Angel reading Book of Love by Pauline Harris

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Waves of Life

Waves of Life
By Pauline Harris

Visiting the waves
At the edge
Of the beach

Doors seem to be
Opening up
Holding mysteries
Yet to unfold

Attempting to listen
As silently in reflection

The onward sweep
Captures my heart
Swooping within
The depths of the waves
Swirled around
Encompassing me fully
Immersed in love

Fully developed
In knowing
And now

All powerful
Waves of love
Teach me
Each moment

To move forward
Ripples encircle
The Spirit above
The Elements of Earth
And how we respond
Given to the waves
As they guide us
All with each motion
And always
Our souls

Love Found, Nor Forgotten

Love Found, Nor Forgotten
By Pauline Harris

Believe or not
Someone walked up to me
And said Watch out
Because I am here
To tell you about
An amazing love
And that you are loved
I looked confused
Because of the approach
But then there was a feeling
That swept over me
Basked in this amazing love
I went on with my day
Feeling something of delight
Thank you whoever you are
For spreading joy and love
And now am reminded I am
Of this all encompassing love
And maybe somewhere, someday
Wait a minute…Now is the time
I want you to know
Yes, you reading this poem
That you are loved
And thank you for being you
Love Kindness Forward

Conjuring Love and Light

Love abides everywhere, if we only take to our heart to see it.

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by Pauline Harris

Haunting images
Creep the night’s sky
Wandering into
Someone’s dreams
Causing troubles
That go bump
In the night

Images strangely
Interrupt the comfort
But leaving loneliness
To grab hold of us tight

Until awoken
And start
The process
Of realizing
It is all of fear
Or of dread

And now
To know
There is
A light
Upon us
A Love
To us all

Shadows are but
Shadows of fear
Love casts
These fears
Far away

In Love
We carry on

Heart from Wall

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Happy Earthday Everyday

Happy Earthday Everyday
We were born here on earth
We have lived here our lives
We eat, we play, we work, we…
We were sent to care for our world
We cannot do the care alone
But we can make small steps
To make sure there is a home
For future generations
One small part of the bigger picture
As we have no where else to go currently
Take care of this world for all of us
Together, surviving separately yet together
by Pauline Harris

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