Hidden Prayers

Hidden Prayers

By Pauline Harris

There are many levels

Of what we are willing

To convey to others

Including close friends

Sometimes what we say

Never gets heard

Or there is confusion

Or other voices are louder

But knowing there is

One who hears all

One who awaits

With each whisper

Spoken even if only

Inside the mind

For this One is

All Knowing

All Loving


Visible and Invisible

Prayers are heard

With open arms

Full of much needed

Unconditional hugs

Night Then Light

Night Then Light
By Pauline Harris

Time had come
To bid good night 
As we all hid
In our shelters 
And under cover 
Taking comfort 
In some delights
The warmth
Of a blanket 
Nestling us
A joy to behold
Resting well 
For in the dark
Whispers may come
In a dreamlike state
Showing delights
Of events yet to become

As day light springs forth
Eyes begin to waken
No more captive
Hence forth found
Lovingly cared for
With a grace filling
The world with this energy 
If we can only listen 
To the beating heart
Of the whispering winds
Take heart in this ever-
Loving joy of spirit 
With love all is possible

The Doors of Life

The Doors of Life

By Pauline Harris

I was walking down

This one street

With many doors

Presenting themselves

All shapes and sizes

Some glamorous

Others plain and ordinary

All possible futures to behold

Thinking to myself

What could be hidden

Behind each of these

Adventures did await

As I took my time

First to gaze

Then to attempt

To sneak a look inside

But few were open

Just a crack to peak

While others closed

No way to see inside

Tempted with desire

I knew whatever

Door I opened

Was waiting for me

To take the first step

And begin to walk

Myself through into life

Grateful for Hugs

I am grateful for love shared
To help others know we cared

I am grateful for joy
In knowing we can enjoy
The joyney through life

Thanks to those hugs
Much needed at times
But coming aware of love
Is giving the care we all need

by Pauline Harris

Green Leaves Dragon


A New Day Arises

A New Day Arises

By Pauline Harris

Awoken after a quiet rest

Shadows came to appear

Just after the sun rose

Into the morning sky

A deep breath to begin

This new day upon us

Clearing the mind

For preparations made

Birds at the feeder feast

As squirrels eat their fill of seeds

A dog barks and protects the grounds

And I watch in wonder of this bliss

Clouds begin to gather

Making rains fall on us

Drops delightfully spread

In pockets for new growth

Hunger growls change focus

A growing need for substance

Humbled by the blessings

I return to fill my other needs

Only to realize, one day

I will return to this place of joy

In hopes to share this peace

Once again another day

Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand
By Pauline Harris

Growing up 
Was an adventure 
Moving around 
The world 
Seeing all kinds
Of history 
Of places
Pure wonderment 
And to know
That touch
Holding of my hand
When walking
Through the woods
Or up the castle steps
Or him dressing up
In monster gear
Protecting us 
Far and near
My dad’s hand
Was there to hold
Playing cards 
Planting flowers
Taking time
My dad’s hand
Was there to hold
And continues to be 
Thank you dad
For being there
Holding my hand

Taking A Moment

Taking a moment 
To reflect on 
Blessings surrounding us
Every hour
Of each day
Thank you 
To the One
Who loves us
By Pauline Harris

Sunflower Seed

The seed had been planted 
Long ago and forgotten 
Until the soil began to move
Break open, sending up
A special gift, yet to peak
A rounds casing held this gift
Growing taller each day
Watering and sunbathing 
This gift was readying itself
Until one day, the gift began
To open the outer peddles
And then suddenly the flower
Appeared for all to see
This beautiful sunflower 
Sharing in delight of this day
By Pauline Harris

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D-Day Remembered

D-Day Remembered, 75 years later

by Pauline Harris

The tides were changed,

The tides were changed

That fateful day in June

People worked together

From many nations, many backgrounds

To fight for freedoms

Some freedoms they would never know

By air they dropped

By sea, they came in droves

By land, they moved into battle

All planned out together

For one purpose

To fight for freedom

Freedom to have a voice

Freedom to make the world better

Freedom to care, to love

Freedom to live together in harmony

Learning from one another

How we can be better, do better

And make our world something to pass on

Generations are yet to know what poppies mean

Generations learn what is clean and unclean

We have a responsibility to all of us

To make sure freedom is for all

That our world is for all of us

As we carry our voice forward

Allowing for all histories to be known

Let the waters flow through us

Leaving ripples of the past

To touch the future

With our freedoms, we can speak

Of our continued love shared

Thank you brave people of the past

For giving us the freedoms we have

We may not say it everyday

But you are in our hearts always

Thank you for being tides of change

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