Vibrant Trees

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Time to Breathe

Allowing the moment
Of the breath
To enter in
Our very being
And make way
Throughout our being
And allowing us
To make each step
As we walk through life

Enhanced Sunset

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The Oyster

The Oyster
by Pauline Harris

One day, the oyster
Gathered up muster
And a piece of sand
Over time a newness
Began to develop
Slowly the sand
Into something wonderful
Beyond recognition
A beautiful pearl
Was born for us to see

Wondrous Clouds

It was a cloudy sunset,
But the colours seem to shine.
There were many photos taken.
Some showed dimly lit clouds.
This was one of them,
Yet I knew deep within
It could be enhanced
To share the wondrous colours
That it held inside…
To my joy, this came to be.
Pauline Harris

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DNA, Our Folded Self

DNA, our Folded Self

Each of us are folded uniquely
Live our lives as best we can
And yet life seems to let us know
Each step we take is ours alone
Yes we may walk in and out of lives
Even side by side many times
But somehow just a sliver of light
Shows the way for us to follow
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
With love and kindness
Maybe we can share
Our joyneys always
By Pauline Harris

Waves of Life

Waves of Life
By Pauline Harris

Visiting the waves
At the edge
Of the beach

Doors seem to be
Opening up
Holding mysteries
Yet to unfold

Attempting to listen
As silently in reflection

The onward sweep
Captures my heart
Swooping within
The depths of the waves
Swirled around
Encompassing me fully
Immersed in love

Fully developed
In knowing
And now

All powerful
Waves of love
Teach me
Each moment

To move forward
Ripples encircle
The Spirit above
The Elements of Earth
And how we respond
Given to the waves
As they guide us
All with each motion
And always
Our souls

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