The Tree Grew

Beginning from seed

Guided by the wind

Taken by forces

Realized and Unknown

Scattered around

Some planted in ground

But this one found

A rock to brighten

Forcing its way

Through the cracks

And crevasses

No more determined

To be underground

A force to be re-connected with

Understanding true self

Making the powerful voice

Heard without measure

Gracefully arising and showing expression

This tree was once just a seedling

And now is fully grown and understood

…by Pauline Harris

Tiny Pebbles


Out stretched before me
Lay tiny pebbles
Enabling a pathway
To somewhere and yet no where
Shattered glass seemed
To be placed atop each one
But alas, the glass was an illusion
Really portraying speckled water
Droplets sparkling like diamonds
Tempting flutters of the heart
With compassion and mercy
Gracefully I take a short step
Forward and to the right
Respecting the guidance
Set before me
Allowing growth
Creating wonders
Insights into the unknown
And yet deep within
Gratefulness blooms
As my expression
Of this joyney
Through life.
Hope carries on.
By Pauline Harris

Locked in a Corner

Invited to join in
I went willingly
As the invitation
Was rare to say the least
Following my friends
To a secret entrance
Waking in steps
One after another
Loosing sense
Of time and place
Lost in array of nuances
The drinks, the games
And now, alone
Locked inside
With no place to go
Yelling and screaming
To be let go
My voice is no longer
Weeping tears
Wanting, desiring someone
Anyone to hear
My whisper of love
Calls out strongly
Does anyone hear?
A crack of light
Shines so brightly
Awakening my grasp
I am free at last
By Pauline Harris

Waiting In Line

waiting in line…

some chills and

thrills await…

hop onto the cart…

strap in…

the bumps await…

a hitchhiker,

somewhat see through…

he hops onboard…

a yell, a scream…

and then some laughs…

all part of the bumpy ride

through a mansion

full of ghosts and ghouls…

and maybe something else

there to surprise us all…

happy haunting haunted mansion…

enjoyed the trips in the past,

maybe one day will hitchhike

a ride again~pharris

from 2015

One Guarantee


We are born and die
But to live our lives
How and to whom 
Do we dare share
A caring heart
Gives beyond self
Stories told
Adventures taken
Even if only in words
Or in shared experiences
Helpful hints
Laughter and tears
Gracefully guaranteed
An honest experience
Until we meet again
…by Pauline Harris

for CAD, thank you my friend



The candle sat there
Before me
Standing tall
In anticipation
Holding onto
The thought
To be included
Desiring more
Comfort and warmth
My hand brought
The lighted match
To the wick
A flame
The candle
Joy around
The inviting
Grasp at me
Pulling my gaze
To see
See beyond
Past now
Pleasing presence
Guiding me
Into the unknown
And yet known
A joyney
The candle, the light, me,
And the mystery
Comforting joy
Welcoming presence
Connecting us all
To gaze upon
The candle’s flame.
By Pauline Harris

Step Aside


You are different
From me, are you not
I cannot learn from you
The differences are too great
Wait a minute
I liked that thought
The flavours soothed
My soul down deep
Refreshing to awaken
My spirit is alive
A new moment
In pleasure pallets
My very being with love
And multitudes of joy
My selfishness of the past
Is gone, please accept
My apologies
For I am humbled
And grateful
By Pauline Harris

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