Leap Day

Leap Day
By Pauline Harris

A special day
Only appears
Once every four years
Some may not see
The significance
Of this very day
Knowing someone
Born to this day
Can give a little
As their birthday
Only comes every four years
Although we do celebrate
Their presence every day
Special moments happen
When the Leap Day
Shows up like today

One Voice, One Vote

One Voice, One Vote
By Pauline Harris

All our lives we learn
About casting that one vote
We learn from history
Not all have a chance to cast
We learn from family and friends
Opinions of who to vote for
We learn information about
Those running from various sources
Some will tell about how
this one is better than that one
Posters will line the streets

But here is the one thing
Once the ballot is in your hand
It is up to only you
Who you choose to vote for
If that choice is ever taken away,
It is no longer a free society

Please research and vote
And yes, many who take office change
But we can only do so much
With our voice cast in a ballot

Our own ballot, our voice, our vote
Fought for, many died for
Some silenced and some forced
Our upbringing teaches us
The morals and beliefs

Futures change by all
Who take the time
To lend our voice
Some whispers speak
Only we can make
Our voices known

And now is our right
To have a say
This is our voice, our vote
Our freedom to vote
Being mindful, we cast our ballot

Spring Is Near

Spring is near
Inspiring us
To create
A world
We develop
For the young
And oh so dear
All to cherish
And make anew
For the love we care
To share from us
To us carries us through
By Pauline Harris 2018

Purplized Peach Blossom

by Pauline Harris


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says 'hugs Note: these might be air and invisible hugs, but they come with the same impact as the regular bear hugs do... enjoy your day.'
by Pauline Harris

Rays of Heartsmilez

Beginning at the heart …
rays brush out …
painting a picture …
of love expressed…
In the world around…
By Pauline Harris

Encouraging Photo

Photo and saying by Pauline Harris

Hand Knotted Necklaces by Pauline Harris

Image may contain: jewellery
My first completed knotted necklace.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Blood Stone and Turquoise necklace by Pauline Harris'
Turquoise and Blood Stone HandKnotted Necklace.
Image may contain: possible text that says 'Shell and Glass Hand-knotted necklace by Pauline Harris'
Shell and glass beads in HandKnotted Necklace.
No photo description available.
Jade Handknotted Necklace.
No photo description available.
Hand Knotted Labradite Necklace.
Image may contain: jewellery
Jasper, Jade, Bloodstone, and other beads in this handknotted necklace.

Confidential: Our Minds/Thoughts

Confidential: Our Minds/Thoughts
By Pauline Harris

People ask what is on our minds
All the time
And how we are
Do they really want the answer
Most of the time, no
They are being polite
Or want to use the answer
Against us in some way

Our thoughts are ours
Yes, we can share them
As a way of connecting with others
Caution in sharing
Only with those caring

Honesty is good
Silence is good, too
To know when to speak
And to know to be silent
Takes us time to discover
As we may trust one
And find out the opposite
While another was trustworthy
And then another sometimes

All part of life
These people we trust
Our thoughts/mind is ours
We share with confidence
That our connection is strong

Being mindful of who we connect with
Allows us to make life one worth living


Art Photography by Pauline Harris
original photo by Pauline Harris
was of the moon at night

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