These Walls



3 Pebbles

Driving over the bridge
I look out at the beach
The sky and water seamless 
No end, no beginning 
All connected with variegated clouds
Stopping to take some photos 
Cars rush by and so to a RV
One car honks it horn at it
Seeing the driver gazing at me
Me taking photos of the beach
There at my feet
Are three pebbles
Waiting for someone 
To take peek at them
I left them where they were
For others to find joy
In where I once stood

3 Pebbles
By Pauline Harris

5 Hearts

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Sharing Love Forward

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May the road you choose…be sprinkled with golden joy sparkles…May we all be wise enough to be able to see these sparkles of joy…Blessings to all on this St. Patrick’s Day…enjoy …pharris 2012


❤ hugs ❤

Sometimes changes in our lives happen slowly over time…

and other times, we have changes that happen within an instant…

Change is part of our everyday lives…

sometimes we are given clues/tools on how to deal

with change and other times we rely on what we already know,

our friends/family and sometimes even society as a whole.

Some may just carry on(bugger on)…

some may just sit and let life go on…

and some may run and try to make more changes.

In each situation of change,

it is comforting to know change is inevitable,

change is constant.

It is also nice when the sun rises for a new day.~pharris2013

A Garden Shared

Gardens are cool…we sometimes are fools…for not being there in person…with our deal loved ones…indeed we are fools…for insisting our loved ones always will be…by our side no matter day or night…but true to life…one day our loved ones will cease to be…however our love will continue to be ever so strong…peace with each of us as our gardens will grow… by Pauline Harris

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