whispers in the wind…

a change is afoot…

do i have a voice

to say something…

some say yes,


say i have to say what they say…

is that really what freedom is all about…

thought it was for me to decide to be heard…

or maybe that door is not opened anymore

so many closed doors…

focus more on the open ones…

change is in the wind…

the world is full of changes…

every moment is anew

By Pauline Harris 2010

Dawning Wreck

(Inspiration:  a photo of a wreck on sand as the dawn begins)
One can still see
The great structure
Once an empowering
Vessel commanding
The vast waters
Until one day
The ship hit
A sand bar
No further
Would the seas
Carry any more
Skeleton of structure
Is all that remains
No more winds
To guide the sails
Only winds make
Ghostly whispers
Echoes of life
As it once was
Glows of sunrise
Express new life ahead
One full of wonder
And stories to explore
What travels the ship
Made and the glory
Of the beauty
Seen with the sunlight
…by Pauline Harris

Journey Beyond Rest

Whispering wind calling
Speaking my name softly
Intentions unclear, I listen
As my heart races…slowly,
I take a breath to calm myself
Breathing in and out
Taking note of where
The breath goes throughout
Breathing in and out
Noticing the brisk,
but gentle breeze
Upon my entire body
My skin tingles
A new sensation
Fills my soul
Peace has found me
At last, I am free…
By Pauline Harris

Rainy Day Joyneys

Scene Note: A Stack of books
sit by the window.
Raining outside with
a beautiful view of
trees and beyond.
Rainy day travels
Exploring joyneys
Within, remembering
Days of youth
Filled with flare
A smile appears
When crystals
Become rainbow – makers
A precious doll
Brings comfort
To one who brought
Joy to so many
The petty quarrels
Sisters have becoming
Full fledged friends
The joyneys we have
Both within and about …by Pauline Harris

Journey To The Woods And Beyond

arrived here-at a new adventure-many anxious-me, I am just quiet-some are given maps-some have guides-I announce I want to get lost and to find my own way-laughs are heard out loud-quiet whispers of let us help her get lost, but not find her-a lil voice says all will be okay- the adventure awaits-I walk deep within the forest- past the pool and creek- hearing no one about me-I realize I am lost, but somehow I feel alright- I look down at the path where I thought I came from-nothing there-I focus on the tools at hand- a needle and a leaf-a compass, some water and a bit of energy bars- assuring myself, I check my bearings- the voice says to go this way-I follow-each time in doubt, I listen-and the voice guides me-a short time later-after seeing some amazing creatures and plants-I return to the starting area-only to find out-some who had maps and guides-have not made it back-and there was such a look of surprise-when I showed up…I am grateful for that voice who guided me-may the voice continue to guide me along my many paths in life~Pauline Harris

Listening to the Whispering Wind

Taking a moment

to rest and heal

I sit watching

my pups play,

then as they tire

they rest upon

the grass…

so gently.

I look out


only to see

two squirrels


up a tree.

And in the dirt

of where our garden

was to grow

only dirt grows,

two birds take

a dirt bath.

Fluttering their feathers

nestling deep into

the dirt and

shaking it all off.

A gust of wind

whispers something

I need to hear…

remember this moment,

it shall soon come to pass.

Then I think of loved ones

some are sorting out

their path or health…

how each of us together

share healing connections

through the love

we share with one another

and by taking some time

to just be…

I sit and look at

my dogs resting

and see healing and love

surround us all around.

Take care to listen

to the whispering wind,

the message is there

if you care to hear.

~Pauline Harris

Whispers of Angels Wait to Be Heard

Sitting at my desk

I sat and waited

to hear any thing

a whisper would

have been good

but nothing came

to speak in my ear.

_So I ate my dinner

as I was hungry

and needed to

nourish my soul

somehow, but

in my rush, I think

I came to have

something in

my throat

choaking me

I could cough

but no talking

would come

I coughed and

saught help

I did not want

to do this alone.

_An angel was found

to help me with

my dilemma.

Not long did it take

and I was okay again.

_Surprised by the events,

I went to a quiet place

to sit still

with my thoughts.

_There appeared

a rustle in the trees,

a bird clapped it’s wings,

a cloud formed in the sky.

_Later, that night

I announced my

events of the day

and gave thanks

to the angel

who saved my life.

Thank you again,

dear angel.

~Pauline Harris

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