Ode To ‘The Canterville Ghost’

(Inspiration ‘The Canterville Ghost’ by Oscar Wilde)
There upon opening
The book led me
Deep inside to inquire within
The words seem
To read by themselves
The story set out
Full of mystery, suspense
Innocent and yet worldly
Entranced, I read on
A girl to discover
A long forgotten
Ghostly presence
Would bring her
To a new level
Of understanding
And Love
Here was this story
Forgotten until
A bonding came forth
To bear fruit
On an unbearan tree
And tears and words
Would soon set
‘The Canteville Ghost’ free.
by Pauline Harris

Spring Awakes

Some people may freight
For snow and rain have stayed
However when the blooms
Have started to rise
The moment has come
To see a new day upon us
And life appears to gain
Hope lives on within our hearts
As we carry ourselves
Through today and
Again through tomorrow
Bringing our light with us
To shine on with love
By Pauline Harris

Be Aware

Watch out

there is a new disease

going around

its called


it can come from

anywhere or anyone

once caught,

it is easily

passed on

some may seek it out

it can be discovered

in creativity

or learning




Oh no…I think

it has found a new victim

or is this person

one who will survive

this Inspiration

we will see one day

Awoken At Midnight

Opening eyes unfocused
Barely moving
Wiggling to get up
Wake up
Caught in dream state
Falling from somewhere
Lost in confusion
Until feeling a sensation
Kissing my toes
I am loved
I smile as I continue
Waking to see the stars
Some Sparklies show
Their true splender
Time to return to my slumber
Rest well Sparklies, rest well
by Pauline Harris

A Friend’s Dad



Learning at a young age

Respect and obey elders

However there are exceptions

But I did not know that then


LH was my neighbour

Who lived in the house

Behind mine at the time


We went to school together

And often played together

Her mother took many trips

Her dad took LH and me

To the beach and other places

Innocent times in the beginning


At the beach, we played tag

In the water.

Fun at first

Chasing one another

Tagging until…

I felt hands where

Where there shouldn’t be

Hands, no hands go there


Then my tied top

Was untied I screamed

But LH’s dad said

This is all part of the fun

Embarrassed and scared

I swam to shore

Got in my towel

And hugged myself


Sometime later after hearing

Over and over

How I was to obey and respect elders


LH’s father asked if I wanted

To see a special room

Where LH’s mother kept

Her dolls and special fans

They were beautiful


LH’s father said he would teach me

Some special things

But if I told anyone

He would hurt my family

Very special things

That all good fathers

Teach their daughters

Scared for my family

I had to protect my family

I had to obey my elder

No one to talk to

I did as I was told

I was just a young girl

And he was not the only one

And I was not alone


A child no longer can trust

Those who abuse that trust

By Pauline Harris


(Yes, I did get counseling years later, but somethings can never be fully forgotten or recovered from)


Women Are Women No Matter What

The Mother Figure is so caring and giving
Taking care of the house and young
Struggles to hide behind smiles
Chores unending with others helping a tad
Caregiving with some thanks
Teaching creative and innovative thoughts
Strong intellectuals seldom acknowledged
Voices of reason brushed under the rug
Warm dishes of fanciful foods enjoyed
Stitches of wisdom carried to bed
Whistles heard with words of desire
Together women are better at understanding
This world is so much richer because of women
…by Pauline Harris


Starting off in pure darkness
A spark of light began
Seemingly from no where
But to show a way
Out of the night
Beaming with delight
The heart raced
Only to discover
Words to follow
One led this way
Another that
All ending somewhere
Which path to take
Some said they went down here
Others took another one
Meanings changed with words
Growing from seeds
Laid centuries ago
Which way to know
Truth will prosper
Comforting and humbling
Choosing the joyney
Is the only option
For seeking hope
Will rise as the sunsets
by Pauline Harris

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