Thank You

Thank you those who care
Thank you those who share
Thank you those who help
Spread love Everywhere

For each of us are here
To become aware
Of our path so clearly
And to spread joy everywhere
By Pauline Harris


Ripples in Life

Inspirational Drops:

Little things in an average

day that make life

meaningful and worthwhile…

like an unexpected smile

or some kind deed

someone did

and you were made aware

by being present in that moment…

~ Pauline Harris

Advice from a Butterfly

The butterfly said to the caterpillar, ‘your time to blossom is coming. Learning to bloom and reflect all the wisdom you have gained is your duty now. Share your smile and your colours will transpire. With much love, I wish you a well filled joyney.’ -Pharris

Hugs Are Good

Healing hugs to all of us
For the hug can be
Paid forward to another
Frequently inspiring smiles
And friendships to follow
Blessings always…
By Pauline Harris


WaterDreams Meditation

Imagine in the stillness of the moment…

one ventures into the water

after a long walk on the beach…

time for a swim like no other…

a wave rushes towards one…

open arms to embrace

the oncoming water as one dives

into see what beauties lie beneath…

down deep down one travels…

seeing all kinds of colourful beings…

n some seethrough ones…

deeper deeper one travels…

seeking something…

something is drawing one down…

an excitement is reaching into one’s soul…

drawing one in…

deeply drawn…

one finds something…

something wonderful…

a treasure…

now to go up…

to catch one’s breath…breathe in…

breathing deeply in…

oh my what a delight…

~pharris2012 (this is a rendition of an earlier poem published in the 90s)

Wishing All a Good Life


Not all our lives
Are what we dreamed of
Nor are they of our nightmares
Yes, there are times of both
But not the whole life

Some may inspire others
Some choose to serve and protect
Some help populate the world
Some choose other paths

But all of us are here together
In some way or another
We have some impact

So I wish for all to find
Some joy, something to be grateful for
Some hope, some peace
and so much compassion
For all to survive
And to live a good life
By Pauline Harris

Sharing Love

Calling Out
Around the world
For all to see
The blessings near
And far 
Love surrounds us
Hope lives on
May we see the rays
Of Love’s Pure Joy
Thanks to those
Who love and care
By Pauline Harris

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