Ode To A Dance

Idea is born-
Always practice-
The birth of movement-
Each rotation and twist-
Leading to completion-
A leap, a twirl-
Up in the air-
Glide along the ground-
Whirling around-
Sounds of footsteps-
Around each bend-
A moment frozen-
A pregnant pause-
The audience hushed-
Quietly, the movement-
A burst of excitement-
Joy abound-
The dancers bow-
The audience applauds-
The choreographer smiles-
Completely awed-
All go home happy.

Moment of Creation

The creation of
a moment in time
started long before
the moment arrived.
A glimmer of a
thought ran
into the mind.
The seed was
planted for the
thought to grow.
Some coaxing
and mixing involved
to help the seed
to flourish onwards.
Comfort and encouragement
fostered the moment
to bloom, but only if
others helped it along.
Smiles and healing hugs
gathered nearby to
support the joyney of
this one moment in time.
For all involved knew
that this one moment
in time was true.
Blessings. Pauline Harris

A Lonely Hug

There once was a lonely hug.
No one seemed to care
that it was all alone and just
wanted someone to be there.
For what is a hug,
A hug is one person caring
and sharing with another
personal contact filled with
warmth and much love.
So here is an air hug
from me to you. Enjoy.
( ❤ ) pharris

The Dash

birth (dash) death
all stages of life
but only one is
for life itself
the dash is
meant to be
for the living
to live life
to be life
to be who
we are in life
take courage
take a breath
live our lives
and make a difference
make a life of blessings
blessings to pass on
blessings to give hope
blessings to teach others
blessings to inspire
remembering the dash is
just a short time
make the dash count~pharris