A Time of reflection

A Time of reflection
By Pauline Harris

A man stood by
Greeting many
Who held tears
In their hearts
As a friend passed away
Shots in the distance
From those who aim
And want to scare
And state their voice
Silently others scream
Mostly in dismay
For threats had put
Them in the corner
Out of sight
Out of thought
One man continues on
He tells of what he recalls
But the loss is greater
For the quiet mourner
As she heard how little
He valued some rights
While boasting his views
In a life taken long ago
Justified or not, the life is gone
Another said she fought hard
To keep her head held high
While others gathered roses
And photos of days gone by
Humble servitude as guide
Cries in aches we must hide
Choices we bare as we share
Shots bring memories
Distant lives cry in hurts
Mumbled views need reflection
Silently a moment to rest
As life continues each step
Soon the joys return
And the sleepy may rest
But still the rings of shots
Echo, echo in the hearts of all
Whether to boast or reflect
Whose freedom is gained
If a life is taken too soon

A Great Mystery For Us All

A Great Mystery For Us All
Is to discover the good
The good to use five senses
The good to share and inspire
The good to create and live
The good kindness in our hearts

We can boast about how we are
We can force others into our views

But the real courage is in kindness
Allowing others to find innovation
Improving all life and lives alike
Stepping back to allow growth

A drop in the river moves forwards
Rocks become smooth as sand
Valleys are carved, trees fall
Flooding occurs after fires ravage land
Circles of life reborn to create anew

But where do we focus
On conservation
On innovation
On selfish gains
On good for all
On the golden rule

The great mystery is life itself
And how we choose to live it fully
By Pauline Harris

Painted Oak Tree

No photo description available.

By Pauline Harris

The Lone Polar Bear

The Lone Polar Bear
By Pauline Harris

Drifting away
The iceberg went
Broken off
The polar bear sat
No where to go
Drifting away
Lost in the currents
Hope fading away fast
Drifting away
The polar bear thought
If only I can find
Land once again
Drifting away
In hopes to find
The land with much
Much more than dreams
Seemingly provide
Drifting away
Only the waves to guide
The polar bear to survive

Connecting Threads

Two met each other
In a distant land
Both choosing one thing
But before they could go thru
They both needed a reminder
A reminder of what was yet to be
And connecting threads lead on
Their choices would be felt
Well beyond these threads
So, off to see how much value
Just one life could be
For each of us has value
Well beyond measure
Few get to see
The connections
Between you and me
Those two decided
To carry on and set others free
And thanks to people like them
We can all be who we are meant to be
By Pauline Harris

Bits of Kindness

Bits of Kindness
Impacts greater than
Those who received
And those who gave
For there is something
That lingers from kindness
Allows us to move forward
Sharing the love once given
To many others years after
Thank you all for kindness
Both in accepting and giving
As we enter here in love
To share love forward
With the world around
For kindness knows no bounds
-Pauline Harris

The Rip Torn Blanket

The Rip Torn Blanket
By Pauline Harris

Years had passed
Since receiving
This blanket

Many places
It had seen
Cries in the dark
Comforting the shivers
Warming the heart

And then
One day

Noticing feathers
Coming out of it
My blanket
Had been torn


I looked at it

I took a moment

Thinking through
All this blanket
Meant to me
And of ways
I could repair it

Finding a needle
Some thread
Mending on the way

This blanket
With me
All these many years
Once torn
Now mended

Ready for many more
Adventures to enjoy

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