Listening By Pauline Harris

Do we listen to respond with disconnect? or to understand and find some common ground?…are we so far apart from each other we cannot come together at all? Yes, we are all different/unique. We do have commonalities. These are roots we can build upon or destroy…it is our choice.

Life is ever evolving

Life is ever evolving
Changes everywhere
Love heals us forever
Love continues through us
Guiding us, if we care
To accept love is everywhere
By Pauline Harris

Love Thoughts Shared

by Pauline Harris

*Share your Light
Brighten up someone’s day
Who lives in darkness

*There is something freeing when creating something from the soul to give to the world. Within the many valleys and hills, the act and the completion of the creation helps bring wonderment to the world beyond oneself.

*To create art and writing
From the silence within
Allows deep healing to begin

*Unconditional love is rare
It is so amazing to share
Thanks to those who care
I love you dearly, I care

*And what beautiful glimpses
Does nature speak
When we only listen
With our heartsmiles

*When you look at grass with the eye, it looks different then when viewed with a magnifying glass and still different than looking from a far distance. The world is viewed differently by our own experiences and our learned perception.

*Love moves ever forward in our connections with one another and how we pass those insights on to others.

*The beauty of using the words to portray a thought, feeling, and/or story is how we can connect with others.

Welcome to the 2020 zone

We have entered the 2020 zone. The path forward has been given a detour. We are doing our best to convert to the new system, however our attachments to the old one have helped to hinder advancements. We want to return to our daily lives and improve them wherever possible. Cautiously we have to stay home until given new instructions and possibly a vaccine. Focusing on our connections with one another though we are apart in physical form, we can connect via letters, phones, and computers. We will make it through these days of uncertainty. We can share our kindness forward. We can and will survive. Love to all. by Pauline Harris

Healing Hugs and Heartsmiles

Healing hugs and Heartsmiles
We are in this world together
Sharing our joyneys through Love
Expressing our love everyday
In our paths daily in all we do
Allowing love to flow
Within us, through us, and all around us
And so it is
-Pauline Harris

Love Surrounds Us

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We are each one of a kind
We are each needed here
We are each loved,
but some may not know this part
Love is all around us

One Voice, One Vote

One Voice, One Vote
By Pauline Harris

All our lives we learn
About casting that one vote
We learn from history
Not all have a chance to cast
We learn from family and friends
Opinions of who to vote for
We learn information about
Those running from various sources
Some will tell about how
this one is better than that one
Posters will line the streets

But here is the one thing
Once the ballot is in your hand
It is up to only you
Who you choose to vote for
If that choice is ever taken away,
It is no longer a free society

Please research and vote
And yes, many who take office change
But we can only do so much
With our voice cast in a ballot

Our own ballot, our voice, our vote
Fought for, many died for
Some silenced and some forced
Our upbringing teaches us
The morals and beliefs

Futures change by all
Who take the time
To lend our voice
Some whispers speak
Only we can make
Our voices known

And now is our right
To have a say
This is our voice, our vote
Our freedom to vote
Being mindful, we cast our ballot


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says 'hugs Note: these might be air and invisible hugs, but they come with the same impact as the regular bear hugs do... enjoy your day.'
by Pauline Harris

To Ponder …

A question to ponder: are we in life trying to touch the moon by grabbing for it through the reflection in the pond water?

Something out of reach in our everyday lives and yet we seek to reach for the moon as if it were there within reach, but then again is anything out of reach.
-Pauline Harris

A Gift Given

A Gift Given
By Pauline Harris

Thoughts went into
This gift from me to you
Truthfully I could not find
The perfect one for you
But I do hope you see beyond
And know the love inside
Is more than life itself
For this love I eternally give you
May light find and guide you
Each and everyday

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