I was gonna…

I was gonna…
Oh, look a shiny
Light is shining
so bright
in the moonlight.
I look up to see
it is a reflection
of the beauty
I see in the world.
Oh, what a delight.
The Light of the world
Is coming from each
Of us…go and share
Your love and light.
And thank you
for making this world
so much brighter.
~Pauline Harris


One Day Quilt

One day I hope we can see we are all unique beings with common threads and when pieced together, we make a beautiful quilt.~Pauline Harris

A Little Surprise

Early the

other morning,

I looked out

the window

out where the

flowers were

in bloom.  A

glimpse of


caught my

eye.  Waking

to see

what it was

before me,

I focused

closely as

each flutter

moved quickly.

Desire lept

into my being.

Telling myself

to breath and

to look patiently.

There before me,

flew pure joy

and wonderment.

The first hummingbird

to catch my eyes

this season.

Oh what a delight.

~Pauline Harris 2015

Whispers of Angels Wait to Be Heard

Sitting at my desk

I sat and waited

to hear any thing

a whisper would

have been good

but nothing came

to speak in my ear.

_So I ate my dinner

as I was hungry

and needed to

nourish my soul

somehow, but

in my rush, I think

I came to have

something in

my throat

choaking me

I could cough

but no talking

would come

I coughed and

saught help

I did not want

to do this alone.

_An angel was found

to help me with

my dilemma.

Not long did it take

and I was okay again.

_Surprised by the events,

I went to a quiet place

to sit still

with my thoughts.

_There appeared

a rustle in the trees,

a bird clapped it’s wings,

a cloud formed in the sky.

_Later, that night

I announced my

events of the day

and gave thanks

to the angel

who saved my life.

Thank you again,

dear angel.

~Pauline Harris

Bringer of New Growth

Quiet and calm

The rustling leaves

begin to settle

into the ground-

above bits of green

begin to appear-

slowly now, signs

of new growth

start showing-

a bulb just planted

days ago

sprouts and shows

a flower-

a rosebud starts

to show one

petal at a time

bringing new

thoughts of joy

for all humankind–

A gust of wind

rises to clean

more land for

more growth–

An angelic tear

rushes over

spreading on

seeds and forests


new growth–

Songs of wonderment

enter the mind

As glories of days

to come flourish–

Dances of celebration

Feasts to entertain

The newness has arrived

Enjoy in the greatness

~Pauline Harris

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