The Path Forward

The Path Forward
By Pauline Harris

In the dark, here I was
Wondering around
Looking for a clue
Where to move next

Many paths presented 
Themselves very well
But none seemed 
To be my destiny

Suddenly a light
Shown through towards me 
I looked this way and that
An overwhelming feeling 
Told me this was my path

Walking up to the light
A gap appeared in the path
My heart pounder
As I pondered where I go

Quietly I spoke to myself
Realizing I am ready
And onward I went
The path forward, I go

One’s Bliss

By Pauline Harris

Sometimes when on the path

to finding one’s bliss

there is a glimmer

of one’s bliss on the horizon,

but one must wait for the time

when one’s bliss

is a vast array of sunshine.

Although sometimes when

one’s bliss is just a glimmer,

the time may be right

to pursue bliss then.

Ultimately, one must know

when to pursue one’s bliss

and when one must wait

to follow one’s bliss. ~adapted from many

The Bell Ringer

The Bell Ringer
by Pauline Harris

From days of old
I had heard the bells
Calls to church
Or calls carrying the soul home

With each call
The sound would linger
One ring in one ear
And the bellowing sound
Echoing in the other

I thought one day
I could jump high enough
To catch the ropes
And have the strength
To pull them down
Down to the ground

Causing the ring
To make a thundering sound
Crashing through the silence
And alerting all the town

But then it came time
I no longer lived near
One of those great churches
So my dream went no where

Although I still long
To hear that amazing sound
Lingering in one ear
No longer do I crave
Holding the cords
For I have other adventures
Now I crave

Love that sound
Thank you Bell Ringers
You bring sound
Like no other can replace
And blessings to those
Who lay ear to listening to
The bells tolls we hear

The Raindrop

The Raindrop 
By Pauline Harris

Off in the distance 
Whispering winds pick up
Blowing dust and particles
Making water vapors appear 
Gathering up steam
Pushing ahead
Contributing to the brewing 
A storm is on the horizon 
Make preparations 
Take cover

A single raindrop falls
Reaching the ground
More start to come
A puddle is formed
Ripples appear
One raindrop connecting
To many others
Overlapping ripples
Splashing about playfully

A moment in joy
Doth appeared

Until the rain continued
Falling making floods

A pause in the storm
A much needed breath
Silence awoke deep within
Calmly now, each tasked 
To find a way back to hope
With each raindrop bringing 
Sparkles of love with light
Carrying forward our hearts
To seeing there is always 
A peacefilled way in love

The Quiet One

The Quiet One
by Pauline Harris

Loudly others speak
Thunder breaks through the wind
Rushing cars speed past by
Greedy wanting just their voice
Rattled cries go unheard
Shouts showing weakness
Speaking of love as wrong
Telling others of their wrongs
When all the while,
Shadows in the smoke
Seldom noticed except by a few

Cracks of light
Trying to reach out
Only to be smothered
By greed…
But, there was one
One who knew
Something so true
A Love Unending
Bearing the soul
In everlasting joy

Quietly, I reached out
To find this one
For I knew I had to
Find love once again
To make love whole
And in peace of solitude
I did find…The Quiet One 
And joined along
Sharing kindness forward
Where we could in love

Happy Earthday Everyday

Happy Earthday Everyday
We were born here on earth
We have lived here our lives
We eat, we play, we work, we…
We were sent to care for our world
We cannot do the care alone
But we can make small steps
To make sure there is a home
For future generations
One small part of the bigger picture
As we have no where else to go currently
Take care of this world for all of us
Together, surviving separately yet together
by Pauline Harris

Tree Bark Art

Image may contain: outdoor

I took a photo of some parts of a tree. Later, I used an app to make it into an artpiece. By Pauline Harris

Good Friday

Good Friday 
I knew God’s plan 
Would be fulfilled soon
Reflecting on our shared meal
Of just not long ago, last night
We lovingly prayed together 
I telling you new rules
‘To love God above all’
And also
‘To love one another, 
As I have loved you’
Continuing our meal
We ate together 
Turning bread into my body
We drank together 
Turning wine into my blood
Symbols becoming real
Soon what I was born to do
Will become true because all of you
One of you got paid
But all of you will deny me
Say you don’t follow me
I accept this as it is all
Part of the Will of God 
Today I am at court
And sentenced to die
The only ‘sin’ I committed
Was to Love and share God’s plan 
Of mercy and of grace 
‘I suffer, so you may live’
Here I am Lord, my God
‘Forgive them, for into Your Hands
I come in peace’
And may love prevail 
Everywhere and in everyone
Forever and always 
And So It Is

By Pauline Harris


Life has a roller coaster feeling
Slow to start out, learning new things
Taking small steps leading to bigger ones
Giant leaps up to the top
Quickly tumbling downward
Racing heart jumping all about
Confusing the mind 
Which direction is the right one to take
Some encourage going this way
But insecurity tells us ‘no’
Waiting for a sign, allowing the moment to speak
A rainbow does appear
Shining a light for us to follow
This way to get unstuck
And soon joy does follow us
By Pauline Harris

A Tribute for Friends/Family

A Friend/Family Tribute…I wish for you that you may find joy within to carry with you all of your days. I hope you find your Joyney here what you are looking for in life. Here is to all of those who have meant something to me…A big hug, a smile, and something left unspoken. Please know that each of you meant something to someone…enjoy ~pharris2013

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