The candle sat there
Before me
Standing tall
In anticipation
Holding onto
The thought
To be included
Desiring more
Comfort and warmth
My hand brought
The lighted match
To the wick
A flame
The candle
Joy around
The inviting
Grasp at me
Pulling my gaze
To see
See beyond
Past now
Pleasing presence
Guiding me
Into the unknown
And yet known
A joyney
The candle, the light, me,
And the mystery
Comforting joy
Welcoming presence
Connecting us all
To gaze upon
The candle’s flame.
By Pauline Harris


Unexpected Sparkle


Deep darkness
The vastness
Of the night’s sky
Tiny moon casting
Down shadows
Upon the earth’s
Surface as we walk
Looking up
In pure amazement
As a small
Does appear
Out of no where
The sky
To bring
A moment of …
Into the darkness
With the only
Trace within
Of that sparkle
By Pauline Harris

Seeing Through The Fog

Shouting from deep within
Only whispers heard
Fogginess filled the air
With unwavering discomfort
Attempts shut down
Eyes and ears close
As if to say good night
Not to ever sleep tight
Uneasiness lingered
Trust misled and unraveled
Flaps of wings flutter by
A glimpse of light
Unveils the butterfly
A smile emerges
Capturing purity
Within the moment
And a need to share
Caring hearts reached out
Bringing to life
The smile and light
For joy to move forward
By Pauline Harris

Painted Pathway


starting out on my own
a few brushstrokes creating a path
no one is certain of the destination
the universe is the true limit
hollering for guidance,
make sure someone is listening
scared and confused as the rules
keep changing, no one is clear
where anything is headed
some are definitely sure their view is true
however many see echoes of the past
reemerging…darkness divisions
cracks of light seep into sight
a child cries out
the future is for all
since choices were made
calling it a night
…by Pauline Harris

Light Touches Me

Woken up in darkness
Nothing surrounding
A pulse, a rhythm
Began to chime in
Out of the silence
Arose a spark
An energy driven
Grasping for substance
I, being the only thing
Grabbing me
Taking me
Engulfing me
In waves
Each movement
Drawing me
To become
But what
How can this be
I am me
And yet
This light
Has awakened me
Into grace
A new life
Filled with joy
And gratitude
If I choose
The light within
And not the hatred
Or submissiveness
Shown to me so many times
I choose my joyney myself
by Pauline Harris

Fly Away Robins


Quietly in dusk as the sun
Subtly went to lay and rest
Chirping sounds grew amongst the trees
Calling forth the angels to guide
And give safe passage to all
Those believers who mind the stories
As the ancient ones foretold
A woman would become known
As the whisperer to the Robins
Take heed and watch for her guidance
For the truth will come to light
As she let’s love guide all
By Pauline Harris

A Beginning of Today

Deep within the misty fogs
A shadowy light begins appearing
Locals calmly waken
Eyes glimpse the breaking
Brisk winds clear the vision
From darkness night to dawn of day
Chirping birds, dew drops
A dog barking in the distance
Rooster greeting the sunlight
A brand new day with new joyneys
Welcoming all who care to see
What will coming light will be
By Pauline Harris

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