In A Dream

In a Dream
by Pauline Harris

As I slept
A vision appeared
Set me on the doorstep
Of what was to be
And what had been

All came clear
When I looked 
Beyond what I could see
With visions of light
To seem
Just right

But hold on tight
There were multitudes
Of every being
And every source of time
All living together
No separation
None departed

An energy of joy
All enclosed
And represented here
A bliss like none other
And all gathered
Without limitations
Peaceful solitude
All working as one
Oneness and whole
Captured in love
Easily recognized 
By heartsmilez
Shared with all

Awakened later
The love carried on
And shared 
In moments of joy
Graciously forwards


Seeking Joy

A crack in the wall
An opening of the door
A different path
An answer to a ponder
A gracious acceptance
Of what will be
The joyney forward
In the light of a new day
By Pauline Harris

Sitting With Broken

Sitting with the broken helps in the understanding of who we are as people. For in some way, we are all broken and that is part of what makes us all human. We learn each day how we can love, care, and support one another. Inspiring each one of us to carry on with heartsmilez.

Inspiring Hugs

Inspiring others can help inspire ourselves. Sharing with others can help us feel connected. Being authentic and allowing the flow to continue, will help our lives flourish. Passing on smilez and healing hugs…enjoy

Lighting an invisible candle
To spread some hugs,
Some joy, and smiles.
Gracious blessings to all.

By Pauline Harris

A Tree Stump

A Tree Stump
By Pauline Harris

Cut and left
Here to rot
Drying up
Of what 
Once was

Only to
The present 
In time
Here now
Of a life
Once lived

To inspire 
To carry on 
Ever after

Icy Shadows

Shadows of what was once real slide away revealing truths we have not seen before. In this newness, what was once believed to be fact no longer holds true. But we need not despair, as we have a right to decide where we stand.

In the icy weather, the earth chills and revitalizes to bring on the spring and new growth yet to come. May we find ways to move forward in this world together. 
By Pauline Harris

Adventures To Share

Adventures to Share 
By Pauline Harris

A calling begins
Sometimes with 
A whisper

Speaking in riddles
For each to decipher
A legend or myth
May bring us clues

But we begin by
seeing all there is
can be something
look inside
and outside too
looking up
may bring a new
to you in some way

Bringing a new insight
Full of perception 
In light of the day

Thanks to those who
Join us on the joyney 
By Pauline Harris


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