Sing Blue Bird, SingĀ 


I asked you to play
A game called life
There are what may see
As winners and loosers
But I am here to say
We all win, if anyone wins
Sure the misconception shows
When some may take much more
Without giving back tenfold
And some may hinder
The whispers of the facts

Knowing my dream is valid,
As is yours…we can
Together make this place
Pleasant for all
But it is working together
Not for oneself

Each of us deserves respect
Each of needs some time of rest
A good nutritional meal
A place to call home
And a voice to sing

For in singing that song
Our dream comes alive
Harmony ensues
Some outliers creating sparkles

Bluebird sing our song
And help along the joyney
For we are here all
Living one day to another
Creating a world together

By Pauline Harris



A Simple Smile from the heart
Can connect and give
So much joy and love
Sharing of these smiles
Can bring a wonder
No one can take away
These smiles
Can brighten any day
HeartSmiles Always

The Kindness Seed


So excited was I
To be given
This gift
Of one seed
Told was I
This gift
Is given
To thee
Out of kindness
It truly be
Confused was I
But willingly took
The seed
And planted it
In my pocket
As the directions
Each time I touched
The seed or thought
Of my friend
A glimpse of hope
Would grasp at my soul
Giving me a tug
To pass on that love
A sparkle of kindness
Will ensure a seed
Will grow as passed on
From me unto thee
By Pauline Harris

adventure in life

“…and there was the time

when I danced with the wind under my feet…

I swam looking up under the water

seeing the swaying branches…

I snuggled on my bed…

I dreamed a painting into life…

I wrote a poem without knowing

the words were being written…

I got lost in the woods to find my way out…

I lost my sight than got it back…

seeing people’s mouths move

and have no idea what they are saying,

then them getting mad at me

cause I did not know what they said to me…

not being able to get up and walk…

each day holds new adventures…

some are outside waiting for us…

and others, we just seem to find”~pharris



Water not too deep
Laying down
Just resting
Only sounds
Of water gurgling
Closing eyes
Mind calmly
Focuses upon
My breathing
In and out
Slowly in
Breathing out
Feet tingle
Legs at rest
Arms and chest
Healing vibes
Waves wake me
Momentary gasps
Regain focus
Stretch out
Each toe
And finger
Hand and foot
Twist and turn
Dive into the water
Glide up refreshed
For what is to come
Hope remains alive
By Pauline Harris

Inspire a Life, Instead

Sometimes I just want to shout
But all that comes out is a whisper
So many people are important
And yet others bring them down
Does one feel stronger or more powerful
Bringing others down, or is it something else
They feel so small and want others to join in
Whichever the case, why not inspire
Allow others to shine and not bind
Keep hope alive and align with love
Never leave others behind
Or dig their graves
Bringing loving light through grace
Allows us all to elevate our world
To find new beginnings
And complete a quilted path or two
For no one alive has done
This life alone…thanks to all who care
And share in becoming a team
Gratitude and blessings
Upon each joyney through life
By Pauline Harris

Mystery Beyond

My heart pounds

As I leave my chair

Slowly approaching

The unknown behind

The door, as I grasp

For the knob


Stretching out my hand

Holding on

To discover

What is beyond

I open the door


Slowly at first

Weary of what may be

Something a bit scary

Creepy crawlies tempt me


Creaky sounds mellow

Any other noises nearby

Attempt to distract me

From my mission


Whispering words

Of encouragement

To myself, I

Move forward


On, Through the door

One step after another

Only to discover


What was beyond

Was known to me

All along


The fear I felt

Was just

My imagination


And now to discover

What is the mystery

Behind the door to the future

…By Pauline Harris

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