Joy of Letters Combining Into Words

Books are friends…

They can take us

a million different places…

and to no place at all…

We are introduced to

so many new/old times

and characters…

and to those we have known

for a long while…

Books bring about

new ideas, creativity,

and imagination…

and they keep us

grounded in the moment…

Books are full of

great adventures,

some of them can just be

in our own mind.

By Pauline Harris 2013

Begins With Thought

sometimes i feel

some sweet sadness

wash over me…

as festive fingers glide

through to bring

on something new…

a new creation is

meddling through my head…

kinda curious…but am

patiently awaiting…

wonders to unfold one day

By Pauline Harris 2010

Restless Nights

Sometimes you may

have a restless nite…

are anxious about the events

that are planned for the next day…

the storm may be pounding outside…

you wake up accepting the day

is going to begin a certain way…

do some stuff then get an idea

to look for something specific…

and then find something else

that was a relief to find…


Sometimes we set out to do one thing…

and another thing is more important to do…
By Pauline Harris 2010

Grateful For Friends

So much more
Than thank you
Truly grateful 
For those who care
For those who love
A smile or a hug
Connected us
For so long
A word here
To express
From my heart
To yours
For being
Near or far
Always close by
In spirit
Thank you
My friends
Hugs and
By Pauline Harris 2017

Thank You

I am grateful
For a gift given
Without asking
Words cannot express
My humble thanks
At this very moment
Thank you for
Your love and kindness
By Pauline Harris


Memories can

always with you –
as you grow-
to form new experiences- 
that will hold-
hope and keep-
love alive-
peace be with all-
who read this-
blessings and love
…by Pauline Harris

Growing Hope

Growing Hope
lines altered as
ripples begin to
express the light
That is found
Deep within
Walk again
In the compassion
We all know
Is the path to love

by Pauline Harris


A Light Shines ON

Be still my heart
The earth trembles
Fires spew out
From the earth’s crust
Furies of discourse roar
Strongly to threaten justice
Truth speaking in whispers
Twisted words taking lead
Smoke easing out
Poisoning all, but going unnoticed
As focus is on mirrors
Cracks do appear
Opening up as the morning star
Rises in the east
Bridging more than just friends
Bringing together hope
A light shines its way
Into the hearts of us
Everyday and everyway
With answers to end all hate
And bring poverty to an end
Delusional visions still mask
Those who only see themselves
We can prevail and making this world
A world for all, not just those who think
There are limits in a world of unending hope
Love will win, if we choose to see
With our hearts, not just our minds
by Pauline Harris

Careful Fishies

we lil fishies

of the sea

luv to get hooked

on the good ones…

we try to avoid

the bad hooks,

but sometimes get

hooked on them…

good thing we can


get unhooked

if we choose to be…

time to go

swimming in the seas

of life and beyond

to the ocean of beings too.

So fishers let your rods

reel some good bait. Pharris 2012/2018

Is Anyone Listening

Someone out there

is whispering…

can you hear them…

they are saying

something important…

something one person

needs to hear…

listen closely and

you might hear

them whispering…

they only whisper

because everyone

around them is yelling or

talking over them…

can you hear them…

the whisper is

in the wind… pharris 2010

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