Curry (a recipe is just a guideline)


In a saucepan start the rice.  Put one cup of coconut milk with one cup of chicken/turkey broth and a dab of butter to heat on medium high.  When boiling add a cup of jasmine rice and turn heat down to low…cover.  Turn off heat when rice is done…nice and fluffy.  Set aside.

In a saute pan, saute diced onion with celery in grapeseed oil and a dab of butter.  Add in diced pre-cooked turkey or chicken.  (dried cranberries or raisins…pine nuts or seaseme seeds can be added).  Add peas…carrots.  Blend ingredients together.  Add ‘S & B Golden Curry Sauce Mix’ with a bit of coconut milk and chicken/turkey broth.  Mix well.  Turn off heat.  (can add orange marmalade, for a change in flavour).

To serve…put a spoon full of rice on a plate, then put a spoon of curry mix on top.  Eat and enjoy.


a confession to one addiction

Okay, I have to admit it. I have an addiction. It all started long ago and far away. There was a preparation time for this addiction to happen. Soothing sounds and a liquid was was introduced into my system. Later on abruptly, the actual substance was introduced to me. Since that time, I have had this addiction to breathing. Time will tell if the addiction will be cured…wait a minute if I cannot breathe…then ouch. I have thought this through. I am going to keep this addiction going for the time being. Breathing can actually be fun and enjoyable…Peaceful Joyney to all.~pharris2014

where Courage is found

Courage takes on
So many aspects in
Life…to survive
Illness or tragedy
To share a smile
When hope seems
To be amiss
Joy unbound
and many lives
changed when
Encouraged to be
Truly themselves
Here we are
All of us
Choosing our own path
Either to be shared
And cared with others
Or not, but always
Those who have
Touched us so.~pharris2014

A Time of Joy

Listen…Quiet Now.
The healing has begun.
Silently we wait
For a sign of
The joy yet to come
No wait…Joy is here
In this time of Healing
We know
Life can be full
Of roller coaster rides
And yet, there is joy
Along with the fears and tears
Now to take time to see
Joy is here before us now.
Love and blessings~pharris2014