Old Answers

Many moons have past
Since the writings
Wise and concise
Foretold of questions
Yet to be asked
Voices not born
Lore telling truths
Many would deny
Secrets within
Unifying moments
Would bring unity
And understanding
There are many
In one, but only if
And a big if
We recognized
Our right to carry on
Inspiring others
To find joy
Within the wisdom
Written so long ago
~by Pauline Harris

Words Inspired

(Inspired by a painting of a transformation from a book to butterflies)
Calm day brought to us
After many hectic ones
Focus changed
Challenges accepted
Words did appear
As figments once
Dreamt about
Writings on the wall
Inside my head
Filtered out
With hand, pen, and paper
Here written words
Floating into flutterbies
Forever inspiring others
By Pauline Harris

A Call To Write


Before me set
A tablet and some pens
Fragments of tales
Bounced around in my head
Clouds blanketing the sky
Moments weeping by
Someone distantly saying hi
Circling sayings mustering in
All forming a sensible wordage
I pick up the pen
As the words flow
Onto the pages
A pleasure to write
Grateful for being
The vessel, thank you.
By Pauline Harris

Reading Funny



Upon the page at hand
My eyes see the words as they are
Symbols in a row,

Row by row

Slightly moving, separating
Becoming doubles and triples
Multiplying the lines
Separations happening
Here and there
Forming rivers
The groups
Seeing rivers
Layered symbols


Head is aching
Eyes cannot focus
Lost a sense
Of what I was reading
All nonsense now

Close my eyes
Open again
The same view
Lost and confused

Some whisper
How I fake it
Others could care less

Alone in solitude

No explanations
Little whispers
Appear of others
Who read funny
They learned
To adjust
And make
Their way
To do great things
Understanding this
Helps me move forward
Reading one page
At a time
And resting
My eyes
When the words
Like to dance
…by Pauline Harris

Dreaming, Am I

Visions arrive in my head
Some of days of old
Others of never to be lived
Events do appear
To have some connection
With present goings-on
A new friend introduction
And to meet in real life
Oh, the fortunate
To see and believe
The favours
Dreams may come
And go, but
The messages
They bring
Are beyond words
…by Pauline Harris