Mirror Image

Walking towards
The mirror I saw
No reflection 
Perplexed, I was
Not normal was this
A problem to solve
As I sat in front
A faint ripple
Waved a guiding
Circle towards
My gaze
Bringing with it
An invitation 
To venture through 
The mirror 
To the other side
A little excited
A little unease
I felt the tension
Building within
Taking the cue
I stepped into
Into the unknown 
Wanting to know
More about why
Why there was no
And where to find it
Clearly answers 
Were ahead
Passing by
Other portals
For they were
The path to answers 
Fluidly lead me
By pointing
To the familiar 
Layers of light
Seeing these rays
Sent comforting waves
To my heart
I pressed on
Seeking the truth
Only to find
It was deep within me
The reflection 
Now discovered
Deeply imprinted
My mind to see
Love surrounded me
By Pauline Harris


One Orchid

An exciting day
Was planned 
For each to see
What we could 

Something unusual 
Was out there to find

A field full of poppies 
Was where I ran
Far into to hide

To find some peace
And solitude

Only to discover
Amungst the red
Red poppies 
Was a secret

An solitary orchid
Peaking up
As if to say hi

I left that field 
Feeling a joy

Thinking back 
I wander did anyone
Else ever discover
The orchid among the poppies

By Pauline Harris

Rocky Roads in Life

There will always be rocks
In our pathway 
Through our joyney 
However it is up to us
Whether those rocks
Make us stumble 
Or fall 
Or learned to walk
Learn to create
A new vision 
Of what the world
Is to be with
All the pebbles
Becoming a world
For all of us 
To thrive and be alive
Blessings to us all
By Pauline Harris


I am grateful for friends and family who care and share and inspire. 
I am grateful for those who protect our freedoms.
I am grateful for those who serve the world and make the world better.
I am grateful for the artists and writers who have courage to portray the visions into reality. 
I am grateful for compassion and hope.
May the essence of gratitude fill our hearts and minds with love and light to spread throughout the world.

Walk Slowly

Walk slowly
Feeling my breath
Enter into my mouth
And into my nose
Every pore of my body
In touch with each cell
Refreshing the mind
Healing my soul
Deep down
All the way
To the ground

Walk slowly
Lifting leg
Placing toe
Down to the ground
Ball down
Heel down
Ready to

Walk slowly
Each step
Into motion
To the earth
Fluid waves
Coarse through
The veins
Releasing joy
In every step
Walk slowly
Each moment
Part of the joyney

by Pauline Harris


Sitting and watching

On the porch

The day drifts by

Specks of water

Drop from the sky

First in sparse drips

Making small puddles

And then ripples

Do appear to form

Making waves

Upon waves



Each other

One touching


Letting each join in

Allowing for growth

Developing hope

Refreshing the soul

I am alive

I am well

Come and join me

Living as one

In the ocean

On this earth

One among many


by Pauline Harris

The Spark of Light

The Spark of Light
by Pauline Harris
Beginning with the sun
The light grew up big
So much so, it had to leave
And be whisked away
Along the rays
Falling through the clouds
Down to earth it came
Searching for someone
No one person could name
Until spark found
A lonely little soul
Knowing full well
There was joy filled here
Scattered all around
The flames began to grow
For this Light was Love
Continuing to touch
Each soul with joy unbound
Love created laughter
And a sense of safety
All who came to see
Wanted this for you and me

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