Spring Awakes

Some people may freight
For snow and rain have stayed
However when the blooms
Have started to rise
The moment has come
To see a new day upon us
And life appears to gain
Hope lives on within our hearts
As we carry ourselves
Through today and
Again through tomorrow
Bringing our light with us
To shine on with love
By Pauline Harris

Dancing Inside


In one moment
For a breath
Another becons
Come hither
Trust issues
As they demand
No voice
Just silence
Hidden Truths
Somehow prevail
Unspoken hollowings
Cries for tears
Unknown wanderings
Stepping aside
As if pushed
Paintings undone
Writings rewritten
History told
Through obscure lenses
Banished truthsayers
A cry silenced
With snowflakes
Or pesticide chemicals eaten
Drinking forbidden
Waters to comfort
Whispers sewn
In plain sight
Secrets speak out
A call for hope
Nothing but brightness
Will light tomorrow
With love
And joy
Of today
Joyney on
Joyney on
By Pauline Harris


Words Inspired

(Inspired by a painting of a transformation from a book to butterflies)
Calm day brought to us
After many hectic ones
Focus changed
Challenges accepted
Words did appear
As figments once
Dreamt about
Writings on the wall
Inside my head
Filtered out
With hand, pen, and paper
Here written words
Floating into flutterbies
Forever inspiring others
By Pauline Harris

Inspiration In The Air

Amazing world of wonder

we inspire on another

even when things look down

and grey/gray

there is a light,

a love of life

reaching out to each of us

may just be a glimmer

may just be a whisper

Inspiration is around the corner

Seek the light

the love…

Illumination will come…

Enjoy and spread the joy.


…updated version follows:

OUT of the darkness

Cracks may appear

To form obstacles

Only to get in the way

Glimmers of inspiration

Creep into view

Bringing a Fierce Love

Intense fires

Enlightening my soul

Empowering me

To be a true force

For Good

As guided by


by Pauline Harris

Step Aside

Step Aside
Attempting to connect
Tightly grasp
Thin air awaits
Venture a walk
Too cold, too hot
Whispers in winds
Just not right now
Look up for guidance
Swiveling stars
With smoky mirrors
Asked to follow
No clear direction
Answers always
In flux
Fluid perspectives
Cracks lead on
New old translations
Rivers of joy found
Within the pages
Written ages past
Step aside
To allow
Love unbounded
Free to carry on
By Pauline Harris

Flawed Diamond

Long ago buried

Condensed over time

To form an one of a kind

Rocky entrance

To be tough


And yet not quite


Add a little


Some colour here

A crack there

A glimmer of sunlight

Hits the stone

Just right

Adding flare

And pizzazz



Some words

Of warning

With a history

Lesson or Two

The rock becomes

Worthy of Diamond


And yet undesirable

To those who value

Love over money

By Pauline Harris


In Search of Renewal

There is a sense of renewal…

of life giving grace…

floating within the stars…

showering down to the earth…

a lil sparkle of love grows…

and ignites past the darkness…

past the hurt…

beyond the past…

taking strides somewhere…

stepping into the future…

shinning brightly…

and bam…

here is me…

a lil diamond glowing…

by Pauline Harris

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