Soar Towards Love

Soar Towards Love

by Pauline Harris

Rush this way

Haste to speculate

Words said

Actions taken

Some wool covers eyes

A moment reflected

Past comes back

Visions of dreams lost

Others profit behind scenes

Puppets used, pawns moved

Changes too quick

Historical stories retold

Whose words are true

Facts matter, not to hide them

Is there time to investigate

Or are actions going to take over

Quickly a time of rest


Looking for peace

Starting within

Deciding focus

Towards Love


Stillness in a pause

Only to be interrupted by greed

Forcing their story on others

Must return to Love

Refocused in this moment

Knowing where we stand

To Soar Towards Love

Awoken by Thunder

Awoken by Thunder
By Pauline Harris

Off in dreamland
Fast asleep after
Long hours awake
Pillow comforting
Head all at rest
Out of the blue
A crackle of thunder
Rung it’s voice
Through to my room
Awakening me
With such a fright
My heart now a’racing
Deeply within my chest
I wipe my eyes
Rubbing them awake
Pitter patter, sounds
Of rain hit the roof
Slowly gaining strength
Rumbles deepening
Totally aware
The storm is here
Fear knocks on the door
Aware it is there
Look to see
How to move on
Tightening it’s grip
Fear digs nails into
My skin…don’t let fear
Settle in. Acknowledge it.
Use it to strengthen resolve.
Find the solution and purpose
Move forward proactively
Together we will make it
Hushed no longer, a step
Forward in love, always love
As love lights the way forward

Deconstructing Our Fears

In deconstructing our fears, we all have them.
Define our fears, not dwelling on them.
We are mindful of how we transfer our fears towards others.
We respect others. Support each other.
Inspire and be ourselves all at the same time.
There are opportunities dwelling in hope and trust.
Learn about those opportunities and
Grow in Love. Love Forward. by Pauline Harris


by Pauline Harris

When the world seems
In a dismal state
Quietly hushed in wait
Waiting for something
Big to happen
The hush is quite unbearable
And the rush to do something
Is tremendously knocking
At the door to open

Wait…sit a second longer
Breathe in, breathe out
Hesitate a little bit longer
Not for those who did wrong
Only to find true focus
Each breath a gift

Silence was not agreement
Not always, sometimes forced
Told did not understand
Or told not to speak
Respect those…but

Here is the thing
To do justly, mercy
Grace and love
Yes, Love unconditionally
And that is where hope lives

Hope lives in tomorrow
Hope lives in dreams
Hope lives in opportunities
Hope lives in innovation
Hope lives in creation

Tomorrow is never promised
We live each day the best we can
With the opportunities given
With the promises written so long ago
Have we forgotten the golden rule

Hope only lives on, if we allow hope to live
And if Love is our guiding light
Hope lives on, hope lives on

2014 Tribute to Maya Angelou

❤ One fine lady who
shared her life
and her love of
Words with us all
Her expression of
Art and words
Graced us with
An insight like
No Other
I am grateful
for her courage
and love
Thank you
Maya Angelou
for expressing
the way of being
an angel before your time
and now, you are an angel
“looking down upon us with love.”‘
my words inspired by a quote from Maya Angelou
Pauline Harris 2014

Moments in Nature

Moments in Nature
By Pauline Harris

Around the early
Of this year
Much was dry
Not much water
In the rivers
Or the ponds
Harsh dryness
Lead to some
Wild burns
And waters
Flowing from
Northern rivers
Leading the lilies
In the pond
To mature
Out of the mud
The eagles building nests
Their young eager to fly
Soaring way up high
A rare sighting
Some warn signs
Of trouble on horizon
Others detour
To a different route
All seeing only glimpses
Of the wonderment
The world has to share
Grateful for each moment
And the connections
We all share

Love Thoughts Shared

by Pauline Harris

*Share your Light
Brighten up someone’s day
Who lives in darkness

*There is something freeing when creating something from the soul to give to the world. Within the many valleys and hills, the act and the completion of the creation helps bring wonderment to the world beyond oneself.

*To create art and writing
From the silence within
Allows deep healing to begin

*Unconditional love is rare
It is so amazing to share
Thanks to those who care
I love you dearly, I care

*And what beautiful glimpses
Does nature speak
When we only listen
With our heartsmiles

*When you look at grass with the eye, it looks different then when viewed with a magnifying glass and still different than looking from a far distance. The world is viewed differently by our own experiences and our learned perception.

*Love moves ever forward in our connections with one another and how we pass those insights on to others.

*The beauty of using the words to portray a thought, feeling, and/or story is how we can connect with others.

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