Giving Life Changing News

When giving
life changing news,
Don’t be
a know-it-all
Don’t laugh
Do give all
Of your information
In paper form
Allow for the person
To take a moment
Give support
Don’t criticize him/her
It is his/her life
Not yours
And just because
He/She sees things
A bit differently
Still offer support
Because life is not all
Set in stone
And we are all
And all
Worthy of this life
We are all
Living on this planet
Enabling each light.
To shine brightly.
By Pauline Harris

DNA, Our Folded Self

DNA, our Folded Self

Each of us are folded uniquely
Live our lives as best we can
And yet life seems to let us know
Each step we take is ours alone
Yes we may walk in and out of lives
Even side by side many times
But somehow just a sliver of light
Shows the way for us to follow
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
With love and kindness
Maybe we can share
Our joyneys always
By Pauline Harris

One Guarantee

One Guarantee

We are born and die
But to live our lives
How and to whom 
Do we dare share
A caring heart
Gives beyond self
Stories told
Adventures taken
Even if only in words
Or in shared experiences
Helpful hints
Laughter and tears
Gracefully guaranteed 
An honest experience 
Until we meet again 
…by Pauline Harris

Our Planet Shook

Our Planet Shook
By Pauline Harris

Normal, hot day
Settling into dusk
Out of calmness
Uneasy feeling 
A rolling motion
A shake here
Woken abruptly 
From the eye lids drooping 
Heart is pounding
Sudden jolt 
Still rolling
Hands shaking
Racing thoughts
Enter the mind
No where safe
But to stay put
Until shaking
Is done

The tremors 
Begin to slow
Deep breaths
Check self
Check area
Stay calm
Keep breathing 
Allow awareness 
To return to normal 
Deep breaths
Relaxing with calm
Eerie moments past

The Doors of Life

The Doors of Life

By Pauline Harris

I was walking down

This one street

With many doors

Presenting themselves

All shapes and sizes

Some glamorous

Others plain and ordinary

All possible futures to behold

Thinking to myself

What could be hidden

Behind each of these

Adventures did await

As I took my time

First to gaze

Then to attempt

To sneak a look inside

But few were open

Just a crack to peak

While others closed

No way to see inside

Tempted with desire

I knew whatever

Door I opened

Was waiting for me

To take the first step

And begin to walk

Myself through into life

Shadows Passed On

Shadows Passed On
by Pauline Harris

Distant future yet to be
Silhouettes shade signs
Clouding over written words
Crinkled papers reappear
Drawing onlookers to peak
Decipher phrases change thought
Chains of perception break
Chances of improving increase
But some may levy blankets
Hope breaks veils with love
Joy prevails in silence
Gentle compassion becomes
The balance life needs

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The Path Forward

The Path Forward
By Pauline Harris

In the dark, here I was
Wondering around
Looking for a clue
Where to move next

Many paths presented 
Themselves very well
But none seemed 
To be my destiny

Suddenly a light
Shown through towards me 
I looked this way and that
An overwhelming feeling 
Told me this was my path

Walking up to the light
A gap appeared in the path
My heart pounder
As I pondered where I go

Quietly I spoke to myself
Realizing I am ready
And onward I went
The path forward, I go

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