The Dance in the Sky 

Sol slowly journeys
Around the sky
As the earth passes by
Lunar rises and reaches out
To the stars as they are
Guiding ships along a path
Capturing in essence
A masquerade dance of sorts
The dance of the ages
Sun, Moon, Earth, and Stars
All in alignment to boogy
The night and day away
Each respecting each other’s rolls
Until that day when eclipses happen
Then all is awoken to nuance
Of the moment…and joy abound
Take heart dear ones
The dance beckons on

by Pauline Harris

The Seedling


I sit and watch
A seedling falls
Floating with the wind
Tumbling through the air
Long since left
Birthplace behind
Guiding along
On a joyney
Of self discovery
Finding a place
To find comfort
To find nourishment
To find security
The wind may guide
But to set down roots
Is the completion
Of the mission
As growth and change
Are inevitable
Time to begin
Is now at hand
I must allow change
Now starts anew

The Seedling
By Pauline Harris

Sing Blue Bird, Sing 


I asked you to play
A game called life
There are what may see
As winners and loosers
But I am here to say
We all win, if anyone wins
Sure the misconception shows
When some may take much more
Without giving back tenfold
And some may hinder
The whispers of the facts

Knowing my dream is valid,
As is yours…we can
Together make this place
Pleasant for all
But it is working together
Not for oneself

Each of us deserves respect
Each of needs some time of rest
A good nutritional meal
A place to call home
And a voice to sing

For in singing that song
Our dream comes alive
Harmony ensues
Some outliers creating sparkles

Bluebird sing our song
And help along the joyney
For we are here all
Living one day to another
Creating a world together

By Pauline Harris

faraway hugs

 hugs  from afar
can warm the heart
and comfort the soul
for someone so clear
to see one has touched
more than just one’s own life
thank you for being you~pharris2011

Mystical Night


Standing alone
A breeze brushed
My arm
Sending shivers
Down my spine

My attention changes
Challenged by
A new presence

A moment focusing
A tap on my shoulder
And instantly awoken
As if only a dream

Standing tall
Under the moonlight
We begin to dance
In the shadows
Of the trees

Freely swaying
And galloping
Around and around

Lost in the motions
Time forgotten
Freely laughing
Clear minutes
Of pure joy
Etascy experienced

A buzzing sound
Gaining speed
Getting louder
My alarm wakes me

Distant memories
Of my dream dance
Dancing in the moonlight
And in the shadows
Oh, one day I shall return
Until then…just memories

By Pauline Harris

A Storm Came


With the darkness
An eerie calm arose
All was quiet and still
Waiting for the storm
To make itself known

Destruction was predestined

Preparations made
In order for all to go well
Prayers spoken

The long wait began
As no more could be done
Tension was thick
As the winds began
Flashes of lights
Streamed across the sky
Barrels of thunder clasped
And rippled into each dwelling

Tears formed
As the rain fell
A shout echoed
As thunder roared

Suddenly quiet

Breathing deeply
A moment to think
Review all advice
Freely choosing a path
For reflection

And then
The winds
The rains
The floods
All at once
For hours

Vibrations silenced
The storm has passed
Resting from
Cleanup and check out
To come later

Quietly resting
Body recuperating
Mind needs stillness
Breathing deeply
Sleeping at long last

By Pauline Harris


A Simple Smile from the heart
Can connect and give
So much joy and love
Sharing of these smiles
Can bring a wonder
No one can take away
These smiles
Can brighten any day
HeartSmiles Always

The Kindness Seed


So excited was I
To be given
This gift
Of one seed
Told was I
This gift
Is given
To thee
Out of kindness
It truly be
Confused was I
But willingly took
The seed
And planted it
In my pocket
As the directions
Each time I touched
The seed or thought
Of my friend
A glimpse of hope
Would grasp at my soul
Giving me a tug
To pass on that love
A sparkle of kindness
Will ensure a seed
Will grow as passed on
From me unto thee
By Pauline Harris

adventure in life

“…and there was the time

when I danced with the wind under my feet…

I swam looking up under the water

seeing the swaying branches…

I snuggled on my bed…

I dreamed a painting into life…

I wrote a poem without knowing

the words were being written…

I got lost in the woods to find my way out…

I lost my sight than got it back…

seeing people’s mouths move

and have no idea what they are saying,

then them getting mad at me

cause I did not know what they said to me…

not being able to get up and walk…

each day holds new adventures…

some are outside waiting for us…

and others, we just seem to find”~pharris

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