Sleep Well

A quiet eerie little town
just waiting n watching
all the folks who are
now asleep
Sleep well
for in the morrow
the town will awake
to all the hustle n bustle
of the people on the streets
Sleep well, my friend
Sleep well
for in the morrow
who knows who may come
Sleep well towns-folks
sleep well


Stormy Clouds

Storms just getting ready to come along
s. USA in June 2012

To Climb Higher (an early rendition)

A vision runs through
My head
Of a man
And his struggle
To climb a mountain

The struggle I see
Is the man,
He has no legs

How can he do it
How can anyone
The fears, the hardship

There must be the struggle
The pain to carry on
The gain of triumph
These sensations
Go through my mind
Over and over again

I begin to imagine
My own struggles
As if I am climbing
My own mountain

I climb higher
And higher and higher

The upper climb
The struggle

Ever upward

The climb is challenging
Yet uplifting

As my accomplishment
Comes ever closer

Almost there
I can see it
It is within my grasps

Yeah, at last
I’m there
Great joy feels my soul

My accomplishment is complete
I thank those who helped me along the way


(many years ago I choreographed a dance to this poem and

it was performed by the Moving Dance Images company with the help of a dear friend)

the gift

the gift


a secret once given

of an image once portrayed

only in one’s mind

now come to life

rarely found

was this one secret

I had to know

it would be cherished

or at least


I looked at you

one day and saw

you were the one

the one who

would receive

this one special gift

how to present

it to you

so you would know

it was special

I found a place

to hold the gift

so dear

dear friend

please keep this close

and pass it along

a smile is so dear

it awakens so much

keep the joy

and pass on the gift



originally posted on facebook this year by me