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Deep Within

Deep Within
By Pauline Harris 

Reflections of clouds 
Shadows distract 
Options keep pouring down 
Learning multiple avenues 
Bring each of us forward 
Twisting our passages 
Seamlessly through time 
To reach this moment 
To help others, inspire, 
And / Or create a future 
Worth giving to our descendants

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News is…

News is…
What happened specifically 
Who was involved, impacted 
Where it occurred, where it may effect further 
When events were and possible related events

Why are opinions unless based upon facts,
Truth can be opinion based
Especially when not all facts are known

These statements are 
Compiled here by me
So much of our news 
Is biased, opinions 
Facts are what, who, where, and when
Sometimes how and why

by Pauline Harris

Surprise Open Doors

Sometimes we get a lil glimmer

Of connecting with another…

Then the door slams in our face…

We try to say to our selves it was

A good connection, they will remember us…

Then again, why did they slam the door

In our face when all we gave them was a hug…

Trying so hard to keep the feeling of

The connection flowing, even with a sore nose.

The connection is the most important thing to keep our eye on.

As we make our way onto another door.

By Pauline Harris

Formation of Life

Many ages ago the formation began…

With a sparkling within a sense of wonder…

Full of life giving grace, the sense of renewal took fold…

Glimpses of what to come floating within the stars…

Showering down to the earth…

A lil sparkle of love grows…

And ignites past the darkness…

Ppast the hurt…Past the past…

Stepping towards the future…

Shinning brightly…and bam…

Here is me…a lil diamond glowing…

By Pauline Harris

Step On Out


Be Here Now

Be Here Now
By Pauline Harris

No time but the present awaits 
A distant call, two birds graze 
Shinies covered by blankets sleep
Rumbling thunder breaks silence 

Waves crash upon the banks
Stirring echoes linger near here
Innocent voices whisper in the wind
Only to be heard from within

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