Beyond the stillness
Of the moment
Behind the quiet
Calmness amounts
Leading to now
Here we go
Time to relax
Rest well
Sleep well
Time for peace
At long last
By Pauline Harris

Presenting Preying Mantis

(Inspiration a preying mantis posing for the camera)

Here I am
Ready for my
Close up
The beginning of
My dance is here
To perform now
For you swinging
My hips to and fro
Let us get
By Pauline Harris

The Embrace


A dramatic sense
Of the closeness
Engulfed the moment
The two souls
Had reached
A connection
Between them
To make one
Moving in together
Their arms
Of the hug
Closely forming
A bond like no other
Warm and inviting
And freeing
A moment shared
Lasting a lifetime
By Pauline Harris

Fatherly Figures


Some showed balance
Some showed emotions
Were appropriate at times
Some expressed anger
And taught me I need boundaries
Some special ones allowed joy
To infiltrate them and bring joy
To the rest of the world
Many taught me
Many moments
To reflect upon
Thank you for being
Who you are
Those father figures
In my life
By Pauline Harris

Joy Found In Water

After a long day
A moment to reflect
Excitement found
When discovered
There is time
Some time to swim
Get ready and go
The first touch
To the water is
Ice cold…brrrr
Desire impedes
Daring to immerse more
Deeper in
Water swallowing me
Up whole
No sounds
Totally in the moment
I look up
A light glimmers
Up above
The water’s crest
Has taken fold
In a moment
Of pure joy
I stay there
As long as I can
A moment
To remember
A feeling
My whole life
With gratitude
by Pauline Harris

The Crooked Safety

For so long, I thought of
How safe I was with you
Only to discover recently the truth
Pretending to comfort me
But I
I need time to think for myself
Our journey together is over now
Pack your things
And be gone
Goodbye forever the one I trusted most
By Pauline Harris
Inspiration: A photo of 2 Crooked Safety Pins

Glimpse of Light

In the midst of the mellow
Mundane at the moment
A simple sliver calling out
To claim to only my name
Expressing something true
Only few will believe
Just being oneself is worthy
Of greatness and gratitude
Sitting here with me, it calls
After some realization
Of hearing the call to be true
I answer with just a hello
And look around for guidance
No one responds…I am alone
Alone with my thoughts and wishes
Alone with my ambitions and needs
Seeking only to live here and now
And a desire to inspire others
I move on to take the first step
The moment being now
I am fully immersed in the presence
Of learning to take time
Just to be me and support who I am
With all my waking moments
And maybe some dreams, as well
For this is who I am. I accept myself
Plainly and fully for who I am right now.
Thanks to those who helped
And those who taught
And the many who allowed
Me to be just me.
by Pauline Harris

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