Tear Or Tear

Tear Or Tear

To tear apart
Make a rip in fabric
Or paper
Torn into pieces

And a tear forms
Within the eye
Fast becoming more
Tears fall down
Crying out
Over the sadness left
After the tears became tears

And now the realization
One spelling having
Multiple meanings

By Pauline Harris


Amazing People

Amazing people…every once in awhile you meet someone who you are not quite sure why they have come into your life or why you are attracted to them as a friend. The friendship bond is great, but the meaning behind the relationship is greater. As this friendship has many challenges, many of which are inner challenges to open up the mind and sometimes taking the body to new venues. These friendships help us to see the world with a new awakening and appreciation. Therefore, even with some of the challenges these friendships are well worthwhile and am grateful for all of them.~pharris2012

Silently Awoken

Deep in the depths
Of a slumber
Dreaming of distant

A clasp of thunder
Jolted me
Out of my sleep

Never, ever
To return again
To that one
Moment in time

I look around
In haste
Seeing all around
Where I lay

Only to realize
I am not alone
As a furr baby
Has come to snuggle
Oh, so close

Petting her
I look over
To see her
By my touch

As the storm
Moves away

I breathe
And slowly
To my
To dream
Once again
Of possibilities
Yet might be

By Pauline Harris

Happy Birthday/UnBirthday

Happy Birthday to all

those celebrating

a birthday today…

Happy Un-Birthday to all

those who are not celebrating

a birthday today…

may we see the blessings

we have before us

and be grateful for all

the blessings we have…

enjoy your day…

n remember to smile

(your smile may change one life)

By Pauline Harris 2016

It Takes One Step


to all who have

succeeded in doing

at least one part

of your ultimate

dream in life.


It takes courage

to take one step.

Many people have

helped you along

your path.

Just one word

of encouragement

or a smile helped you

along the way.

Someone gave you

something to lend a hand

in your one step forward.


Remember to

pay it forward

with a smile

or a simple word

of encouragement.


Enjoy the small and

large completions.

Take heart and continue

on your path in life.

By pharris2012

Gratefulness for Joy Shared

Don’t be surprised

if sometime,

somewhere someone

steps up to

you and says

“what a beautiful

smile you have”

while they are


“you have brighten

my world today,

thank you.”

Keep on spreading Joy…


By Pauline Harris 2013

A Seed

A seed can lead

to many things…

a tree…a bush…a flower…

or when implanted

into someone…

it can flourish into

something of a mystery…

only the individual

can let it grow to

develop into what

it was meant to be…

By Pauline Harris 2010

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