Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring
as the saying goes.
Sparkling Smilez
and Healing Hugs
for all who care.
Thanks for being
around over there.
Enjoy your day
and share.~pharris


Something to Share

something hidden
in plain sight
will delight
some and
be questioned
by others
–how will we know
what it is
we are to see
only to ask
and accept
was what was
told to me
–I looked up
and saw
upon this face
in front of me
a special smile
just for me
–this smile
calmed me
and set me free
and now, I
who I am
meant to be…
–sharing smiles
may set another free
even if it only ourselves
who are free to be~pharris

Gratitude is…

Gratitude is the willingness to thank God/Creator of all for something. I am grateful for friends/family/nature…for shelter/food/comforts…for love/hugs…for art/music/entertainment/books…for creativity/inspiration/sharing/caring…


We often walk on our path-
Through life-
Doing and doing-
The occasional seeing-
and hearing-
But being-
here and present-
Enjoying the very-
Allowing the present-
to be-
here and now-
All with a-
the moment-
to last.
Here we are-
on a path-
of discovery-
of sharing-
of inspiring.
Each on our-
Own path-
and yet-
together we find-
a simple joy.
When we take-
time to live-
the joy-
And thank-
the joy,
We discover-
worth sharing.
Gratitude is contagious.
Share the love in the shared joyney. -Pharris

life is precious

Life is precious- A smile – A laugh – Can change a life forever – A caring heart – Love shared – A hug – Being present ~pharris

To Feel Loved

That moment when a hug came to you when you most needed it….a wonderful feeling that lasted for days to come…
This is the wish I wish for each of us. To feel loved. ~pharris