Four Roses on Lace

Four Roses on Lace


Inspirational People

There are people out there who will inspire us to learn to be ourselves and continue to grow…and there are those who will hinder us.  We must learn to listen to the inspiration beings in the world who allow us to grow into our full potential.  Sometimes they can encourage us with just a simple smile.  Sending some smiles to you.  Enjoy and be you.~pharris2012

Amazing Quilt

There…Over there is a quilt of amazing stories and adventures…some may be detailed…Others may just show a glimpse of the mystery…there are many pieces to this quilt called me…some may get to see…only glimpses of who I am to be…Oh, just me…thought I would pop in for some tea~pharris2012

Waves of Whispers

Waves of Whispers


Be Couragous

Believe in God - Believe in yourself

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Exploring the Connections Between Pagan and Christian Spirituality

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Retired USAF Chaplain; Pastor, Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado


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Comments on the New Testament and Early Christianity (and related matters)

One Round Corner

Welcome to my infinitesimal corner on the web. Peruse the photos, poems, and stories collecting here like leaves from a tree.

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Faith is like looking through the viewfinder of a camera; it helps us see differently.


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