God’s Magic Kiss


Yet another hurt
Grabbed wrongfully 
Damaged beyond repair
Scattered in emotions
Lost in thought

Calling calmness
Silently praying
Allowing answers to come
Healing begins
As the kiss is given
Repairs received
Treacherous waters at peace
Love flowing everywhere


By Pauline Harris


One Difference

One moment can

mean so much.

One smile can

brighten the world.

One feeling can

last a lifetime.

One joy can

make the difference

in many more lives

than just the one.

One friend can

open up many doors.

All it takes is

one to make a difference.

~pharris2012 (revised from 1992)

Kindness Matters

I had my list
Entering the store
Focused on the items
Aware to find
What was needed
Looking around
Things in different places
Item not there
New location
The search goes on
Seeing familiar
Someone approaches
Asks if I am okay
Needing to pause
Not clear of need
Ask for directions
Several solutions given
Take one and say thanks
But was it received
As he walks off
Did I miss the
Or was he focused
Upon something else
His job and helping
He had left to help
Another customer
Thank you guy helper
In the store yesterday
It meant something
To know caring hearts
Do exist somewhere

Kindness Matters
By Pauline Harris


After A Storm

Forecasts had said
Plenty of rain to come
Clouds had formed
Events were held
Sadness prevailed
Winds picked up
Roads empty of traffic
Eerie sounds called out
Sirens and beeps
Warnings became evident
Me crawling into bed
Head pounding, need rest
Woken later to find out
Torn roofs and turned over cars
Were just a few miles away
No one injured, just property
Call from loved one
Inquiring about if we are okay
Caring hearts bring Heartsmiles
Thank you caring hearts
For bringing warm thoughts

After A Storm
By Pauline Harris


The Pebble

Here, it was
Along here
I had walked
Just the other day
Trying make clear
My head
But instead
I stumbled
And fell
Over some
Just here
And that’s
I found it
Just there
Those two
This one
First I thought
Another pebble
But as I
Picked it up
My eyes grew
Not knowing how
And when
I had to know
Was this true
It wasn’t a pebble
But a seed
For my hope
Was for the seed
To grow and grow
I wanted it
To grow with love
Grow with joy
To become this
Could dream possible
Miracles do happen
So I planted the seed
And shared this story
For one day I know
Hope will continue
To shine brightly
And sprinkles of love
Will appear to allow
Each of us to flourish
As we plant seeds
For the future
To become
What we will harvest
From that one seed
We planted today

By Pauline Harris

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