finding a ‘true’ leader

When looking for a leader,
Do we have a set agenda
or list of what we desire
in said leader? Do we look
up what they have done in
the past along with what
they promise for the future?
Do we talk to our friends
and family? Do we change
our views when something
arises from a corner, whether
true or not? Do we investigate
further to see if they are what
we want? Do we listen to those
opposing and those for? Do we
hold them to the standards,
we live our lives by? Do we
ask the questions of what if
and really listen to the answers?
If we answer all these questions
faithfully and truthfully, is there
anyone who really can be
the one answer? Yes, we do
have to choose someone.
But given the current options,
many have lied or taken gain.
How do we trust them? Are
we awake enough to care?
In the near future, we will
all have the opportunity
to point out who we believe
will carry our world forward
and who will care enough
for us to have a world at all.
Hopefully, we will not mess up
and choose the wrong leader.
But even if we do, it was us
who chose to follow them.
~Pauline Harris

Journey To The Woods And Beyond

arrived here-at a new adventure-many anxious-me, I am just quiet-some are given maps-some have guides-I announce I want to get lost and to find my own way-laughs are heard out loud-quiet whispers of let us help her get lost, but not find her-a lil voice says all will be okay- the adventure awaits-I walk deep within the forest- past the pool and creek- hearing no one about me-I realize I am lost, but somehow I feel alright- I look down at the path where I thought I came from-nothing there-I focus on the tools at hand- a needle and a leaf-a compass, some water and a bit of energy bars- assuring myself, I check my bearings- the voice says to go this way-I follow-each time in doubt, I listen-and the voice guides me-a short time later-after seeing some amazing creatures and plants-I return to the starting area-only to find out-some who had maps and guides-have not made it back-and there was such a look of surprise-when I showed up…I am grateful for that voice who guided me-may the voice continue to guide me along my many paths in life~Pauline Harris




My heart,

no more.


Left to

pick up

the pieces.

No peace.









Gone now.

By Pauline Harris

Young Love

Young love.
We barely
Knew one another.
We sat there
Me, twirling
Your and my
And then
In the motion.
In the
Our young love.
By Pauline Harris

Light Through The KeyHole

feeling the heat
from the door
I step closer
only to realize
an eerie
was about me-
creeping closer-
heading to the door-
knowing, I am not alone-
who could this be
closing in
on the door-
touching the keyhole
discovering the heat-
warm tingling
felt on top
of my skin-
to know what
is on the
other side-
my hand reaches
up towards
the handle-
the lever-
no action-
with all-
my might-
I scream-
in exhaustion
I think slowly-
then attempt-
to push-
the door-
only to discover-
the taste-
of freedom-
on the other side-
a sigh of relief
before me-
an angel
to comfort me-
a healing hug~by Pauline Harris

A Storm Approaches

A slight breeze…

attempts to brush…

against my arm…

It picks up..

Rustling the waves…

Grass swaying…

My gaze turns…

Seeing the strong clouds…


engulfing all around…

blanketing the whole sky…

something wavers…

I feel the winds…

a strong storm develops…

arousing feelings…


I had so wanted…

to go for a swim…

but now…

the beach is not…

so inviting, as I once…

perceived it to be…

trembling with each…

vibration from both…

the waves…

and winds…

I shake with wonder…

out of the reaches…

a crash of light..

awakens …

the tingles in my skin…

I see the massive…

lightening strikes…

my heart trembles…

I gasp…

as one comes…

so close…

missing all around…

but so much shaken…

as if from a dream…

I awaken…

and realize…

life endures

*by Pauline Harris

The River Runs On

Trinkles glide
Down the flowing
Came into focus
The river
Actively diverged
Making new paths
Continuing on
Changes may come
The river
Moves forward
A shaken rumble
May change
The pathway
The river
Travels onward
Gliding over
Many detours
And triumphs
The river
Carries along the banks
Sometimes changing
The river’s
To go over
Or drying up
The river
Travels along
Changes happen
The river
Ventures forward
~Pauline Harris

The TARDIS Stopped By

Vibrations felt…

throughout my body…

as the world welcomed…

an old friend…

disguised, no transformed…

different, and yet the same…

I glance yonder…

only to feel…

my toes are tingling with excitement. ..

I walk, no run to him joyfully. ..

mouth watering as I breathe,

attempting to catch my breath…

The Doctor has come at last…

to share an adventurous story.

By Pauline Harris

In Search of…Small Steps

Vaguely a sound is made
A hint of word
Spoken softly
Over there, no here
Hardly a whisper
But it is present
The speaker waits
A pregnant pause
Are there those that hear
Loosing hope
Out with words of joy
A compliment denied
Sadness filled heart
A moment longer
To recompose
Hindsight of perfection
Reality not glamorous
No one sees the sparkles
Looking for the village
Where gratitude and support
Are apparent
The search goes on
Off to lie down
In fields of
Poppies and daffodils
For there is a place
Where a faintly whisper
Is appreciated for
Being oneself *by Pauline Harris

Full Moon Solstice



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