Light Remains

There is an old story
About those have passed
Their lives live on
When remembered
Whether in memory
Or in gesters
Or in traditions
Past down through generations
We each leave something behind
For generations to find in the future
…by Pauline Harris

Living Light

Living Light
By Pauline Harris

Many moons ago
A spark was lit
Growing strong
Deeply implanted
In kindness and compassion
The spark grew
Into a flame
Growing strong
Being passed on
To all those who care
Sharing the love
Growing strong
Encompassing the sky

Being A Spark of Light

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Love & Light

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Sharing Light

Sharing Light
By Pauline Harris

We are here together
Guiding one another
Loving one another
In our own lives
Helping where we can
To make something matter
To be a voice with a message
Saving substance
Offering wisdom
Spreading wings
Adventures await
But only in shared
Lighting of each other
For when the candle dims
Sadness ensues
Time may pass
Shared love helps
All of us step
Kindly forward
Giving a spark of hope
Life continues
Showing us our joyney
Here is the love
We share to carry us on

Tiny Glimmer

Tiny Glimmer
by Pauline Harris

Much had been happening
Some have said be informed
And true enough
Watching, researching,
Learning, reading,
And trying to process all
However it seemed
Not all cared enough
To do the same
As they only wanted
What was best for them
And cared not or even loved
They carried on with their ways
When it came to love
A crack in time expressed
The glimmer of hope
To shine, just as a sliver
Until it grew, first inside
Then passed on
With kindness forward
Reaching out to others
To join in the movement
To empower ourselves
To make the world a little brighter
And carrying enough
For future generations
Just a small glimmer
Of hope survives today
Help in making someone’s day
Add a smile or a kind word
Hugs and prayers
Let us encourage
Kindness forward
Each and every day

A Candle

Sometimes giving of light
May burn a little inside
But sharing our light
Together brings gratitude 
Straight to our souls

Burning everso brightly

We share our everglowing light
By Pauline Harris

A Twinkling Light

A Twinkling Light
by Pauline Harris

Shadows surrounding
Every twist and turn
Darkness approaches
No where to go

A crack forms
In the distance
I see a flickering
A twinkling light

A hand reaches out
Come here with me
Feeling comforted
Drawn closer
I walk to the light
I see this light
Is my friend

Fills my soul
I am at peace
My friend and me

The Girl With a Candle

The Girl With a Candle

This girl had heard

Of a special time

When all were given

A candle to hold

Now hold this candle tight

Do not fright

From the light

It may flicker

It may falter

But this light

This very light

Is an expression

Of love

The girl stood there

With the candle

In her hands

A little shaken

With anxiety

As the light was lit

From the stage

And passed around

Until the light

Was on her row

She calmed herself

It is just a light

And here it was

Her turn to have hers lit

Deep breath

Brightly the flame burned

For all to see

She smiled with glee

The girl looked

Deeply into the flame

Wondrous colours

Glaze her eyes

Setting her heart

All aglow with delight

Waves of air

Blew all around

Not my candle,

The girl stood

Her ground

My flame is lit

It shines so bright

I want all to see

How beautiful

This world could be

For you see

The light is

In both you and me

Sure candles may

Have flames that burn

But our lights shine on

Day and night

Blessings to all

May joy and hope delight us all

by Pauline Harris

Silent Light

Darkness prevailed

While wars were fought

Lies were told

Shadows deepened

Their grip upon us all

Until in the crack

In that wall

Did appear

A longing

Of what

Could be

Without fear

A spark

Of tiny





Into the night

Our eyes

Opened wide

As we saw

A truth

The true



In the midst

We became



Carries us on


Unto a new dawn

Forever blessed

Basking in light

We live on

Carrying on

In the Silent Light

By Pauline Harris

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