Keep On Loving

Keep on Loving
Expressions of gratitude
Fill our soul with
Sparks of Light
Brightening us all
Others may find pleasure
In mocking or discrediting
But the real joy
Is found in Love
Love that is shared
By those who cared
Keep on Loving
And spreading the wealth
In the passion called Love
And blessings will follow
Maybe some tears
Love is eternal
And found everywhere
by Pauline Harris

The Day of the Smiles

“This story began with a smile. One day, I woke up and was rather happy. So I smiled. My eggs for breakfast did not crack right. I spilled some water for my tea. Yet I smiled. Got into my car and had forgotten my purse. So went back inside with a smile. I figured there is a plan for this day, not my plan. I will go with the flow. On my way, someone passed me then turned to get off on the next exit. Another person sped passed me weaving in and out. I took my time. Later on saw the one who was speeding in an accident and hoped everyone was okay. Lastly, I saw this man on the corner not dressed very well holding up a sign. I thought to myself, he is probably another homeless person wanting food. However, I was wrong. The sign simply said smile. The guy looked at me and pointed to the sign. I smiled and so did he.”~pharris


Misty fog had rolled in
I stood there watching
Deep in the forest
Trees surrounding me
Winds hollaring whispers
Words of unconscious wisdom
My mouth closed shut
My mind set in between
Neither wanting to speak
Quietly I stood and gazed
No words were spoken
And yet a multitude of
Emotions ran through
My veins
Bringing my breathing
Almost to a standstill
Lost in the moment
I took a deep breath
Awakening my spirit
Remembering and
Forgiving in order to
Move forward
Ever focused
On love
Carrying me
Along this path
On to new
For the joyney

In Solitude with others

By Pauline Harris

Drink Up

Sitting quietly

Alone with thoughts

Reaching out

To get the clear container

Slowly opening the lid

Moving the bottle

Lips puckered with thirst

The liquid streamed down

Deep into the belly

Emptying the desire

Only to reach for another

Down it went like the other

Thoughts seem distant

As another swig of desire

Twinkled down the throat

Refreshing water

Soothed my thirst

Satisfied for now

I move on…I have to move on

by Pauline Harris

Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day
We often talk about wanting truth
But we seldom strive to find it
Sure we look or listen or read
Deep down, we still want our illusions
Many we have learned
Some are forced upon us as true
Occasionally we hide them
For we don’t want them to be true
Or we don’t believe they are true
And some we just want them to go away
Sometimes the lies are so much more
Believable or acceptable by society
So we give in to the lies as if they were true
There are some people who will never let us
Decide or know the truth
Others who will claim someone lies
While that person is struggling
To make sure the truth is heard
No matter the cost and that is the truth
Maybe one day we will be able
To listen, to read, to see
What the truth is in our world
I hope we strive to understand the truth
When we finally get to know it is true
Our world is complex and we spend time
Trying to over simplify it to our vision
When the world is pure wonderment
We need only to open our hearts
By Pauline Harris

Thank You

Thank you those who care
Thank you those who share
Thank you those who help
Spread love Everywhere

For each of us are here
To become aware
Of our path so clearly
And to spread joy everywhere
By Pauline Harris


HeartSmile…I carry

the memories n love

of those who have been

with me at some point

or another in a HeartSmile…

each time I smile,

I allow their love to come 

through me and reach out

to another…

to brighten another’s day…

or just to say hi and to enjoy life…

thank you all

who have influenced

my smiles through the years...

may the smiles continue

to grow and flourish..

HeartSmiles to all.~pharris2012

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