The Change

The Change
By Pauline Harris

Long were the days
Eating the leaves
Crawling up trees
Capturing rays of sun
Bellowing in this great life

Until the change began 
My body began to ache
I needed rest
A cocoon, I made
Rest well, I will

And so I did rest
Changes were made 
Transformed, I was
A whole new me
With wings to soar
All way up high
Flying in the sky

Though my life
Is different now
I am grateful
For where I have been 
Loving the new me
Wings and all
Soaring into the future 
And onward through 
This joyney of life


Healing Hugs And HeartSmilez

Healing Hugs and Heartsmilez 
sent to all who need 
and to those who care…
pay them forward…
with love and gratitude,
blessings to you all. 
~Pauline Harris

Smilez To Share

By Pauline Harris

Don’t be surprised

if sometime, somewhere

someone steps up to you

and says

“what a beautiful smile you have”

while they are thinking

“you have brighten

my world today, thank you.”

Keep on spreading Joy…Hugs.

Full Moon Calling

Full Moon Calling
By Pauline Harris

Pieces had been scattered
Across time and space
Leaving many undecided
As how to proceed
With the next steps to take

Knowing the joyney
Is yet to become true
Only we each ourselves
Are meant to learn
The troubled path to peace

Surprises come dancing
Into each segment
Of our lives, if only
We take a moment
Holding our breath

As we find an answer
Of what once was future
Has now turned to pass

We find a threshold
Showing multitude
Directions and paths

None left forgotten
But yet all seem
So distantly fallen

Search moves forward
To discover uniqueness

Fulfilling our destiny
In shapes of things
Perceived as they are
Dreams long since gone
As passions keep focus

Dwelling on reality
Shadows cover with smoke
No one immune
To the scattered fragments
Of the full moon tonight

Spring In Bloom

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a Discovery

a Discovery

by Pauline Harris
The misty fog had set in

My walk towards home

Was clambered with surprises

Dust had gone to rest

In the murky waters at best

Standing still to feel

This moment wanting to last

Chills fall down my spine

Moving on as only I can

Needing to move forward

Thoughts of moments gone

Trials of perception live on

Hidden cries go unnoticed

Shouts of what is wanted

Desires take deep breaths

Striking deals with egos

Wipe sparkles on invoices

Setting joys to be forgotten

I walk on as secrets become

Unveiled, but whose point of view

All being shoved in face-to-face

Heartbreak when lost in the crowd

No one remembers …respect

All saying, but few are listening

Each stance harshly portrayed

Independent minds criticized

Take a side or we can’t talk no more

And if you take that side

Well, were we ever friends

Please express you views

Or at least keep them true

Oh, freedom…well that is for

Those who live their lives like I do

No learning but what we want you to

No believing but what we want you to

No paying off debts because we want

You to be fully indebted to us forever

A slave to society

Follow your dreams is just a myth

A myth that only few will achieve

Unless we take a step out of this fog

Make some waves of our own

Standing up for respect of all involved

Loving one another and caring for each other

We all are here together

A world like no other

Blessings to all…and hugs

The Art Piece

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The Art Piece
By Pauline Harris 

The concept grew
Within the mind
As the artist
Picked up the brush
Applying layers of paint
The formation became 
Fully developed 

An onlooker watched
As the painting was hung
Ideas flooded the mind
But none were close 
To the concept 
Of the original artist

Discussions were made
Trying to find out 
Who is right, which view

All-in-all, the artist
Began to speak
Fluidly the words
Flowed saying this,
‘Once my creation
Is complete, I have
To let it go free
And be all it is meant to be.
If someone else walks up
And sees a whole new story.
Let the story develop
And carry on forward.
As this is meant to be,
My creation continues 
To grow. Bringing with it
A furthering of more
Creations to all.’

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