Singing Joy

Makes my heart sing
Seeing sparklies zoom
Across the midnight sky
To see the clouds
Reflect in the waters
As I drive on by
Such peace to be found
Only when I see
With my heart
And find joy abound
by Pauline Harris

Joy to Swim


The crisp water awaits
My toe reaches the top
A ripple begins
Making tiny waves
My whole foot incased
Within the water
At the edge
Both feet engulfed
Stepping in further
Not too fast
Slowly emerging myself
And then I dive deep
Swimming along the bottom
Breathing bubbles
Exploring the depths
Then wiggling my way up
Carefully moving around
Not to disturb others
Each of us exercising
Our own little routines
Getting those core muscles
Strong and healthy
Dive again to the bottom
Like a dolphin
Amazing feeling free
Just me swimming deep
Down under the water
Looking up to see
The ripples and waves
Gliding over me

By Pauline Harris

Snow On the Beach

Crashing waves hit
With shattered ice
Upon the snow covered
White sandy beaches

Cranes fly away
From the swamp
Into the vast trees
By the river so deep

Quietly I ponder
About wonderment
Surrounding me
This very moment
By Pauline Harris



Water not too deep
Laying down
Just resting
Only sounds
Of water gurgling
Closing eyes
Mind calmly
Focuses upon
My breathing
In and out
Slowly in
Breathing out
Feet tingle
Legs at rest
Arms and chest
Healing vibes
Waves wake me
Momentary gasps
Regain focus
Stretch out
Each toe
And finger
Hand and foot
Twist and turn
Dive into the water
Glide up refreshed
For what is to come
Hope remains alive
By Pauline Harris

The Day It Didn’t Rain


The forecast had said rain
Lots of rain for the week ahead
Plans were set for the plants
To stay outside and get watered
Nature would provide
Nourishment and more
All the neighbors prepared
For the floods to appear
As so often with rains
The water rises
And so does some fears
Geared for this rain
Events were cancelled
And some rescheduled
The weather people exclaim
The importance of being ready
Readying ourselves
We prepared all we could
And the day foretold came
Surely our preperations
Would not go in vain
No rain came that day
Or the next
The weather people
Were distraught
We were confused
How could we have
Been led so far
Discovering we needed
To prepare for life itself
Some storms may come
But not all predicted
Events come to pass
…by Pauline Harris

Joy Found In Water

After a long day
A moment to reflect
Excitement found
When discovered
There is time
Some time to swim
Get ready and go
The first touch
To the water is
Ice cold…brrrr
Desire impedes
Daring to immerse more
Deeper in
Water swallowing me
Up whole
No sounds
Totally in the moment
I look up
A light glimmers
Up above
The water’s crest
Has taken fold
In a moment
Of pure joy
I stay there
As long as I can
A moment
To remember
A feeling
My whole life
With gratitude
by Pauline Harris

One Ripple

Long ago, one drop
Came to form
So excited it was
It fell down
All the way to earth
Making waves
Upon waves
One ripple
To impact
More ripples
Into a multitude
Of effects
As the one drop
Had made such a
Huge impact
Just by falling
From the clouds
Way up high
Bringing joy abound
To everyone around
By Pauline Harris

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