By Pauline Harris

As a child
And later on
As an adult
Can and does
Add so much joy
To that moment

The bottle 
Is ready
To open 
The wands
Are ready

Open bottle 
Grab wand
And retrieve 
Bubbles to blow
And watch
All those bubbles 
Everywhere bubbles

Attempting to grab
Some to blow again

Pop them bubbles 
Oh what fun
Seeing the rainbows
In the bubbles

Gone away 
For another day 
Of joy and play

Tiny bubbles 
And joyful

Come back
And let us
Play again

Tiny bubbles
Catch them
Share the joy


With Gratitude


One Step Forward

I step back…hesitate…there in front of me…the unknown…I watch a moment…look around to see…what I really need is deep inside…I step to the side…and see there is nothing to fear…all the fear comes from me…and I am choosing not to accept it…I move forward…I leap…I fly…just one step…is all I need to take…and I am on my way ~Pauline

Drops of Water

Drops of Water
By Pauline Harris

Clouds had formed
In the afternoon 
Of this mixture of a day

Winds picked up
Blowing this way and that

Dry heat
Creating fog
As one walks
Out the door
To greet a new day

Out of nowhere 
A single
Plops a splash
Upon the windshield

By the disturbance 
Looking out
More drops
Do appear

And making
Their presence 
Known to me

Creating a basis
For multiple 
To form
In this place


Closing my eyes
Taking a deep breath
Holding it momentarily

There is more
More to life

Fully aware
Moments don’t last 
Feelings may stir

I can now
Move forward 
Knowing the drops
Are part of the whole
One moment 
To the next
We each have a place
A place in the whole
Enlightened by love
Forever and always

School Daze

School Daze
By Pauline Harris

Excited and nervous 
Headed out the door
Backpack and lunch
Ready to go
Long walk 
Out the door
By the house
With colourful roses
Dogs barking
Way over there
Keep quiet 
Keep on task
No need to wake 
Others up
But too late
Run passed them
Or walk calmly
To ourselves
Be respectful 
We are guests
Not all friendly
Names called
Many forgotten 
Eggs thrown
Shells and gooey mess
They run after us
Wanting to fight
Keep on walking
Running at times
Clean up later
Mustn’t miss the bus
Make it to the bus stop
Five minutes to wait
Take a deep breath
And step onto the bus
Try to get the window seat
To gaze outside
Forget those names 
Compose ourselves
We are guest
We represent ours
Respecting each other
We kept our promise 
As best we could
The view from the bus
Gave us time
We needed
To ready ourselves 
For the day at school

Gratitude Gifts

There are people everywhere in all walks of life. Sometimes, somewhere. Someone might meet someone who brings a special gift to that person. The gift is not tangible any form, but the gift is more precious than anyone can want. Soon someone will want to take that gift from them, but if the gift is true …than no one can take the gift away without the permission of one of the two peoples. Here is to gratitude for the gift and the giver…and the receiver…, for each have their own part…and each have their own heartsmile. Blessings.~pharris

Wonders to Delight

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Focusing on the wonders to delight and ignight more light to share with the world. Finding positive ways to share in life’s joyney. By Pauline Harris

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