Our Story Is Ours

One Day

I woke up

To realize

My joyney

Was Mine

And no one else’s

All my life

I was told to act

Or be or do

Follow what others do

The world changed

Others didn’t

They wanted the same old

Sure the rules and manners

Still matter and should matter

But there was something else

A connection long since lost

We all want to be ourselves

And follow our own dreams

Some say that won’t pay

Others say do as they did

Those old ways are not always

There for us to follow

Or even think of being

So a new way is developed

A new path to travel on

As others laugh

I know my joyney is mine

I must keep on it

Some may criticize

But who says they are perfect anyway

I know I need to wake up

And to be my best me

For this joyney is mine

And it will suit me just fine

So critics go on your way

And I will go on mine

And maybe someday

You will find your joyney is just fine

And inspire, teach, support

Others to find their own joyney ~Pauline Harris

Secrets Untold

Talk of the past-
Once kept unspoken-
The truths that-
Came to pass-
Do as once told-
No questions asked-
Hearts told otherwise-
Learning the voice-
No one will keep-
You alive or free-
Because they all fear-
Those in power-
They are but hidden-
And behind the scenes-
Some may hear their voices-
But no one can tell-
No freedoms to learn-
Or be educated soon-
And to speak what we want-
Well, that may go away-
Forefathers fought for freedom-
And we tried to abide-
But there was one who-
Said that we must hide-
No more silence-
As we must be true-
To our forefathers-
And fight for freedom-
For the freedom to be ourselves-
Proud of our heritage-
All multicultural and multilayer-
As it is. For we are all-
Part of the human race-
Growing in love-
That is is our basis-
Of survival. To support-
To inspire-To educate-
To find love- To respect-
To be uniquely ourselves-
As one human being is to another.
Remembering always
Our time is temporary.
Share what we can
And maybe somewhere,
Some time in the future,
One moment we will be
Thought of as a person
Who meant something
Worthwhile to our world.

Dancing Into The Future

Dancing Into the Future
A waltz gives
as it is common
and familiar.
A line dance
brings people
to dance as one
all together.
And then there is
the wild card:
no rhythm, no reason
all in it for
following blindly
as they hear
what they want to hear.
Each dance is
chosen by the
but some may
just choose what
they hear is right
and some may
choose to let
others lead the way.
Whatever the dance,
our future is in
for most different
forecast than
what has ever been
danced before.-pharris

It Is All About Spring Forward

Stepping Up to Spring
Take our first step
By springing our time
One step forward
Why do we do this?
Many still ask
To remind us all
We are part of the whole
Or it is just a tradition
Some may just wish to
Keep hold of for
Control or to remind us
We have obligations
To the world
So the time has come
One hour lost
As we step into
Spring Forward
Once again-pharris

Uniquely me


the light guides me within…

I follow…

knowing not where I go…

I follow…

carrying myself forward…

swallowed up…

deep within myself…

I see…

the wonderment…

I see…

the dreams…

I claim…

each one for myself…

I claim…

my whole self…

wandering further…

I feel…


I feel…


slowly, I joyney back…

back with a gift…

a gift of my joyney…

just me being who I am to be…

me and only me…

I am grateful those who guide

and those who support…

being me is uniquely my quest…

here, I am me.-pharris

Song Stuck In My Head

A couple a days ago-

I was sitting –

And watching a show-

On it, the characters-

Began to play a tune-

On the piano-

With each stroke-

Of the keys-

My memory washed-

Over me of days-

Long since past-

Youthful and playful-

The song lingered-

And kept within-

My head-

I was in its grasp-

Willingly haunting-

My thoughts-

A giggle came forth-

Out of no where-

Or so it seemed-

To others around-

Should I let them know-

A secret so charming-

The song plays on-

Willing to listen-

As good memories-

Flood my mind-

No need to concern-


For I am fine-

The song plays on-

Forever mine…

The Joyney is worthly-

Of this excursion-

Through a memory

Brought flooding back

Via a song-~Pauline Harris

The Break-Up

You took a piece of me…

as you left without my heart…

I tried to follow, the unwelcome

sign stood at the door…

I walked no further.

My heart crushed. Sadly,

I cried…quietly to myself.


But I am a survivor…

no longer in your grasp.

I live on.~pharris

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