Mystery Beyond

My heart pounds

As I leave my chair

Slowly approaching

The unknown behind

The door, as I grasp

For the knob


Stretching out my hand

Holding on

To discover

What is beyond

I open the door


Slowly at first

Weary of what may be

Something a bit scary

Creepy crawlies tempt me


Creaky sounds mellow

Any other noises nearby

Attempt to distract me

From my mission


Whispering words

Of encouragement

To myself, I

Move forward


On, Through the door

One step after another

Only to discover


What was beyond

Was known to me

All along


The fear I felt

Was just

My imagination


And now to discover

What is the mystery

Behind the door to the future

…By Pauline Harris


New Essence Approaches

A faint whisper calls, not with words
but with an essence of energy
Something new is approaching
coming to encompass you
n your world, it is not fear you feel
It is a love more powerful
You embrace it, yet someone is holding you back
Do you let go of them or embrace it all
Both to be fulfilled by new essence
surrounding everything.

The Moment After


The winds have calmed
Rain is coming to an end
Silence sooths the soul
Moments to catch a breath
Golden times awakening

A glimpse beyond
To the future now
Two hummingbirds
Playing within the trees
Flying and gliding
Circulating the pollen

Breathing in this special time
As if to make it last forever
Always allowing the birds
To play freely
And for life
To carry on
..carry on
By Pauline Harris

Different Perspective

A lorry on its normal route
Driving up and down
The metroway
Passed the forest
And by the canals
Carrying on

A shiny glimmer
Appears brightly
The sun glared at it
And made its impression

Here was something new
To take one off the journey
And gaze upon this find

A shiny new penny
Had fallen out of the hands
Of a child passing by
Allowing others to look
And see something new

And maybe one day
For someone to pick
Up the penny
And pass on the joy
Pass on the joy
Found with the shiny penny
Lost and found
by Pauline Harris

Challenged To Love


New to town
Unaccepted by many
Laughed at
Poked upon
Set rules no longer valid
Dressed funny
Acted weird
Spoke words unknown
To but only a few
Those who traveled
Those who had read
And the open minded ones
Who knew the truth
The true being
Could step up
To be so much more
Than the prideful one
Who only saw
Fearful creatures
Walking among us
Day after day

Quietly living
Secretly learning
Customs and habits
Speaking softly
Echoes from grace
We began to love
Without prejudices
Loving totally
Forever with the heart
Grateful always

Thank you my friends
Who have become family
I love you totally
Always hugs
May this love multiply
Forever and always
By Pauline Harris

The Tree Grew

Beginning from seed

Guided by the wind

Taken by forces

Realized and Unknown

Scattered around

Some planted in ground

But this one found

A rock to brighten

Forcing its way

Through the cracks

And crevasses

No more determined

To be underground

A force to be re-connected with

Understanding true self

Making the powerful voice

Heard without measure

Gracefully arising and showing expression

This tree was once just a seedling

And now is fully grown and understood

…by Pauline Harris

Unwanted Package


Rented object
Desired to be
Returned to owner
Stormy weather
Creates unease
Step inside shop
Inquired within
Gentle music
Sooths the soul
Into believing more
Innocently answering
Questions, but
An uneasy feeling
Comes as lightning strikes
Thunderous rain ensues
Both outdoors and within
More people join in
The continous questioning
The door opens
And freedom is taken
Alone in the storm
Walking to the car
And realising all
That was lost
In those short moments
Innocent, no more
Potential customer
No longer interested
As being treated
Like the unwanted package
Doesn’t suit me
By Pauline Harris

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