Unwanted Package


Rented object
Desired to be
Returned to owner
Stormy weather
Creates unease
Step inside shop
Inquired within
Gentle music
Sooths the soul
Into believing more
Innocently answering
Questions, but
An uneasy feeling
Comes as lightning strikes
Thunderous rain ensues
Both outdoors and within
More people join in
The continous questioning
The door opens
And freedom is taken
Alone in the storm
Walking to the car
And realising all
That was lost
In those short moments
Innocent, no more
Potential customer
No longer interested
As being treated
Like the unwanted package
Doesn’t suit me
By Pauline Harris

Unraveling Quilt

Taking time to choose
The right fabrics
Colour matching
All with the threads
Making decisions
On which pattern
Cutting and trimming
Sewing pieces together
Forming what is to be
A perfect gift
For a loved one
Only to discover
The quilt began
To unravel
Due to a troubled heart
Ripping the seams
Tearing apart
What was once
A beautiful piece of artwork
Unraveling the very quilt
That took time and energy
To make and express
The love from those involved
Leaving so many pieces
By Pauline Harris

Locked in a Corner

Invited to join in
I went willingly
As the invitation
Was rare to say the least
Following my friends
To a secret entrance
Waking in steps
One after another
Loosing sense
Of time and place
Lost in array of nuances
The drinks, the games
And now, alone
Locked inside
With no place to go
Yelling and screaming
To be let go
My voice is no longer
Weeping tears
Wanting, desiring someone
Anyone to hear
My whisper of love
Calls out strongly
Does anyone hear?
A crack of light
Shines so brightly
Awakening my grasp
I am free at last
By Pauline Harris

One Guarantee


We are born and die
But to live our lives
How and to whom 
Do we dare share
A caring heart
Gives beyond self
Stories told
Adventures taken
Even if only in words
Or in shared experiences
Helpful hints
Laughter and tears
Gracefully guaranteed
An honest experience
Until we meet again
…by Pauline Harris

for CAD, thank you my friend

Glimpse of Light


My eyes are closed
Tightly shut
Not a spark
Of light to see
All alone
Deep in thought
A touch
On my shoulder
I shiver
First in fear
For I know not
Whose hand has
Dared touch me
In my moment
Of solitude
Trying to remain
Calm thoughts
Breathing in
Breathing out
Deep breathes
As I open one
Eye to see
On the hand
I realize
The hand was
My own
I laugh
Barrels of joy
By Pauline Harris

Importance of Reading

Reading is one way of passing on wisdom to others, in this respect the author is like a teacher using words of wisdom to relay to another person but the reader must be open to the words and integrate them into their own life like any lesson in life makes one a better person.

Earthly Life

Walking amongst the earth with the view of wondrous stars abode…me just a simple one who dreams of something…mountains may be in the way many a time…but me…I must climb…maybe it may seem like I am standing still at times…alas I am climbing if only in my mind…I will reach my destination at the moment I am meant to be…


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