The Flower

The Flower

By Pauline Harris

As the sun reached

For the horizon

Greeting us

With a new day

The blossoming flower

Opened up to say hey

Presenting many colours

As it showed its array

A butterfly flying by

Saw the delicious

Flower just waiting

There to nourish

Those who came to rest

And feast then be on its way

Along came the hummingbirds

Chasing one another

Until they reached

The petals of the flower

Each enjoying what the day brings

And I sit in wonderment

As creations delve

Around this blossom

Moments in Nature

Moments in Nature
By Pauline Harris

Around the early
Of this year
Much was dry
Not much water
In the rivers
Or the ponds
Harsh dryness
Lead to some
Wild burns
And waters
Flowing from
Northern rivers
Leading the lilies
In the pond
To mature
Out of the mud
The eagles building nests
Their young eager to fly
Soaring way up high
A rare sighting
Some warn signs
Of trouble on horizon
Others detour
To a different route
All seeing only glimpses
Of the wonderment
The world has to share
Grateful for each moment
And the connections
We all share

A Bee stopped by.

Image may contain: flower, plant, nature, outdoor and text


Photo of Bee Visiting, 2 Renditions

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Image may contain: plant, flower, sky, outdoor and nature

Purple Passion

Purple Passion 
By Pauline Harris

Blushes… of purple pleasures… making… an impression… on those who lurk… and those who come… to see… the flowers have twisted… their way into everyone’s heart

Note…this was written about twisted Wisteria.


One tear led to a roar
Climbing over pebbles
Which slowly changed
To rivers, valley, and mountains
Distant shouts muffled
Into mere whispers
Nothing gained in silence
Momentary joy forged
Reality sets in of truths
Only seconds beyond repair
For the outcome caused
Total dispare sending
Ripples everywhere
…by Pauline Harris

Leaves of Motion

Each time daylight brings an interlude
Swaying in all sorts of directions
At first guided by changing winds
However always falling as nature intended
Recycling life patterns amongst dying leaves
Making way for progression taking flight
Distant memories don’t recall forewarned futures/past
Momentary glimpses puzzling all perspective onlookers
Tears from heaven whisper last rites
Carefully treading to spread respectful intrigue
Stating ‘this, too, will pass’
…by Pauline Harris

Creepy Bridge

Walking in the woods
Feeling the cool breeze
Seeing the colours changing
Smelling the misty waterfall
Hearing the twickling water
As it washes over the riverbed
Tantalizing and tricky
The creepy bridge presents itself
Inviting many to venture across
But knowing the water
Is just underneath
Tempted by curiosity
I take a step
Gandering on what could be
My last journey
As stories have been told
Of this creepy bridge
Taking souls along
For a walk to nowhere
Mustering courage
I walk across
Hoping to discover
Something more
Inside of me to share
In walking, I become aware
The fear, I once had
Has been given away
To joy and excitement
Making my way here
To the other side
Of the creepy bridge
Is a new found happiness
…by Pauline Harris

Eye Cloud



Tough Reads

(Inspiration:  a photo of a puppy yawning while laying between some books on a bookshelf.  One book is ‘Money’ by Zola and another book is ‘Origin of Species’ by Darwin.)
One day this puppy decides books
Are the way to succeed in
Life. Finding these books on a
Shelf, the puppy takes a gander
And begins to read. Not knowing
How tough each books subjects were,
The puppy soon yawns and falls
Asleep. Learning some books are rough.
…by Pauline Harris

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