Time Was Lost

Time Was Lost

By Pauline Harris


We had agreed to meet

Here on the beach

Those many years ago

Our paths were not meant

To meet again, this day

We were never again to meet

For what we had was gone

The waves had washed

The memories away

Taking with them

Any hope of love


I came this day

To the beach

To claim myself

Free of you


But here you are

Waiting for me

To hold me tight

In those arms


I am afraid

Of my love for you

Is still strong

And can I trust you


Once you left me

All alone, abandoned

Now, you are here

Asking me to return

To our shared love


Can I forgive

And move on

With you

Or without you

The choice is mine

And I will let you know

What I decide


Goodbye for now


* * * This poem was inspired by a photo of someone on the beach.

Rusted Relic

Rusted Relic

By Pauline Harris

Up in the window

Stood leaning

Against the pane

An old art piece

Once made of love

Pure Love, true love

Now long forgotten

Discarded, thrown away

Left outdoors

Rained upon


Until one day found

Brought inside

Seen the wisdom

Of years of tears

Carefully and selectively

Searching for meaning

Surviving through all weather

Accomplishing adventures

Winkles guiding the path

Tiny steps to feel the touch

Of a helping hand

Positioned to set here

In this window

Allowing others to know

The joyney forward

Is cherished and hope-filled

While also weathered

Taking time to know

True Love remains strong

And ever-growing

As reflected in this one

Rusted Relic

The Wrinkles

The Wrinkles
By Pauline Harris

Holding onto my loved one’s hand
I felt the love we shared
As I looked deeper still
The valleys of wrinkles protruded
All the places they had seen
The odd handshake or two
The pages turned, the music played
The joys fulfilled, the tears
And tears in the fabrics
Each valley deeply carved
A wrinkle telling each
Moment in time well lived
A caring soul holds my hand
Thank you dear one
I love you so much

Trenches of Love

Trenches of Love
By Pauline Harris

As the shadows
Met their demise
Sunlight creeped in
Through the cracks
Shining brightly
Upon every rusted
Crevice, highlighting
The deep valleys
In each wrinkle
Upon my loved one’s face

All the joys and concerns
Each earning their place
A reward for wisdom
And allowing grace
To flow as the rays
Express their gratitude
For the love shared
By this one soul
Has expressed so much
Love and compassion
Their legacy lives on
In those whom
Their love touched

A Storm is Brewing

A Storm is Brewing

by Pauline Harris

Clouds formed

With winds blowing

Clustering together

Gathering strength

Moving over oceans

Mountains hinder growth

Parts changed


Learning what will survive

Out to water again

Giving all to be alive

Waves announce a path

Showing the path forward

Is still brewing deep down

Making a mention

Of what is yet to come

Preparing now, it may be

Nothing goes unnoticed

The future is not written

Only one set of hands knows

It will be or might be

We can only prepare

And do our best

To share love forward

Soar Towards Love

Soar Towards Love

by Pauline Harris

Rush this way

Haste to speculate

Words said

Actions taken

Some wool covers eyes

A moment reflected

Past comes back

Visions of dreams lost

Others profit behind scenes

Puppets used, pawns moved

Changes too quick

Historical stories retold

Whose words are true

Facts matter, not to hide them

Is there time to investigate

Or are actions going to take over

Quickly a time of rest


Looking for peace

Starting within

Deciding focus

Towards Love


Stillness in a pause

Only to be interrupted by greed

Forcing their story on others

Must return to Love

Refocused in this moment

Knowing where we stand

To Soar Towards Love

Love Thoughts Shared

by Pauline Harris

*Share your Light
Brighten up someone’s day
Who lives in darkness

*There is something freeing when creating something from the soul to give to the world. Within the many valleys and hills, the act and the completion of the creation helps bring wonderment to the world beyond oneself.

*To create art and writing
From the silence within
Allows deep healing to begin

*Unconditional love is rare
It is so amazing to share
Thanks to those who care
I love you dearly, I care

*And what beautiful glimpses
Does nature speak
When we only listen
With our heartsmiles

*When you look at grass with the eye, it looks different then when viewed with a magnifying glass and still different than looking from a far distance. The world is viewed differently by our own experiences and our learned perception.

*Love moves ever forward in our connections with one another and how we pass those insights on to others.

*The beauty of using the words to portray a thought, feeling, and/or story is how we can connect with others.

We Love…

We love, because we are made of love. Sometimes we forget this fact. Until we are reminded by loved ones, love is eternal and is always present. Love lights the path we follow each day. Blessings always, Pauline Harris

Before All

Before All
By Pauline Harris

Prior to anything
There was nothing
Uncreated life
No thing
But then how
Did that one thing

A twinkle
A spark of light
The start of it all
The force behind
Pushing forward
Life begins anew
With love as the force
Creating all that is
From love is good
Only good and love

Return to love
Refresh in love
Finding kindness
Once again
In love surrounding
Here, there
Love is…

Love and Light


Dear One, I want you to follow your heart. I want you to dream. There are wonders out there in the world, I want you to see.

Me: But when I create, some do criticize. But when I want to travel, there are those who say don’t.

Dear One, There are always going to be those who hinder. Some may be jealous. Some were taught not to explore or to be who they truly are. Please, listen to that dream. Yes, not all will be easy, but worthwhile things never come to those who sit and wait. Be proactive with your dreams. A little bit will go a long way. Share your joys with others. Inspiring others to dream their creative dreams.

Me: Keeponteachinlove and blessings to you.

Us, together: Becoming into Being
The Breakthrough
As pieces drop
The best survives
To carry on, carry on

by Pauline Harris

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