Nine Eleven Remembered

Nine Eleven Remembered

By Pauline Harris


The start of a normal day


The unspeakable occurred


Before this date

Planes were planes

Innocence lost

As the planes

Were used


A few set forth

On a mission that day

To change the world


And briefly, they did


We all looked up

To see

The horrors unfold



And yet real



As they took place

Before our eyes


Frozen in time

Ash falling

Deep in ash



So many perished

No trace left behind


Gone in an instant

Just ashes remain


A child cried out

Looking for a parent

Someone asked the child

To look around

And point out the parent


The child looked and looked

And said, ‘They all look

The same. All the people

Look the same.’


Briefly all the people

Covered in ash, looked alike


We came together

United as one

Time Was Lost

Time Was Lost

By Pauline Harris


We had agreed to meet

Here on the beach

Those many years ago

Our paths were not meant

To meet again, this day

We were never again to meet

For what we had was gone

The waves had washed

The memories away

Taking with them

Any hope of love


I came this day

To the beach

To claim myself

Free of you


But here you are

Waiting for me

To hold me tight

In those arms


I am afraid

Of my love for you

Is still strong

And can I trust you


Once you left me

All alone, abandoned

Now, you are here

Asking me to return

To our shared love


Can I forgive

And move on

With you

Or without you

The choice is mine

And I will let you know

What I decide


Goodbye for now


* * * This poem was inspired by a photo of someone on the beach.




Once upon a time, there used to be this tradition of connecting together by placing arms around another. They called this tradition ‘hugs’. Hugs were special in they told so much without saying one word. Alas, we do have hope to one day return to the hug custom. Until then please take this short story as my hug across the globe to you….by Pauline Harris


Listening By Pauline Harris

Do we listen to respond with disconnect? or to understand and find some common ground?…are we so far apart from each other we cannot come together at all? Yes, we are all different/unique. We do have commonalities. These are roots we can build upon or destroy…it is our choice.

A Moment of Solitude

A Moment of Solitude
By Pauline Harris
* * *
Sitting quietly
In the stillness
Of this moment

The trees rustling
As the wind whispers
Quietly softly
Tender echoes
Of memories
Long since passed

I reach out
Trying to grasp
One memory

Alas, it is gone

Looking around
At all the trees
Surrounding me,
Every corner

The roots beneath me
Growing strong
And sturdy
Holding all above
With strength
And complexity

The trunk of the tree
Supporting me as I lean

Branches overhead
Providing shade

As the tree breathes
Oxygen flows through the air
Providing me breaths

And I return my gratitude
While breathing out
And also tenderly
Caring for the roots,
The trunk, and branches

Helping each other
Where we are
Together growing

Connecting Posts

Connecting Posts

by Pauline Harris


One day after a rain,

I set out on the land

To put some much needed

Posts across the border

I knew these were in need

As to define what I knew

To be the boundaries

Not just for me

But for others to see

Proclaiming this area

Solely to be mine

Mine to venture

To claim the boundaries

Mine to work

Mine to plow

Mine to dig

Mine to plant

Mine to grow

Mine to discover

All that it can do

The boundaries with posts

Connecting one to another

Making a fence

A declaration

Of the ownership

That is until

I realize that

I am only

A caretaker


For looking after

This land so dear

It came through

The many hands before

All lending their hands

To keep all alive

Across these lands

Healing, nurturing,

Feeding, and living

These lands may have posts

The posts may divide us

And yet they may unite us

It is up to us

We ourselves

To decide

How we react

To each post

We come across

Ripples in the Land

Ripples in the Land

By Pauline Harris

Once the ripples

Of the current

Rushed over this land

Leaving behind

These wrinkles

Frozen in time

Washed away forever

What was once

Rich land with a river

Gone and forgotten

Those days along

The banks of this once

And mighty river

Leaving behind

Just threads

Of the ripples

Where the mighty

River called home

The Flower

The Flower

By Pauline Harris

As the sun reached

For the horizon

Greeting us

With a new day

The blossoming flower

Opened up to say hey

Presenting many colours

As it showed its array

A butterfly flying by

Saw the delicious

Flower just waiting

There to nourish

Those who came to rest

And feast then be on its way

Along came the hummingbirds

Chasing one another

Until they reached

The petals of the flower

Each enjoying what the day brings

And I sit in wonderment

As creations delve

Around this blossom

The Dynamics of Breathing

The Dynamics of Breathing

By Pauline Harris

Sitting quietly

Stillness abound

Focusing on breath

Close eyes

Calming thoughts

Take a breath in

Allowing the breath

To travel each part

All the crevices

Reaching the fingers

And all the toes

Exhale out the breath

Deep breath in


And out


In each piece

Out joining peace

Calmly breathing

Each moment aware

Peace at hand

Today is Given

Today is Given

By Pauline Harris

The sun rises

Greeting all

Delighting sight

Awoken this morn

Eyes open slightly

Vaguely awake

Rub my eyes

And stretch my arms

Rolling out of bed

Time to see

What this day

Will become

Living in the light

Seeking each moment

Breathing each breath

Here comes the daybreak

And is ready to begin

Stepping out

The door slams shut

Startled and yet moving forward

Here we go, ready to live

This day is full

Of opportunities

Ready, set, hope

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