Painting This Moment

Painting This Moment
By Pauline Harris

Varied are the colours
Mixture of elements
Try this technique
Stroke the brush that way
Gather details with this
Mixture, not too heavy
Lighten that area
Shadows add depth
Make this part abstract
While making that part realistic
Impressions are collected
Viewpoints distinguished
Completed product needed
To flow together as one
Tormented with indecision
Postpone unveiling
Resting and gaining strength
Moonglow ignites
Newfound inspiration
Goal met, complete
And whole painting done
Unveiled to world
Mixed emotions
As criticism and
Adornments come


Lone Orchid

Lone Orchid
by Pauline Harris

A sea of poppies
In all directions
Set in this field
Off of an old base
Long since gone
Were the echoes
Of those who served
Leaving peace
But what was ours
Here to make
For we fight still
Over viewpoints
And don’t listen
To the wisdom
In the wind
Or of those who know
Written words
Or oral memories
Of how peace can be
Some choose to break
Clinging to fears
However there is
But one love
Paving the way
If only our hearts
Can open up
With healing
A common start
Shared joys
Beginnings to have
Willingly to live
Together, side by side
With one lone orchid
In a sea of poppies
Helping to guide
To Love Forward

Arising Storm

Arising Storm
By Pauline Harris

In the far off distance
Winds picked up
Clouds began forming
Two of them gathered
More joined in
Misty tears falling
Ripples in puddles
Pounding echoes
Clasp of crackling
Lightning breaks through
Riveting across the sky
Drumming up memories
Whispers growing louder
Beating at the door
Rolling thunder beats
Landing pivots of visions
Until reminded here
A greater presence
Is surrounding each of us
Always and forever
Guiding us, if we listen
Heartsmiles show the path
Leading through compassion
Embraced in love
All encompassing
Directions revealed
For us to take steps
In these storms
Along the joyney of life

One Summer With You

One summer years ago, I met you…something just clicked…you made me laugh…we could tell each other stories…we encouraged each other’s imagination and inspired greatness in one another…we supported one another…and yet it was only that one summer we knew each other…twirling hair…flirting…laughing…swimming…dancing…walking…just you and I~Pauline Harris

I Am Me, Different and True

I Am Me, Different and True

People always point out
How I view life differently
And act a bit odd comparatively

Thinking about it
If we were all the same
Life would be boring
And easily oppressed

There are blessings to know
But we must be willing
To step outside our box
Even the TARDIS
To look at the world
From another angle
And possibly meet
Some angels along the way
~Pauline Harris

Greetings This Morning

Greetings This Morning
by Pauline Harris

Awoken with a stir
A wrestling at my feet
Movement came
And my dog jumped
Out of her bed
And onto the floor
Soon she was at the door
Waiting for it to open
Upon opening I saw
Her jump off the deck
And run to clear the yard
Then my eyes moved
To the sun rising greeting
This new morning
And behold the haze
And morning dew
Presenting a dreamy
Welcome to this day
Such blessings beholden here
With an open heart I believe
The adventure awaits
For each of us to breathe

Silent Hugs

Silent Hugs
by Pauline Harris

The embrace came
From a longtime friend
Across the miles
She held my hand
And led me down
This path of healing
I didn’t know I needed
She may not have known
What she had accomplished
But still the impact
Of that friendly embrace
Comforted this soul
And inspired me wholly
For that embrace
Was given freely with joy
And gratitude ensued
Thank you my friend
I love you so…dear one

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