Making Paper

Gather older paper
Some threads and fibers
Shred and tear the paper
Put some water in a blender
Add some thread each one at a time
Add in binding compound
Mix in some of the paper
Combine with some fibers
Blend, add more water, blend again
Some more binding compound, as needed
Let set for a few minutes
Add more water, blend again
Put paper mush onto a screen or mold
Put some newspaper or old towels over
Set in dry area for several days
Check on it periodically
To change out drying helpers
When completely dry
Remove from screen or mold
Paper is fragile and easily broken
Cautious handling is required
Fun project for kids of all ages
Enjoy Making Paper
by Pauline Harris

Two Views: the labyrinth of life

(scene setting: a person standing in front the opening to a labyrinth)
Traveling deep within
Walking into the opening
Seeking the way to live
Many detours leading
No where, some segments
Lead throughout the mind
In many directions
Some signs say one way
Other distractions
Leading life in new
Climbing up
The walls
To see
From above
Point giving
A looksee
My eyes
Opened wide
And saw the maze
The amazing intricate
And complexity
Of life itself
Choices bring
Each of us
To where
We can see
The difference
We make in smiles
Brought to life
In others as we
Inspire wonderment
…by Pauline Harris

Polly’s Sugar n Spice quilt top progress

quilt top in progress

quilt top in progress

Mum’s Shawl, in progress

I begun this shawl the middle of last year.  Working a little bit at a time when able.   Mum and I designed it together after seeing some ideas on the concept online.  2014pharrisafganformuminprogress