The Key

For so long, I had waited
Tortured with thoughts of impending freedom
Longing for the day when I
Could finally breathe without fearing fear
Sure, given this key would open
These bonds that hold me here
But there is a price,
I can never get back ever
You took that from me
Your hunger for power
Took my precious innocence
No matter what you think
To me, I will never be innocent
The key may hold my freedom
But thanks to you, I am never truly free
Forever with the burden of your torment
To my life…I will move forward
Walking in a path to heal
Share my story and love forward
For I know love is where life grows
Not power, not you,…love is
By Pauline Harris

Smoky Embers

Gazing into the logs
As they begin to take flame
Engulfing embers
Combust deep within
Carrying the gazer
Towards a journey
Like no other
Captivating the soul
Enriching the feeling
Of being connected
To the oneness
Within the ever-burning
Called life
And guided
By the energies
Within the embers
Let go to fully
When left in ashes
Only to be reunited
In the new fire
By Pauline Harris

Disappearing With Time

Lost and fading as tears stream
Covering and hovering in the mist
Seldom heard whispers ring truth freely
Unnoticed weeping led to wretching pain
Slowly glimpses of shadows make appearances
Only to discover reality has vanished
By Pauline Harris

Peddle Stool

Upon arrival, I noticed
Little things
Luxuries given
Really forced upon me
Liking the feelings, at first
A tiny voice
Shouted ‘Be cautious’
To the attention
I enjoyed it
Engulfing me
In clouds of illusion
And then suddenly
The door swung open
And there, I saw
The depths
The distance
From reality
I had been placed
No more illusions
Of grandeur
For I knew
True happiness
Was not there
But for my own
Choice in keeping
By Pauline Harris

Don’t Let These Eyes Deceive You

(Inspiration: a photo of a mouse with cute eyes)
Cutest eyes will dramatically compel you
To gaze upon their exquisite draw
Tempting fate bringing an overwhelming desire
To throw down everything for love
However the delusion will falter
As so many have as reality awakens
…by Pauline Harris

Gated Path

Walking along
Making choices
For this and that
Some paths chosen
Strictly one way
Rules broken by authority
Breaking silence
Holding fast to love
Creating joyous moments
Echoing whispers
May appear from
Foggy mist
Talks to settle
Tormented souls
With no place to hide
Guided, as if to safety
Forged in a dream
A place no one hears
The screams to call
For love once more
By Pauline Harris

Blue Glass Sphere Tied

Seashore shops carried these special items
Seeing some on ships, in houses
Odd shaped objects, spherical and blue
Greenish blue like the moving ocean
And the cords tied just so
Never really finding out their uses
Just found beauty in gazing upon
The spherical green-blue glass
With tied strings attached. ..
By Pauline Harris

Painting Reality

Real world only shows so much
Forming what is to be seen
Highlights painted in words and pictures
Expressing views of ideals some see
Convincing others only views of reality
Are these given changing our perception
Putting those rosy glasses for now
But peaks of reality and truth
Prevail giving chances to open eyes
Seeing and believing love wins all
…by Pauline Harris

Toys To Some

Outside playing
In my new swimsuit
Just down the street
A small play park
A slide, some swings, and more
Having fun laughing, playing, running
One of the much older kids came by
Joined by several others
The teasing started
Not the first time
This happening
Feeling uneasy
I begin to walk away
No way out
Held by some
Others begin
Soft touches and saying
‘Girls like this attention’
Struggle to get out
And suffocating
Becoming disoriented
They take my bikini
‘Wow, what a body’
Touching me all over
Crying in despair
And frightened
For mere moments
Suddenly awakened
I am alone
I run home
Naked and afraid
Curling up in my bed
Hiding in my blankets
By my teddy bear
I am a human
This is my body
Not yours to abuse
At any age
I forgive you
Even though you don’t remember me
…by Pauline Harris


One tear led to a roar
Climbing over pebbles
Which slowly changed
To rivers, valley, and mountains
Distant shouts muffled
Into mere whispers
Nothing gained in silence
Momentary joy forged
Reality sets in of truths
Only seconds beyond repair
For the outcome caused
Total dispare sending
Ripples everywhere
…by Pauline Harris

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