Joyney to Wonderment

The time is upon us-
One leaf dances-
Through the air-
Its destination is-
Unlikely to be here-
Guiding softly-
To delight-
My eyes-
At the sight-
A falling star-
My viewing pleasure-
Another brings-
Joy as I feel-
Said my farewells-
To a loved one-
No longer present-
Wishing to have known-
Her more-
But nevermore-
Will just be-
Focusing on now-
Presently seeing-
Looking up-
Sleep has come-
I too must rest-
The joyney is here-
For us to wonder-
Asked what do I believe-
And now peace-

Raining Truth

A clasp of thunder-
Streaks of rain-
Collapsing in puddles-
Some may drain-
Others stay afloat-
Another bright blast-
Of Light shown through-
Crackling booms afoot-
Still so many lost-
In thoughts of-
Which way to turn-
Frantic calls-
No one hearing the Truth-
Storms continue-
To confuse all-
Some begin to search-
There must be-
A way …Some One-
Who holds some answers-
Researching the methods-
And learning what some are not telling-
Those who have been bought-
There is a secret to tell-
Only a few will hear-
Thunder and storms-
May come, but the Truth is-
For those who want to-
Have a world for all-
To live in and be free-
To not have to worry about-
Food or shelter or education or transportation-
Truth is for all-
Freedom is for all-
Thunder and rain may come,
But Truth remains free.

Once Upon A Smile

Transplanted again-
This time, I wasn’t
quite sure of things-
As ridiculed always
for being different
and yet some seem to
envy- my speech, my clothes.
While others, just would
laugh disturbingly.
I carried on…learning
The new culture and all
the subtleties. Some offered
guidance and I welcomed
The new friends, but there was
One who was different.
Sickness plagued him,
And yet…He smiled.
His real father abandoned him,
And yet…He smiled.
His home was gone,
And yet…He smiled.
With him always was
A sense of hope…
Hope everlasting.
Gone now, but yet
His smile carries on
in everyone who ever met him.
Thank you for being such
a good friend. I miss you.