Sharing a Secret

Inside of me
There is a secret
A secret wish
I sometimes share
With those who care
My secret wish is
Invisible to see
Those who seek
May not always find
Calming to touch
But only felt
With kind hearts
For love
Is found
Only with sharing
And grace will bow
Upon each who care
To believe love is real
By Pauline Harris


Making Paper

Gather older paper
Some threads and fibers
Shred and tear the paper
Put some water in a blender
Add some thread each one at a time
Add in binding compound
Mix in some of the paper
Combine with some fibers
Blend, add more water, blend again
Some more binding compound, as needed
Let set for a few minutes
Add more water, blend again
Put paper mush onto a screen or mold
Put some newspaper or old towels over
Set in dry area for several days
Check on it periodically
To change out drying helpers
When completely dry
Remove from screen or mold
Paper is fragile and easily broken
Cautious handling is required
Fun project for kids of all ages
Enjoy Making Paper
by Pauline Harris

Why Poetry?

Poetry speaks to the soul…for poetry enables the reader and hearer to know the connection between the word and the spirit that has endured the test of time…Pharris

Gazing at a Ripple

Darkness fell onto the lake
Coldness ensued as winds whistled
Trees rustled leaves
Hearts pumped quickly
Slowly settling down for the night

Gazing upon the ripples
In the lake
One swirling
Against the current
Splashing against
Making haste
To impact each other
Showing the connections
Each gives to another
Support, guidance,
Inspiration to move forward
Each giving the future
All needed to succeed

Our impact is like ripples
Carry our choices
Into the future
With each step
Showing the world
Our true intention
By Pauline Harris

Wishing All a Good Life


Not all our lives
Are what we dreamed of
Nor are they of our nightmares
Yes, there are times of both
But not the whole life

Some may inspire others
Some choose to serve and protect
Some help populate the world
Some choose other paths

But all of us are here together
In some way or another
We have some impact

So I wish for all to find
Some joy, something to be grateful for
Some hope, some peace
and so much compassion
For all to survive
And to live a good life
By Pauline Harris

Hidden Treasures

by Pauline Harris
Think of simple penny
Tossed on the floor
Many pass it by
Why bother taking a chance
Thusly the penny goes on
Abandoned and unwanted
Left unused and forgotten
Until one day someone came along
Feeling a bit uneasy
She looked down as she walked
And there in her pathway
Was a treasure untold
The penny delighted her
Presenting her riches beyond measure
Both the person and the penny
Learned they both have value
Someone somewhere will recognize them
Once discovered, the treasures they hold
Can be shared to delight and help others
Carry on their joyney
Finding Hidden Treasures
by Pauline Harris

A Newness Begins


Heavy clouds form
On the horizon
Bringing much changes
Sparks of insights
As many cling to hope
Glimpses of dreams
Beginning to take foot
As one tiny step forward
Leads to new found joys
All starting from within
A belief bringing
In the focus
On the best for all
Some stumbling may happen
As is the path to all newness
Creating a brightness
With each of our lights
Allowing others to follow the glow
And with this light of mine
I express my gratitude
To those who love,
To those who inspire,
And to those who smile
Thank you and hugs
As the new year begins
Each of us anew

By Pauline Harris

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