Unbreakable Cord

Life is a team effort. Each of us contributes in our own way along the joyney. A teacher inspires while providing tools to carry ourselves onto the next task. A creative person gives insight to the world around. A friend provides comfort with a shoulder to cry on. A parent gives Heartsmiles to carry us into a new day. And some others prepare the world with essentials and some perks for life to continue on. – Pauline Harris


The Birds Soared

The Birds Soared
By Pauline Harris

Gathering around
Along the banks
Of the river’s shoreline 
The birds were there
Some flying, some landing,
And many fishing
Together they gathered
Sharing their lives
Living as a team
All reading themselves 
For the winter’s stay
Preparing the land
Nests to be built
Food to harvest
Water nearby for fishing
All is set in order 
And ready to begin
A long winter’s stay
As the cold weather
Blows it’s way in

The Potter

The Potter
by Pauline Harris

Clay on the slab
Water in the bucket
Butter knife ready
Wire sitting there
Next to the chair

The potter slowly
Puts some clay
Upon the table
With some splashes
Tempering the moment

Making movements
To allow new designs
Becoming something new
Inspiration found
Details inlaid

A pottery created

A Twinkling Light

A Twinkling Light
by Pauline Harris

Shadows surrounding
Every twist and turn
Darkness approaches
No where to go

A crack forms
In the distance
I see a flickering
A twinkling light

A hand reaches out
Come here with me
Feeling comforted
Drawn closer
I walk to the light
I see this light
Is my friend

Fills my soul
I am at peace
My friend and me

One Page of Life

One Page of Life
By Pauline Harris

Each of us
Are writing
Our own story

We learn 
And inspire 
We create
And exist

Some choose
To do evils
Using power
To create
Their ideals

Some create
While valuing 
Of ancient times

Some create
By surviving 
Day to day

Some have
May never see

Some teach
And inspire
To achieve 
And gratitude

All of us
On the path
We create
With the help
Of each other
As world’s book
Is created
With all of us
In it sharing
Our lives
On this planet


By Pauline Harris

Soon after the storm,
I stepped outdoors
A bit scared at first
Not knowing what 
Was beyond I could see
But within me, I knew
The first step was to go
Venture beyond the doors
To the house
And into the world
My worry would leave
As I stepped on out
My belief would bring
The hope I needed
At this time

I opened the door 
Walking carefully 
Breathing steadily 
Hope was with me
And I prayed each step
Forward I went

I knew I was not alone
Hope remained strong

Birthday Blessings

Gratitude fills my soul…
As I have been a part of…
So many blessings…
Thank you all…
Those who ….
Continue to be truly…
A friend in deed…
Healing hugs…
And Spectacular Smilez…
May hope and joy be with all…

by Pauline Harris

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