A Newness Begins


Heavy clouds form
On the horizon
Bringing much changes
Sparks of insights
As many cling to hope
Glimpses of dreams
Beginning to take foot
As one tiny step forward
Leads to new found joys
All starting from within
A belief bringing
In the focus
On the best for all
Some stumbling may happen
As is the path to all newness
Creating a brightness
With each of our lights
Allowing others to follow the glow
And with this light of mine
I express my gratitude
To those who love,
To those who inspire,
And to those who smile
Thank you and hugs
As the new year begins
Each of us anew

By Pauline Harris

Sharing Love

Calling Out
Around the world
For all to see
The blessings near
And far 
Love surrounds us
Hope lives on
May we see the rays
Of Love’s Pure Joy
Thanks to those
Who love and care
By Pauline Harris

Some News

Stop right there,

Have you heard the news…

It is time to…Smile…

Enjoy your holidays…

Connect with someone…

Take a step towards the future…

and Spread some hugs around~pharris2012

Blessings and Hugs

May we all see
The light shining bright
As angels guide
And support our days
Blessings and hugs

by Pauline Harris

Light Comes

All are busy

Preparing for

The Holiday

In a moment

My heart struck

Stillness arrived


I looked around

Nothing to be found

But a small, tiny

Sliver of light

Shone through a crack


Just appearing now

This crack in reality

Calling forth

Knowing not

For what

It beckons me


I stop and listen

For the need is too immense

A peaceful time


Where all love

Blankets us here


Love surrounding

Precious is our world

We gather one to another

To comfort and care

For we know our time

Here is near

So we prepare

The future place

For those who come by

Next with love and gratitude

And thank those who gave all

For they can never be repayed


Thank you those who care

And those who have been there

Gracious Light surround us all

As rays reach through the crack

The crack in the wall

By Pauline Harris

Angels Guide Us

May we all see
The light shining bright
As angels guide
And support our days
Blessings and hugs

One Wish


To all, this season and always
I wish for you
Love that knows no bounds
Joy and happiness
Freedom to choose our life paths
Hope to continue in each heart
Mercy as we let go of fears and unwants
May we seek common resolutions
And understand we are all unique
With our own gifts to share with the world
Blessings to all and thank you for being you
By Pauline Harris 2016

A Tiny Gift


It had been
Quite awhile
Since we last
Saw one another

Today was
A chance
You and I

Arriving at
This very moment
You and I
Are here
At last

Upon arrival
You presented
This small, tiny

I looked at you
And tried to figure out
What it was
This tiny gift
Was given to me

My gaze didn’t go
And upon
Your face
The gift grew

Knowing I had to
‘What was the smile
I waited
For I wanted
To know

You gave me
A hug
And said
The smile and hug
Are gifts
For sharing love

Grateful for the gift
Of love shared between
Us two here
Thank you my friend

By Pauline Harris

This is Why I like you…

This is why I like you…

let me *say* the ways you

make life more wonderful…

Sometimes when we are feeling sad,

we need to know that we are important to another…

‘n how we are important to another…

but sometimes just a hug will do just fine…


There is always a way

Sometimes along the journey thru life, there are side streets or stumbling blocks. These are not meant to detour one from the path. Sometimes these can be awakening moments for one to see how far one has travelled so far. Other times, these can put one in amidst of uncertainty of where to travel next. At this time, one must take time to breathe and reflect. There is always a way.~pharris2011

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