Did you know? Love

I was talking with a friend
About how we were treated
When we were young
It turned out, we had
So many of the same
Stories to tell one another
Some of happy times
Many conflicting times
We grew up in such different times
And different places
With different faces
…And yet, our lives
Were impacted
By those who hated us
And by those who cared
We may have grown up
On different sides
When it came right down to it
We are all the same,
Well except those who
You know grow up to be bullies
We grew up to be caring
And want to share that love
For we know to win at life
If there is such a thing
We must first care to share
The love we found
And spread love everywhere
by Pauline Harris

Singing Joy

Makes my heart sing
Seeing sparklies zoom
Across the midnight sky
To see the clouds
Reflect in the waters
As I drive on by
Such peace to be found
Only when I see
With my heart
And find joy abound
by Pauline Harris

Ripples in Life

Inspirational Drops:

Little things in an average

day that make life

meaningful and worthwhile…

like an unexpected smile

or some kind deed

someone did

and you were made aware

by being present in that moment…

~ Pauline Harris

Advice from a Butterfly

The butterfly said to the caterpillar, ‘your time to blossom is coming. Learning to bloom and reflect all the wisdom you have gained is your duty now. Share your smile and your colours will transpire. With much love, I wish you a well filled joyney.’ -Pharris

Hugs Are Good

Healing hugs to all of us
For the hug can be
Paid forward to another
Frequently inspiring smiles
And friendships to follow
Blessings always…
By Pauline Harris


Step To The Outside

Laying on the bed
Many things swirling
Within my head
Someone gave instructions
Many moons ago
Follow precisely
This path will take you far
Several twists and turns
Led to dizziness
Now was told
Why did you not try this
Confusion sets in
As conflicting perceptions
Are given by the same person
Dance this way
No, walk quietly over yonder
Knowing guides only give clues
My path is clearly mine
I must travel to the outside
The box may be infinite
But it only seems to hold
Only a few individuals
At one time
My ride will take me
Along my joyney through life
By Pauline Harris 2017

Finding Joy

ready, set, speed bump.
ready, set, detour route ahead.
ready, set, landslide.
ready, set, ‘are we there yet’
…almost there.
ready, set, the arrival is soon to come…
get ready for joy.

Joy has come alive in us.

Ready, set, share joy.

By Pauline Harris

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