Just Breathe

Time to take time to Breathe…
Just Breathe…
Time to take a walk…
and Clear the head…
Acknowledge Breathing
Helps in so many ways…
Just Breathe….
One, two,…
Looking for a clue…
Here in this moment…
When so many want
One thing…
And yet we are told…
By so many…
‘To love one another’
Only to find…
So much the opposite…
Taking a breath…
And looking with my
Humble Heart…
Love is with me…

No Words, Just Hugs

No words, only hugs
And heartfelt prayers
For the whole world
As we learn we
Are not alone
As we learn we
Truly need one
Another… for too
Long we have turned
A blind eye… but
Now some are waking
To the fact… we
Need one another
And we need to
Learn how to
Get along…
No longer relying on
Eye an I…
Instead learning to
Forgive. Forgiving
Includes learning
To make peace
With oneself
And respecting
All involved…
Truly learning
To carry on with life.
May blessings and hugs
Find there way into
Each of our lives – Pharris

Birthday Blessings

Someone once told of this secret time of the year
In which someone has this special day, I am told
Of which they add another year to their age
And celebrate with friends and family
throughout the year a birthday celebration
like no other, for a friend like no other…
Many Birthday Blessings to you…enjoy
from Pauline Harris

Easy Cream of Mushroom Chicken

Package of Chicken
Can of Cream of Mushroom
Grapeseed Oil Spray
parmesan and ramona cheese
Preheat oven 300 degrees F. Prepare oven ready pan with oil spray. Put a base layer of the cream of mushroom soup in the pan. Cut the chicken into strips or chunks. Place the cut chicken in a layer in the pan. Put the rest of the can of cream of mushroom soup into pan. Sprinkle parmesan and ramona cheese. Cook in oven for at least an hour.

Get you Ticket for Time Travel

Hurry, Hurry…Get your once a year ticket to go back in time…tonight is the night to turn our clocks back one hour…don’t hesitate…relive one hour tonight…enjoy the extra hour.~pharris