Love Joy Forward

Love it forward. We all are going along in our own joyney. Sometimes, we may need a little more than a hug. Others may need much more than we can do alone. No one lives without aid from another whether it be something grown, something sewn, something made, something learned, … We all depend on others in some form or another. Share that hug, that smile, that light, that love…and carry on. By Pauline Harris

The Rise of Language

The Human Connection

A touch of the skin
Led to a hug
And a sign of comfort
Kissing entered the stream
Knots and marks
Denoting thoughts
Leading to words, numbers, and phrases
Language grew intensely
Along with exchanges
New looks, foods,
Clothing, shelter, and more
All becoming communication
The rise of education
And laws to make a norm
Writing, painting, talking,
Innovation, and implementation
Creating ideas to flow
Fears lead to controlling powers
Conflicts and resolutions
Justice and grace
Sensing loss and silence
Changing thoughts to love instead
Learning from the past
Attempting new paths
Ultimately making connections
For the world can continue anew
By Pauline Harris

A Pen’s Dream

One day, a pen sat right by a stack of papers…it decided the time was here to write something inspirational…So the pen thought and thought for a long bit…what is inspirational for others to hear right now…all the pen could think of was…SMiLe…Thusly, the pen wrote SMiLe on each piece of paper there…enjoy your day ~pharris2012

Wise Up About Maybe

Why Not Maybe

Choices of either
Yes or No
A different path
Calls to say
Hello, I am nearby
Voices tell partly truths
Giving positive
Only on their view
Agreeing with some aspect
Persuaded not to look further
Combining is the only way
But what about maybe
Maybe seems always left behind
Never given a second thought
Discussed by those with no voices
Left silent
However maybe is used
To give a voice
To artist, writer, actor, teacher, engineer,
Creators of innovation
Seeing visions of a brighter future
For All
Instead of the few
Those few who have it all
And just want the world
Time for Maybe
Is here at hand
Our water, land, and hearts
Are devoted to Maybe
And someday Maybe
Maybe will achieve
What yes could never do
By Pauline Harris


Starting off in pure darkness
A spark of light began
Seemingly from no where
But to show a way
Out of the night
Beaming with delight
The heart raced
Only to discover
Words to follow
One led this way
Another that
All ending somewhere
Which path to take
Some said they went down here
Others took another one
Meanings changed with words
Growing from seeds
Laid centuries ago
Which way to know
Truth will prosper
Comforting and humbling
Choosing the joyney
Is the only option
For seeking hope
Will rise as the sunsets
by Pauline Harris

Quilts Made of Love

An idea is formed
To incorporate chosen
Fabrics with batting
Deciding the pattern
And measuring twice
To make the cut
Connecting each piece
With threaded needles
Combining the ideas
With prayers to make whole
A quilt filled with
Comfort and joy
Time to cuddle up
And enjoy
By Pauline Harris

The Joyney of the Poet

The very soul of the poet
Has led her to take this moment
Not knowing where the words lead
Through the open crack
Within the wall
Tempting others to follow suit
However only purity
Of each breath and step
Can lead one down this joyney
Although many have seen
The outcome is to become
Here is the choice for the poet
To elevate all who whisper
The love true to becoming one
And create a unifying place
Where all can become wholly
With wonderment within
By Pauline Harris

I Have a Secret to Share


But only a few will care
My secret is rather small
And it takes no room at all
Carrying this tiny gift
Yes a gift to be given away
Somedays, I need this present
In my life and others I freely share
Holding loved ones show I care
However this amazing lip action
Can change the world one person at a time
My secret held on my face and in my heart
Is a HeartSmile…blessings on your joyney
By Pauline Harris

Painted Pathway


starting out on my own
a few brushstrokes creating a path
no one is certain of the destination
the universe is the true limit
hollering for guidance,
make sure someone is listening
scared and confused as the rules
keep changing, no one is clear
where anything is headed
some are definitely sure their view is true
however many see echoes of the past
reemerging…darkness divisions
cracks of light seep into sight
a child cries out
the future is for all
since choices were made
calling it a night
…by Pauline Harris

Light Touches Me

Woken up in darkness
Nothing surrounding
A pulse, a rhythm
Began to chime in
Out of the silence
Arose a spark
An energy driven
Grasping for substance
I, being the only thing
Grabbing me
Taking me
Engulfing me
In waves
Each movement
Drawing me
To become
But what
How can this be
I am me
And yet
This light
Has awakened me
Into grace
A new life
Filled with joy
And gratitude
If I choose
The light within
And not the hatred
Or submissiveness
Shown to me so many times
I choose my joyney myself
by Pauline Harris

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