Grateful friends: those we share in peace and inspiration and wonderment together.

Close friends: those who know much about us and share times together loyally.

Okay friends: those who are friends, but keep a distance through judgments or some other means.

Sometimes friends: those on and off friendships.

Acquaintance friends: those who only associate at specific times.

I am grateful for my friends. Thank you

by Pauline Harris


Importance of Reading

Reading is one way of passing on wisdom to others, in this respect the author is like a teacher using words of wisdom to relay to another person but the reader must be open to the words and integrate them into their own life like any lesson in life makes one a better person.

The Cracked Pot

the story of the ‘cracked pot’.  There was a lady who went daily to fetch some water from the stream near her house.  She carried two pots, one on each end of a pole with her each day.  One pot had a crack in it and the other one didn’t.  The one with a crack in it began to think about why was it being kept, as it did not bring back much water.  The lady turned to the pot and asked the pot to look around.  The pot looked around and saw beautiful flowers on the side of the pathway, the side it would be on.  The lady asked why question your purpose when you bring so much beauty to the world.  

In this story, I realized we all have a purpose in life.

Note:  This story is an oral story passed down throughout history.

Women Are Women No Matter What

The Mother Figure is so caring and giving
Taking care of the house and young
Struggles to hide behind smiles
Chores unending with others helping a tad
Caregiving with some thanks
Teaching creative and innovative thoughts
Strong intellectuals seldom acknowledged
Voices of reason brushed under the rug
Warm dishes of fanciful foods enjoyed
Stitches of wisdom carried to bed
Whistles heard with words of desire
Together women are better at understanding
This world is so much richer because of women
…by Pauline Harris

Love Joy Foward

Love it forward. We all are going along in our own joyney. Sometimes, we may need a little more than a hug. Others may need much more than we can do alone. No one lives without aid from another whether it be something grown, something sewn, something made, something learned, … We all depend on others in some form or another. Share that hug, that smile, that light, that love…and carry on. By Pauline Harris

Some Seasonal Thoughts from over the years

Calmness brings light to hope…storm brewing on the horizon…whispering winds call forth to creative vibes…a deep breath taken in…just to know we are alive…delightful breeze beacons to brings us forth to a new beginning…a wonderful time of the year~pharris2011

May the seasons blessings carry each of us through each transition we face in the coming days and to new beginnings of the new calendar, the new relationships, and for the continued sparks of love/friendship to bloom and blossom. Enjoy~pharris2012

On A Voyage Above the Clouds

take us away, along the sky-waves…to a land of unknown adventures…guide us along the way…tally-ho

Take Me Away Book

Picking up a book to read
Carries one off on a joyney
To faraway places and times
Characters in the books become more
Alive and guide, inspire, encourage
And yes, warn of fear…love
Each tale taking the reader away
Even for just a moment
Rescuing some. Encouraging others
Time has come for each
Of us to take a look
Deep within and read a story
Taking the joyney as a reader
….by Pauline Harris

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