Good Day To You

The gentleman came a calling on me
Dressed so nicely and so prestigious
I thought to myself how kind
Instantly taken into a world
A world not my own anymore
Disguised as luxury, I followed
Following without cares nor emotions
Totally succumbed to this gentleman’s whims
Until he touched me without asking
Taking me into his grasp
Hands in places I shall not speak of
Torn to pieces were my clothes
Ravaged and broken
Monster behind the man’s mask
Taken again
No screams of joy
No longer
Body conflicted
Treated like a rag doll
More horrors yet to come
Missing me, because you
Had to have some fun
Never again will I trust you
Never again will I see you
I need some time to recover
I will never again be that me
By Pauline Harris

No More Snowflakes

No Snowflakes

The day had come for us to move
I was so young, thinking it was a game
Not knowing anyone, my friends all gone
Taken away and I would have been next
We moved and all was well until
Many others were disappearing
Us, we had to wear emblems
Only here not there was where to shop
Of where to attend school
Curfews and demoralizing rules governed us
Soon we were not even allowed school
Father took us to a new place
New rules…and here, I write in my journal
To remember and to know
Quietly we survive for awhile
Somehow discovered
Stripped of our identities
Scattered from our families
Lost and confused
Illness strickened us
Some taken to showers
Snowflakes everywhere
In the middle of summer
Holes, bones
Clothes with no bodies
No voice
No choice
Is a luxury
No water
No food
Silenced forever
Only her words remain
In a journal discovered
On the floor amongst the papers
Let us not return to her times
Never again…speak up
Hear our cries
All we want is respect,
Our voice to be heard,
And our basic needs
And we will work for them
No more snowflakes
By Pauline Harris
In remembrance of Anne Frank
And many others

Merry Go Round


Walking into the playground
Excited to see
There was my favorite
A merry-go-round
I ran straight towards
Ready to jump on board
Not realizing my shoelaces
Were not all tired
I tripped and fell
Straight into a mud puddle
Determined not to cry
I checked myself over
Quickly tying my laces
Fragile, yet eager to spin
I ran along side
Then jumped on board
Holding the rail at first
Letting go to balance
Rounding round
Again and again
Not able to focus
Upon any object
No clear path
Dizziness set in
Must gain focus
To step off
Not happening
Grabbing the rail
I sit down
And let the spinning
Slowly there is closure
Refocusing on departure
Composed and calm
After such an adventure
Rest is all I need
By Pauline Harris

A Long Winding Road


Stepping one foot on a path
All sorts of advice this way or that
No clear correct way given
Choices are ours yet to make
But sourly given responses
Of potentially harming criticism
Alter clear thinking and bring doubt
Alluding truth behind the veil
No longer visible through the fog
The mind finds clarity in acceptance
Only to be lost in worry when differences
Apparently appear; suffocating
The very essence of growth
Learning to breathe again mindfully
Allowing the destination to be here presently
Finding gratitude in the twists
Amongst the mountains and valleys
We know hope and love make us
Loving, compassionate, and merciful
Carrying ever further along our individual
Paths through the long winding road of life
By Pauline Harris

The Hidden Garden Door

Dew greeted me this morning
As the thickening fog
Slowly began to lift
Awakening the critters
Amongst the bushes
Along the trail
Deep inside the woods
Listening intently
For anyone following me
Knowing full well
Someone someday
May discover this secret passageway
And then they will discover
The hidden door to the garden
Not just any garden
This one has roses of every shade
Yes even deep dark black ones
Pansies and tulips
Daffodils and posies
Amongst the flowers is a garden
Herbs and veggies to delight
A small sanded area with some rocks
I have made this area a zen garden
A tree with a swing allows fun
All in all the garden is a peaceful hideaway
Maybe someday I will share
Bu for now it lives
Only in my dreams
By Pauline Harris


I was honest with someone tonight
I told them how I felt
About something dear to my heart
And I listened intently to hear
What he thinks to be true
I have researched the questioned item
And found my beliefs are true
And his beliefs are not true
I love and respect him so
But now I am thoroughly perplexed
And don’t understand. ..At a crossroads
Bring back innocence and joy
Honesty takes so much away
Losing so much…does he even love me anymore

No matter, I will still love him
By Pauline Harris

A Call To Write


Before me set
A tablet and some pens
Fragments of tales
Bounced around in my head
Clouds blanketing the sky
Moments weeping by
Someone distantly saying hi
Circling sayings mustering in
All forming a sensible wordage
I pick up the pen
As the words flow
Onto the pages
A pleasure to write
Grateful for being
The vessel, thank you.
By Pauline Harris

A Walk in the Woods

Keeping up with the nice day
I thought a walk in the woods
Would settle my desires for adventure
Gathering my walking stick and water
I venture into the woods nearby
Careful to walk amongst the path
Stories of people going missing
Have plagued my mind with some fears
Tempted to calm myself I walk on
Deeper within and loosing the way
A clearing up ahead with a massive
Overly huge pile of wood, or so I thought
Closer inspection the pile is a gigantic pig made of wood
Not real says my mind, until it
Gathering muster
I attempt to run
About which way
To go really
And frightened
I cower there
The gigantic pig
Moves closer,
But is stopped
By the trees
Collecting my hope
I got up and away
Running towards the trees
Knowing they will guide me
Away from this crazy gigantic pig
And to my home and land
Home and grateful, I am home
By Pauline Harris

The Oil Lamp


Along the path to the market
In the window stood the lamp
Up high on a massive stool
There for all to gaze and view
I know not what brought me
To this point but destiny awaits
Desiring more than my dreams calling
And yet knowing only three wishes
Are all I can have granted
Tricksters along with Genies will confuse
Anything and everything I will desire
So the idea to formulate wishes
For the best outcome becoming true
For many past promises go unfulfilled
And many more prevented by others
I wish my blessings upon
Each and everyone of those who
Take the time to care, to inspire,
To encourage, to teach, and above
All these to respect others
I am eternally grateful…blessings
By Pauline Harris

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