Someone’s At the Door

Someone’s At the Door
By Pauline Harris

After a long day
We were resting
In our front room
Our living room
Talking to each other
About events of the day

When there was a knock
A knock at the door
Then a pounding upon it

Looks of confusion
As we saw each other’s face

Who could this be?
So forceful and demanding?
Bewildered, we got up
And walked towards the door

The pounding got louder
Our heads were throbbing

Cautiously, we began to open
The front door slowly
No rush to see this forceful being
Whoever may be behind the door
We thought of them rather rude
Disturbing our time together

And now we could see
Who this could be

A yell came crashing in
To our listening ears,
‘Can you come out to play?’

Oddly we laughed
As we saw the deep layered snow
Just everywhere we looked
And there was our friend
So pleased to see us home

A day of sledding, snow angels,
Snow ball throwing,
Igloo building
And very wet, damp clothes

A day full of pure joy
A good memory
Of another time and place
That still brings
A heartsmile and peace

On Winter’s Doorstep

On Winter’s Doorstep
by Pauline Harris

As the leaves begin to change
Multitude of colours and shapes
The weather darkens
The winds breaks branches
And many leaves begin
There descent to fall
Falling softly to the ground
Sometimes in big chunks
Rain and some snow
May fluster its way here
But there on that branch
Sits one solitary leaf
Struggling to keep attached
Long since turned from green
To orange and now brown
Holding on to life, but
Knowing full well it too will fall
Leaving behind the tree
It once knew as home
To die beneath the limbs
Making dust to dirt to replenish
The earth and allow new growth
To begin again for future life
As the time renews
Each dawn with the sun
And the moon following at night
Life goes on with the cycles
Love has created in its wake
So someday we may be that leaf
And become dust, but we also will
Help the life on this planet move on
Forever in hope as life goes forward on

Snow On the Beach

Crashing waves hit
With shattered ice
Upon the snow covered
White sandy beaches

Cranes fly away
From the swamp
Into the vast trees
By the river so deep

Quietly I ponder
About wonderment
Surrounding me
This very moment
By Pauline Harris

Searching For Snow

Every winter and even some in fall
The distant flakes begin to fall
Gathering their dust for us all
To make snow angels in the snow
But this year, some have not seen a flake
While others cry for assistance
For those who wait for the snow
I will listen for the echoes in the wind
And hear those shouts for joy to begin
For me, I will be shocked if we see any
But am glad to see so many enjoy
The festive joy each flake brings
And the smiles and icicles on the faces
Love to all these festive days…
By Pauline Harris

Winter’s Coming

A nice comfy chair, a candle
To light the room for reading
Escaping the hustle of ordinary days
Deeper into books, I am drawn
Only time will tell if I
If I make it out alive
Surviving through the winter forested within
Makes the time spent inside adventurous
No more gloomy days, instead find
Me cuddled up reading my books
…by Pauline Harris



There looking

out the window

I saw an


And the


And thought

to myself

 how neat it

would be

for them to

line up

and the

icicle be

the center

of the tree

and the branches

there would

spread out

for all

to see.


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