Entangled Tree

One day, a tree thought

Oh what it would be

If I were to write

A story of my birthright

For the pages would come

Predestined and written

All the story would show

Upon the pages already completed

The story was written while inside the tree

All the world would discover

What the story was to be

When the pages came away to form a book

Now, the reader can delight in

Reading the story by the tree

…by Pauline Harris


Light Showing the Way

The long walk

into the woods

led us astray

we looked for

a way out

but nothing seemed

to express a solution

finally we stopped

for a moment

to rest and recoup

in our moment

of need, a light


giving us new hope

deep within

we knew to follow

it guided us to

safety and renewed hope

…by Pauline Harris


(Ubuntu=noun meaning a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity).


Joy is found in heartfilled gifts
No audience or applause needed here
Rewards given as deed is done
Hugs and smiles bring joyous laughter
If only displayed to God now
Omnipresent, omnipotent, always here –always knowing
Guide so merciful, loving, and grace – filled
Grateful am I to follow thee
By Pauline Harris

Dream To Sail

(Inspiration:  A child playing with a tiny sailboat in water.)


A young girl sits by
Looking into the water
Waves of joy appear
As she gazes closer
Her finger moves
The leaf boat into the water
Imagining joining in
She blows attempting
To send the leaf boat
On a journey. Setting
Sail to voyage the many
Seas along the horizon.
The destination unknown
For the adventure is
What awaits…dreaming on
By Pauline Harris

My Creation Became Real

(Inspiration:  A drawing in a book of a lady moving from the page)

One day, I was doodling
An image of the lady
Began to progress out
Of my pen onto the paper
All aspects of her proportional
Excited with my ability
To make such amazing details
I had not done these before
Exhausted, I dozed off
In my snores, I heard
The sound of footsteps
I opened my eyes
To my amazement
My lady figure moved
From the page
Into reality. She became real.

By Pauline Harris

Me Cat, Me Tiger

(The premise for this poem:  A cat painting a self-portrait and it becoming a tiger…)


Alone looking in the mirror
Gazing deep within
Searching to find
True self, only to see
An eye looking back
Strength and grace
Wisdom creating scenes
Of admiration upon
The once blank canvas
My meow is now a growl
Hear this soul roar
Such delight is now found
Glory here is divine
…by Pauline Harris

Now, At the Beach

Captivated by the sounds
Of the waves crashing
Splish, splash, and crash
Drawn into the moment
Now is here at the beach
The tiny grains of sand
Grassy patches with flowers
Tracks of birds making
Their way across the land
Another wave draws me closer
Suddenly engulfed
Taken deep within
And enjoying the swim
A wonderful day at the beach
…by Pauline Harris

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