A Time To Ponder

A Time to Ponder

By Pauline Harris

Seeds had been planted

Grounds ready for blooms

But there is hesitation

As snow covers all the lands

We thought it was mistaken

Until we opened the doors

And saw for ourselves

The densely covered soil

Was not to be seen today

And possibly not tomorrow

Either, we will wait and see

Hibernate a bit longer

Sheltered in place

We will wait for clearance

From the Almighty’s Grace

We look outside our windows

Seeing what we want to be

Only yet to be dismayed

For we have to wait and see

One day soon we will venture

Out those doors and glee joyfully

Only if that day would come safely

We shall put our voices together

Celebrating the opening of eyes

The seeds will sprout again

Hope lives in our hearts

Carefully we will wander

And blossom with our talents

Fully aware of our steps

Are taken one step at a time

Each flower represented

For us all to visualize

The beauty we all share

Deep inside…Let us bloom

Together, forever

In Love Eternally

I Really Want To…

I Really Want To

By Pauline Harris

Constantly I see you

The pain you have

The injuries endured

The agony in each step

I really want to

Take that pain

Washing it away

Healing each part

But, only

If you want

For this is your pain

I can comfort you

I can help heal

But to truly recover

And heal completely

You must take

The first step

And accept

Healing is possible

Please know this

I love you

And we are together

No matter the path

We make our joyney

Forward together


Our Joyney

Our Joyney

by Pauline Harris

Once given a soul

And some place to go

Forward we walk

Creating at will

What we can make

Knowing little

Of what may come

Our choice is now

The wonderment

We may bring

The joys we see

The love we give

All part of us

As we go forth

And live each day

To our fullest

Yes, boundaries are made

With rivers flowing

Creating pathways

All for us to follow

As guiding our paths

Little is known for sure

Only what is present

Here and now

Taking our steps forward

Loving each other

Allowing each to grow

Into their full potential

Is all part of this process

Of our Joyney now

Someone’s At the Door

Someone’s At the Door
By Pauline Harris

After a long day
We were resting
In our front room
Our living room
Talking to each other
About events of the day

When there was a knock
A knock at the door
Then a pounding upon it

Looks of confusion
As we saw each other’s face

Who could this be?
So forceful and demanding?
Bewildered, we got up
And walked towards the door

The pounding got louder
Our heads were throbbing

Cautiously, we began to open
The front door slowly
No rush to see this forceful being
Whoever may be behind the door
We thought of them rather rude
Disturbing our time together

And now we could see
Who this could be

A yell came crashing in
To our listening ears,
‘Can you come out to play?’

Oddly we laughed
As we saw the deep layered snow
Just everywhere we looked
And there was our friend
So pleased to see us home

A day of sledding, snow angels,
Snow ball throwing,
Igloo building
And very wet, damp clothes

A day full of pure joy
A good memory
Of another time and place
That still brings
A heartsmile and peace

The Middle Path

The Middle Path
by Pauline Harris

In the upbringing
Much is taught
Much is learned
Some may be given
Other things forbidden
All rules to follow
Perimeters made
Blinds cover much

A view of foiled cardboard
Covering each window
A blanket to block the light
From reaching within
To help us sleep at night

Slowly as the days get shorter
The windows are opened
Until it gets colder
And the snow begins to fall

Covering all with blankets
And cuddling for warmth
We comfort one another
With what we have here
For us all to share together

Deconstructing Our Fears

In deconstructing our fears, we all have them.
Define our fears, not dwelling on them.
We are mindful of how we transfer our fears towards others.
We respect others. Support each other.
Inspire and be ourselves all at the same time.
There are opportunities dwelling in hope and trust.
Learn about those opportunities and
Grow in Love. Love Forward. by Pauline Harris

Dancing Inside

Dancing Inside

by Pauline Harris 2017

In one moment
For a breath
Another becons
Come hither
Trust issues
As they demand
No voice
Just silence
Hidden Truths
Somehow prevail
Unspoken hollowings
Cries for tears
Unknown wanderings
Stepping aside
As if pushed
Paintings undone
Writings rewritten
History told
Through obscure lenses
Banished truthsayers
A cry silenced
With snowflakes
Or chemicals eaten
Drinking forbidden
Waters to comfort
Whispers sewn
In plain sight
Secrets speak out
A call for hope
Nothing but brightness
Will light tomorrow
With love
And joy
Of today
Joyney on
Joyney on
By Pauline Harris

Welcome to the 2020 zone

We have entered the 2020 zone. The path forward has been given a detour. We are doing our best to convert to the new system, however our attachments to the old one have helped to hinder advancements. We want to return to our daily lives and improve them wherever possible. Cautiously we have to stay home until given new instructions and possibly a vaccine. Focusing on our connections with one another though we are apart in physical form, we can connect via letters, phones, and computers. We will make it through these days of uncertainty. We can share our kindness forward. We can and will survive. Love to all. by Pauline Harris

Seek Me in Another Place

Seek Me in Another Place
By Pauline Harris

Weekly like clockwork
I returned to this one place
Taught from an early age
There was where to look
Somehow today was different
Told not to venture outside
Not to go too far
Stay away was what they said
Keep a good distance
Between you and I
How can this be for you and me
We have our peacefilled place
Known to many, yet solitary
For each on our own journey
Finding comfort and love
While learning more compassion
Just a few months ago
Life changed for everyone
Worldwide we abruptly
Were given little notice
Stay safe at home
Washing those hands
The world became quiet
A deep reflection on the pause
No longer able to venture
To the places known to find you
Quietly realization has awoken
Seeking within these walls
My relationship has renewal
A vibration of joy found
Sensing Love found everywhere
Silently celebrating
And reviving this connection
Grateful for the opportunity
To discover our bond
Surpasses the imagination
And continues to grow
Beyond my expectations
As I let go and just be
Wholly loved unconditionally
And so love is eternally

My Heartsmiles for Today

My Heartsmiles for Today
By Pauline Harris

Outside the door
The world is faced
With a new fear
And a sense of urgency
Some choose to use
This fear and add to it
While others give facts
And help prepare us
To face the Truth
We are in this together
We can create the Love
We need to express
Not only to ourselves
Wrapping an air hug
Around the whole world
For this is not an us or them
In fact, our mission is
Heartsmiles for the whole world
If we choose to deny one
We are in essence deny us
If we work together safely
And to the Truth we know is true
Our Heartsmiles will help
Spread Healing hugs to us all

P.S. This poem was written
With the Covid 19 and the world
In mind. Love Forward.

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