Be Still

Be Still
By Pauline Harris

Be Still
Know that changes
Are always happening
Take time
To Be
With those we love
To Be present
To look up
God’s Love surrounds us
Yes, even there
We are God’s creation
We are stewards
Of this world
And all that dwells
Upon the Earth
We can and do love
Compassion, grace,
And mercy
Are our tools
May we continue
To inspire and create
Love eternally

Trust The Path

Trust The Path
By Pauline Harris

This way, that way
Right teachings here
Kindness in demand
Compassion here, at hand
Greed sneaks in the door
Fear grows in the corner
One says his way is best
However it contradicts others
Hearts scream when one is silent
A tiny candle light shines
Way off in the distance
A tug on the clothing
Awakens those closed eyes
Silently movement begins
As Heartsmiles open to love
Light to light brightening the day
The path forward is lit
With souls coming together
All in love, kindness forward
The way forward starts with one step, one light

Silent Tears

Silent Tears
By Pauline Harris

Although our lives
Just recently met
The joys and wisdom
Have touched each
Of our souls so deeply
Words only can convey
A small amount
Of the love shared
In the many avenues
Of growth bringing
More love and understanding
To each of our souls
Together we are
Most grateful
To future of more
Kindness forward
Shared and forever
Universal Love

A Gift Given

A Gift Given
By Pauline Harris

Thoughts went into
This gift from me to you
Truthfully I could not find
The perfect one for you
But I do hope you see beyond
And know the love inside
Is more than life itself
For this love I eternally give you
May light find and guide you
Each and everyday

On Winter's Doorstep

On Winter’s Doorstep
by Pauline Harris

As the leaves begin to change
Multitude of colours and shapes
The weather darkens
The winds breaks branches
And many leaves begin
There descent to fall
Falling softly to the ground
Sometimes in big chunks
Rain and some snow
May fluster its way here
But there on that branch
Sits one solitary leaf
Struggling to keep attached
Long since turned from green
To orange and now brown
Holding on to life, but
Knowing full well it too will fall
Leaving behind the tree
It once knew as home
To die beneath the limbs
Making dust to dirt to replenish
The earth and allow new growth
To begin again for future life
As the time renews
Each dawn with the sun
And the moon following at night
Life goes on with the cycles
Love has created in its wake
So someday we may be that leaf
And become dust, but we also will
Help the life on this planet move on
Forever in hope as life goes forward on

Love & Light

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Chilling Love

Chills rushed to the very core of the bones.
Sending thoughts of times when the winds
were so cold and unnerving. Keeping me
Still in that moment until the touch came
From your warm hand. Reaching me
Deeply with your embrace. Thank you
For the welcoming hug and for rescuing me.
I am comforted within in your arms,
Holding me closely, quietly, sweetly.
This love is mutually needed and accepted.
~Pauline Harris

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