‘Count those Blessings
One by one’
For each of us
Needs to know
The joys in life
Help carry us through
From one day
To the future
And beyond
The knowing
And into
The shared
Love and compassion
We all cherish
One by one
Our blessings
Flow like a stream
Sharing and caring
Touching our lives
Spreading across
The planet
Making more
To share these
One by one
Enjoy these blessings
Share these blessings
One to another
By Pauline Harris


inspired by the song ‘Count your blessings’

Lady of Compassion


Traveling around,
She learned to see
More than with her eyes
Her heart led her
To many places
Learning many things
Trying so much
Much beyond her norm
This lady reached
From within
To bring joy
Happy to give
To bring hope
A longing from others
To bring love
As her understanding grew
She offered her
Humble heart
This lady
Brought compassion
To all she came
To know through
Her travels.
By Pauline Harris

The Search Begins Within…

Searching for something bright and beautiful

…must begin with awakening thyself to

seeing there is beauty within

…letting it out to see there is a world to see…

Let us see what this adventure in life is to be

look first in the mind…and see all

by Pauline Harris

Beginning With One

One life

one touch

one look

one time.

all is right now.

breathing in life

is something to be


Stand Still

Stand Still

Takes over
As heart
To race
He looks
Your way
Ever closer
Are the tales
Truthfully told
Sweat persists
Seeking calm
Seems to take
Forever and a day
What does he want
I look for
Some sign
I go over
Every moment
Ah, here it is
My papers
My story
Is in my head
Of what happened
He stands before me
Scared now
He taps the window
I can’t breathe
Tears rush my face
He holds out his hand
I look down at it
Not empty
Feeling faint
My mind shuts down
Quietly I attempt
To breathe
Lost in time
Allowing the inevitable
To happen
I make peace
At least in my mind
Deep breaths
In and out
He stares at me
Shaking, too
I close my weeping eyes
No longer able to see
Whatever happens
Will happen
I pray
For his forgiveness
And forgive him
Let me breathe
Again tomorrow
Let the world
Be alright
I prayed
I prayed
I prayed
And he wept
For the kindness
Of forgiveness
Had touched
His soul
By Pauline Harris

A Moment of Joy and Beyond


Giving directions
Teaching skills
Allowing for innovation 
New discoveries made
When each one
Is allowed to flourish
And become fully
Realized as part
Of the whole process
Joy is acknowledged
By Pauline Harris

Unexpected Sparkle


Deep darkness
The vastness
Of the night’s sky
Tiny moon casting
Down shadows
Upon the earth’s
Surface as we walk
Looking up
In pure amazement
As a small
Does appear
Out of no where
The sky
To bring
A moment of …
Into the darkness
With the only
Trace within
Of that sparkle
By Pauline Harris

Importance of Reading

Reading is one way of passing on wisdom to others, in this respect the author is like a teacher using words of wisdom to relay to another person but the reader must be open to the words and integrate them into their own life like any lesson in life makes one a better person.

Passing Joy On


After the big storm
Came and went
Looking out the window
To catch a glimpse
Of joy unbound
Not a hummingbird
In sight, so I check
Another day for the bird
Not one shows up
Until some time later
A wisp of wings
Flutter past
Searching the flowers
One at a time
Sitting on a branch
For just a few moments
Taking flight once again
After a moments rest
Spreading joy
And delight to all
Who venture to gaze
Out the window
Sprinkles of joy
With flutters of wings
By Pauline Harris

Earthly Life

Walking amongst the earth with the view of wondrous stars abode…me just a simple one who dreams of something…mountains may be in the way many a time…but me…I must climb…maybe it may seem like I am standing still at times…alas I am climbing if only in my mind…I will reach my destination at the moment I am meant to be…


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