Art, the process of becoming part of forever art

Long before

any thing is

put upon

paper or canvas

A thought


deep within


onto Sacred


Sacred and


To Be



is Key,

But how

A concept

Of a Formation


The mind

And Hand

Only if To Be


A stroke of the brush

or a outline of pencil

An image appears

Who can interpret

The artist is the creator

The artpiece is the creation

All others can look in awe

Or just look in wonder

The art is separate

A created being

and yet, it holds

a piece of all who

created and bare witness

The art lives on

in all who had seen it

as they became a part

of the whole art piece.

~Pauline Harris


Single Drop of Water


A thirst


my mouth, and


deeply down

my throat.

I look up

in lust

as someone walks by

with a big glass of water.

Heavy my heart,

as I focus upon

that glass of water.

I desire it with

all of my very being.

Slowly, I rise

as not to fret



as I am


to reach my desire.

One drop

of rain

touches my


No, I said.

That is not what I desire.

Another drop

brushes my cheek.

The glass of water

is long gone.

A tear forms


my eye.

My heart wrenches

and hardens

as my fist



I return inside

and go to

get a drink

of water.

My heart flutters

as I discover


has poured

one for each of us.

Smiles break

out and joy

ignites as

we drink

our water.

~Pauline Harris

Blessings All Around

The beginning,

the very beginning.

That is when it all happened.

All of this started.


But Life is something more.

An unending search.

A search for something more.

Expansion of the mind, body, soul.

Which one to focus upon?

Such a struggle, as we are bombarded with focus upon this aspect of Life,

No…focus upon this aspect on Life.

Here is the correct path for all to take.

But here is the path of Truth.

Over here is the path to riches and wealth.

Another path appears to have all the answers to keeping the body well.

Sure, we can listen to all these ideas and ideals.

Which way to venture is up to us ourselves.

Even in a dictatorship, we ourselves have to decide.

Each decision itself holds a blessing and a challenge.

Now where to focus our energy.

Truth is the answer, but only we know how to get there.

Remember the blessings along the JOYNEY.

~Pauline Harris2015

What Joy do you see?


the clouds form a wing…

I look up to see…

a small rainbow formed

inside a bunch of clouds…

night slowly calls…

the moon is framed

inside the clouds…

I look up to see…

a smile formed

just for me~pharris2015