One Page of Life

One Page of Life
By Pauline Harris

Each of us
Are writing
Our own story

We learn 
And inspire 
We create
And exist

Some choose
To do evils
Using power
To create
Their ideals

Some create
While valuing 
Of ancient times

Some create
By surviving 
Day to day

Some have
May never see

Some teach
And inspire
To achieve 
And gratitude

All of us
On the path
We create
With the help
Of each other
As world’s book
Is created
With all of us
In it sharing
Our lives
On this planet


Finding A Path

In finding our own way:

Each of us has lived lives differently.

Even twins have differences.

Our paths may connect on so many levels,

but our own path is ours alone.

It is wonderful to find others

to connect with along the way.

Those connections make life worth living.

by Pauline Harris 2017

Universal Idea

stop…STOP…think…Think about what impact on others your actions n words on them…and what impact these words n actions have on you…the golden rule is universal…do things to others as you would have them do to you ~pharris2011

Opportunities, maybe

I see a crack in the window…

many doors have shut…

some have slammed into my face…

some unanswered calls…

somehow that crack in the window

holds something dear…

I move closer…there is a light waves

reaching forth out of the depths…

gravitating towards me…

I hunger for its wisdom…

I hunger for its path…

unknowing where it may lead…

my lust for something new

and different excites me…

I must follow…


I step up…here I am…

ready or not…I am here now…

thank you for the crack in the window~pharris2011

Essence of Life

A faint whisper calls, not with words
but with an essence of energy
Something new is approaching
coming to encompass you
and your world, it is not fear you feel
It is a love more powerful
You embrace it,
yet someone is holding you back
Do you let go of them or embrace it all
Both to be fulfilled by new essence
surrounding everything.

One Raindrop

One Raindrop

A calm breeze began
Picking up speed
Humidity rising
Sweat beginning to form
Feeling warm chills
All up and down 

Thoughts of preparing
Momentary lapse
Prioritize this and that
Feeling awkward
As no sign happening is occurring
No clear path
And yet prepare for the worse
And then one raindrop falls
Making haste, second guessing
Thunder in the distance
Another drop forming a puddle
Drips creating ripples
Moments of time
Stand still
If only for a minute 

Thinking the storm has passed
Lightning strikes the tree
Bursting it, shattering it
Fire burning
Engulfing nearby objects
Fear creeps in
Must move on now
Terrified of whats more to come
Grab bags and jump into the car
By Pauline Harris

Earthlings, We Are

Earthlings we are
Earthlings we will always be
As we may one day venture
Beyond our earthly planet
Home is here on earth
For us, you and me
We have so much in common
But we strive to point out
What is so different
We are forever Earthlings
Both you and me

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