Searching For Calm

Here, I am

living in a storm

Water rushing

This way and that

Water for those

who have a thirst

Here, it is

Drowning others

and me…or so it seems

For those are just dreams

Drops of water

so scarce

and yet, those


so numerous

to count

Be this way

or choose this path

I often think

Of this thing called

Freedom, so many

fight for the right

to be free

And yet, we

command others

to be just the same

as others

or do the same

as others

How is this freedom?

When we teach our

young ones

Do we teach them

to think and create

or do we teach them

to just follow

and to learn

false histories

false histories are

written by the victors

with no care for

any other

The storm is

engulfing us


To give ourselves

love and light

we must hold back

take a moment





Share our thoughts

Share our culture

Share our traditions

Respect others

And Breathe

Calm will come


Please Enter To Write

The sign on the door

said simply

‘Please Enter To Write’

No argument from me

as I like to write;

however, I looked in

the door to see

there were no bodies

present.  Was I the only one

willing to enter or

was there some rules

or regulations

about what could be

written or how to go

about writing.

The only sign of rules

said, ‘one must follow

what one must follow.’

To me, I understood

the sign saying as a writer,

I must follow what I must follow,

but how come no writers

were present.  Could

they not follow what they

chose to follow?

It was plain for me,

I had to write

and write I must.

For living is about creating

and I am all for living.

I sat down and began to write.

Ideas sprung in my head

and down to paper

they were said.

Write, I must.

And follow what I must follow

wherever it may lead.

Here I am writing on.

~Pauline Harris 2015

Precious Water

As teardrops sprinkle the earth

Enriching the plants and soil

Nourishing the bodies and minds

Noticing not all are drinking

Some have no money

To get the precious water

Others cannot find

The precious water

Obscure to find

Many have too much

Or they steal it

(or just claim it for their own)

So they can sell it

Precious water

Give us the cure

To a beautiful

Body and Mind

Wisdom, it brings

Nourishes the soul

Be kind

And give

Precious water

To all who live


A Simple Longing

Quietly, I sit

and wait

to hear

the words

no one dears to speak

Silent still

I wait

for my heart

to hear

as if to gain

some insight

No one can say

what I need

to hear

Because the one

whom I need

to hear

the words

from is

no longer here

Gone and missed

my heart


the love we


is only between


No one can


No one can


For this love

is gone

and never


A smile

is a reminder

of those days

long since


A stroke

of the pen

A brush

of some paint

Pictures and words

are just moments

we shared

Never to be replaced

A Simple Longing

~Pauline Harris

A Deep Dark Black Rose

I sit here

gazing at a

mystery of

A deep dark rose

full of beauty

and extraordinary


No other rose

could compare

Because each rose

is in itself

solely, one of a kind

Uniquely distinct

and wild about love

~Pauline Harris

A Discovery Made

I stopped in my tracks

the other day

as I had found

something I was

looking for

for some time.

I was excited

and even told

a friend of my


Not many would

choose to venture

where this creator

had walked.

He had written

the translation

to an ancient

text from a


not spoken

very much

these days.

But then I

went further

to discover

what the


truly thought.

Instead of


I found words

of hatred

and harsh


Here I am


best I can


and the golden rule.

Do I look past the

creator and


the created works?

It is true many creators

have troubles in their past.

We are all humans.

Learning tolerance

and learning each other’s

customs and beliefs

are helpful in carrying on.

But can a creator

full of such hatred

make something beautiful.

A dilemma remains.

~Pauline Harris

Temporary Beings Creating

For some there is no

question of creating.

It is part of who one is.

But for others,

Life seems to give

Challenges that get

In the way.  Such as,

Nay sayers or lack of funds

or materials or ability

or lack of inspiration.

All valid, but the desire

Is ever apparent.

As for sharing,

There is trust.

Trust is a huge deal.

As the creator

knows their work

is to be shared

and cared for,

but there are some

who will destroy

the trust in one way

or another.

To not share,

no joy is keeping

the creation totally

to oneself…sure

the creator can keep

some of the creation.


No one can truly own

Anything…as we are all

Temporary beings.

~Pauline Harris

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