Cuddle Up In Love

Cuddle Up in Love 
A blanket of love
Wraps around each of us
Warming our hearts
With peace and joy
As we each take to the day
Our giving attitudes 
Forwarding love all around
Allowing Spirit to guide us
Towards sharing love
As we go about living today
By Pauline Harris

Song In Mind

Song in Mind
By Pauline Harris

A reminder song
It can be just a note
Or a word or phrase
The memory sweeps
Back into consciousness
Bringing with it
Feelings of that moment
A moment in time
Long forgotten
Brushed into now
Smiles and tears
Recall that time
People’s faces
Once blurry
Gone in a hurry
No, wait…
Let me be there
Once again
A distant thought
Gone now
Forgotten again
Until that…
Trigger begins
To bring it all back
Take us back
Or forward
To that place
In motion when all
Will be peaceful
As we remember
Life can be at times

Dream On

Dream On
By Pauline Harris

To follow one’s dream
Is first to discover 
What it is that makes
One to become whole
This process can take
A moment or several attempts 
Also may develop over time
For each us on this joyney 
Have our own life to live
Fulfilling a destiny 
Like no other
Uniquely our own design 
Although with great
Influence from others,
Our circumstances, 
And our own gumption 
Sometimes obstacles 
May deter us on our path
Returning us to wonder 
And wander as part
Of the steps we take
To make our lives complete 
As we discover our dream
And maybe one day 
One day others will see
The dream is realized

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They Heard The Call

They Heard The Call
By Pauline Harris

They heard the call
As we were at war
Hopped on trains
Stopped at the Canteen 
For a nibble and dance
Drank some coffee
Signed up to fight
A uniform issued
And dogtags given
Caught a train to train
Then off to war
Focused on mission
Freedom for all
Justice served
Peace to come
But first a war 
To be fought and won
Most of us here 
Are late teenagers
A few younger
Snuck inside
All to fight
For our rights
And a voice
To vote
And so our path
Is shown
Drops made
Trenches dug
Food rationed
Struggles made real
Casualties discovered 
Not all who join
Will return home
Sadness may linger
But brave souls
Continue to enlist
And others support 
Those who join
To become
United in mission
As freedoms won
Victory complete 
When voices vote
For unending peace

The Change

The Change
By Pauline Harris

Long were the days
Eating the leaves
Crawling up trees
Capturing rays of sun
Bellowing in this great life

Until the change began 
My body began to ache
I needed rest
A cocoon, I made
Rest well, I will

And so I did rest
Changes were made 
Transformed, I was
A whole new me
With wings to soar
All way up high
Flying in the sky

Though my life
Is different now
I am grateful
For where I have been 
Loving the new me
Wings and all
Soaring into the future 
And onward through 
This joyney of life

Healing Hugs And HeartSmilez

Healing Hugs and Heartsmilez 
sent to all who need 
and to those who care…
pay them forward…
with love and gratitude,
blessings to you all. 
~Pauline Harris

Smilez To Share

By Pauline Harris

Don’t be surprised

if sometime, somewhere

someone steps up to you

and says

“what a beautiful smile you have”

while they are thinking

“you have brighten

my world today, thank you.”

Keep on spreading Joy…Hugs.

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