Let Us Play, Play For Fun

I see you, you see me
We play a game or two
Only me, you, and the hat
Keep focus, the target is here
No one wins, just for fun
By Pauline Harris

a forgiving heart

A heart full of forgiveness
Is full of light
Which can be shared
With the rest of the world
To shine a path To follow with no regrets
Just gratitude and humbleness …
by Pauline Harris

Peaceful Presence

Looking around the yard
While sitting on the deck
Up in the tree on a branch
Sits two doves comfortably
Cardinals at the bird feeder
Chickadees flying around
Squirrels on the ground
All this happening until
My dogs come outside
To explore and chase the squirrels
Protecting the yard
Searching and finding
The squirrels and doves
Up the tree…time to come in
The yard is peaceful once again
By Pauline Harris

Visiting The Castle

(inspiration: photo of spiral steps in a castle plus memories)

I collected my backpack
With some pencils and sketchbook
Rolls, cheese, and juice
Ready for the day away
Onto the bus along with the class
Our trip to the castle
Included walking all around
So crowded was this day
People walking closely together
Called to walk up the steps
In the tower with the ropes on both sides
Tiny steps leading up, up to the top
Small windows every fifty steps or more
Barely showing the way up
Using the ropes to guide the way
Finally I make to the top
Only to find out I must
Go back down the same way
By Pauline Harris


Whispers called
As the window opened
The doors had been shut
For so long the whispers were only
Faintly heard but what now
A step outside might do
To only know for sure
Grab the towel and go out the door
For only each of us can joyney
Together and on our own
By Pauline Harris

Try Again?

Buggers, another attempt down the drain
Starting over seems so very mundane
Forward must the path may lead
To succeed one must carry on
By Pauline Harris

Lonely Walk

Even though the path
Maybe accompanied by others
Supporting in many ways
The healing must take place alone
The temple, the soul, the very being
Adjustments are made to ensure health
Smiles and hugs lead to brighter days
The path is still meant for walking alone
For no two have the same shoes
Each path is unique
Recovery for some
Love and healing hugs
Given to all who walk
This path to find hope
By Pauline Harris

Healing Cancer

Swerve upon a mighty road
The sense of loosing control
Awakening to know there is only flow
Secrets foretell cures out there
Money is not made in cures
Addictions make those desires rich
Another path reaches into nutrition
And eating healing foods and pampering oneself
Keeping a positive spirit
Finding gratitude along the joyney
Friends and family for support
Healing hugs to all those touched
Hoping curing diseases will become the norm
By Pauline Harris

The Dance Called Life

In the beginning
Learning the steps
The beating of life
Rhythm of the floor
Patterns and routines
Join together forming
The intricate flare
Connecting dancer
To the very being of life
By Pauline Harris

The Ship Came

(inspiration: a ship in fog at sea)
Sitting on the dock
Watching the waves
Moving forwards
Upwards and backwards
Up and down
Up and down
Suddenly a mist
Swooshed in
Dense fog
No knife could cut
Goose pimples

Out of the fog
A tiny sound
Dinging of the bell
Scorching sound

Slowly, I gather my wits
Nothing to fear, but fear
Always answers to find

The waves drew stronger
And closer together
A mighty force
Was headed my way
Woosh, I was knocked
Down now laying
On the pier
Looking up
To see
Odysseus’s ship
Finally arrive
At port

Penelope still waiting
Keeping hope alive
For one day she will
Be reunited with her
One true love

My heart beat
Repeated itself
Sharing in the joy
That would soon find
The couple who
Endured numerous
Challenges in order
To find one another
Once again…
By Pauline Harris

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