A Blessing

why so gloom, when you are meant to bloom…be humble and be light…you are just so right…enjoy

One Hug

Found this spare hug

Looking for a home

Appearing in need of

Some Love and Care

Is there someone,

Somewhere who could use

This lonesome hug…

Blessings to you

~Pauline Harris

The Storm

Clouds are


Building in the

East and North

soon in the

South and West

Winds start

To muster



a wisp here

a gust there

closing in

a clasp of


it is still far away

I gasp

as the lightning



start to pour

lightly at first

then gushes

of buckets

of water

fall down

from the sky

someone cries out

lightly please

not all at once

but the rain


puddles form

rivers rise

streets are rivers

flooding everywhere

hard to see


stay indoors

the weather people say

the forecast was for

just under half an inch

five inches so far

and it doesn’t seem

to want to let up

must barricade the

front door

make a passage way

for our escape,

if needed

time to breathe

as the thunder

and rain

seem to let up


no time to relax

there is so much

to do…check


check the forecast

the radar

all clear

time to check the

house and surrounding


limbs down

flooded driveway

and backyard

all are safe


prayers answered

gratitude as

we enter a new day

~Pauline Harris

Joyney to Destiny

Take a step

In one direction

fall down

some may laugh

some may cry

some may ask

why, why me


It is a place

to reach for

Or to become

But is it the reality

of destiny

to overcome

the journey

Or is it the Joyney

that is the true


for the smiles

we share

the laughter

the tears

The connection

tying us

one and one


Sure we may


or step out

of step

perfection is not


Being who we are

Striving to improve

The world

Taking part in the Joyney

Our Destiny is Now

Sharing our Love with one another

~Pauline Harris

Hamburger Soup

Sautee hamburger in skillet or sautee pan.  Set aside.

In same pan, sautee diced potatoes, diced celery, and diced onions.  Set aside.

In crockpot/slowcooker, put a tbls of butter with seasonings.  Turn on and let the butter soften.  Add 1/2 cup milk…mix well.  Add 1/4 cup sour cream, can of cream of mushroom condensed soup, and can of rotel; mix well.  Add peas, carrots, corn along with hamburger and potato/celery/onion mixtures.  Mix well.  Add one cup beef broth (add more, if needed).  Mix well.

Cook on high 4hrs or low 8hrs.  Serve and enjoy.

Note:  If too juicy, add some mashed potato flakes to mixture.

If too thick, add more beef broth.

One Path to Walk

Days lead up to that one day

long since taught

body is to prepare

and carry a child

Propogate the earth

henceforth is the mission

teach the young

to obey and to believe

here are the laws

don’t waver from them

here are some more

keep the faith

and do well to follow

the plan, my plan

without question

for I alone know

what is to come

others betray the body

the body rejects

Life moves on

Others give birth

moving on with life’s plan

but not in one’s own life

does this happen

words and art form

a life of their own

as they are the creation

that still lives on

in one’s own life

Carrying one forward

Inspiration counts

Creations count

The plan is being

who one is meant to be

not another

acceptance is granted

now awakened

~Pauline Harris

Drawn Closer

“angel opens up its eyes
as the cracked pot waters
the beautiful roses set before
us coming back into focus
once again as the whispering wind
beacons me to come nearer to thee”
~pauline harris

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