating the internet)

Beneath Stillness

Be U Fully 
In the silence
People will know
You fully 
By the life
You present
Quietly now
All is known
Through love

by Pauline Harris

The Match

A piece of wood

Once said

Light me up

But we replied

We can’t,

You need

Something more

A spark of fire

then commented

I can help with that

All I need is you

And some oxygen, too

We can be together

A fire set upon the match

Joined as one

The match burned on

Lighting up our hearts

With joy and some warmth

Together the fire and wood

Burned on as one

The Match by Pauline Harris

On The Wall

I look 
Lost in

And there
Before my eyes
I see cycles
In and out
All about
The wall

Lighted cycles
Waving in and out


I look further 
To the source

The lights
They are moving
With the wind

Oh those cycles
Sending me off
To a dream world
Far from the lights
Into the cycles
Wind rushing
Here and there
Waves splashing

A distant yell
A slap
And back to
And time to swim
By Pauline Harris

Mirror Image

Walking towards
The mirror I saw
No reflection 
Perplexed, I was
Not normal was this
A problem to solve
As I sat in front
A faint ripple
Waved a guiding
Circle towards
My gaze
Bringing with it
An invitation 
To venture through 
The mirror 
To the other side
A little excited
A little unease
I felt the tension
Building within
Taking the cue
I stepped into
Into the unknown 
Wanting to know
More about why
Why there was no
And where to find it
Clearly answers 
Were ahead
Passing by
Other portals
For they were
The path to answers 
Fluidly lead me
By pointing
To the familiar 
Layers of light
Seeing these rays
Sent comforting waves
To my heart
I pressed on
Seeking the truth
Only to find
It was deep within me
The reflection 
Now discovered
Deeply imprinted
My mind to see
Love surrounded me
By Pauline Harris

One Orchid

An exciting day
Was planned 
For each to see
What we could 

Something unusual 
Was out there to find

A field full of poppies 
Was where I ran
Far into to hide

To find some peace
And solitude

Only to discover
Amungst the red
Red poppies 
Was a secret

An solitary orchid
Peaking up
As if to say hi

I left that field 
Feeling a joy

Thinking back 
I wander did anyone
Else ever discover
The orchid among the poppies

By Pauline Harris

Life, to be

Fires may burnout,
Floods may make mudslides
The earth will shake
The winds will blow 
Rains and snow and ice
All help the earth to grow

Yes we need these events
But not to some extremes
Praying hugs to help 
Elevate the hurt and loss
Help where I can
Carry hope to enable joy
Love all around
Carry on, carry on
By Pauline Harris

Rocky Roads in Life

There will always be rocks
In our pathway 
Through our joyney 
However it is up to us
Whether those rocks
Make us stumble 
Or fall 
Or learned to walk
Learn to create
A new vision 
Of what the world
Is to be with
All the pebbles
Becoming a world
For all of us 
To thrive and be alive
Blessings to us all
By Pauline Harris

Oh The Loved Ones

Oh The Loved Ones
By Pauline Harris

Somehow we met
You were walking
Out of the hospital 
Almost running 
A joyous smile
Swept across 
Your face
I was a bit
As surgery 
Was my mission 
You just smiled
And said hi
My nerves 
Seemed to 
Fade away
I looked at you
And saw someone 
Who was hurting 
But instead of
You were 
In that moment 
And that was
The start
Of a short lived
For you died
Only a few years
Bye bye bye
30 years ago
This December 
I miss your smile


I am grateful for friends and family who care and share and inspire. 
I am grateful for those who protect our freedoms.
I am grateful for those who serve the world and make the world better.
I am grateful for the artists and writers who have courage to portray the visions into reality. 
I am grateful for compassion and hope.
May the essence of gratitude fill our hearts and minds with love and light to spread throughout the world.

Finding A Path

In finding our own way:

Each of us has lived lives differently.

Even twins have differences.

Our paths may connect on so many levels,

but our own path is ours alone.

It is wonderful to find others

to connect with along the way.

Those connections make life worth living.

by Pauline Harris 2017


By Pauline Harris

Soon after the storm,
I stepped outdoors
A bit scared at first
Not knowing what 
Was beyond I could see
But within me, I knew
The first step was to go
Venture beyond the doors
To the house
And into the world
My worry would leave
As I stepped on out
My belief would bring
The hope I needed
At this time

I opened the door 
Walking carefully 
Breathing steadily 
Hope was with me
And I prayed each step
Forward I went

I knew I was not alone
Hope remained strong

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