The Walk

The Walk
by Pauline Harris

Out the door
Two dogs on leads
A tug to go this way
And another to go that
Each dog with her own mind
Each wanting their choice
Forgetting all are in this together
We each must make the effort
To take the path forward
An agreement is made
Walking the path down
Deep into the valley
Through the old tree forest
And to the rolling stream
The water flowing over
The pebbles in the gentle brook
Guiding us along the way
Each of taking in the moment
Of the peaceful journey
And now the brisk walk
To return home renewed

Walk Gently

Walking gently through life
Seeing wonderment in hearts
Listening as birds sing a tune
All may not notice the rustling
Of each blade of grass in the breeze
Or the visiting flocks moving south
But those who witness these joys
Awaken their minds to joyney everywhere
By Pauline Harris

Rushing Waves

Rushing Waves By Pauline Harris

The storms had come

And gone today

I wanted to feel

The gentle breeze

Off to the beach

Gathering my things

The sand was a bit rough

To walk about on

Clashing sounds

Echoed in the air

As I walked up

To the rushing waves

Foam washed to shore

Bringing along

Bits of shell and rocks

Leaving them behind

Here and there

Another wave approaches

Closely followed by more

A bit choppy with the wind

Oh but that sound

Mesmerizing sound

Drawing me closer

Nearer to be


Within the day’s


By the seashore

With these rippling


A Walk in the Woods

Keeping up with the nice day
I thought a walk in the woods
Would settle my desires for adventure
Gathering my walking stick and water
I venture into the woods nearby
Careful to walk amongst the path
Stories of people going missing
Have plagued my mind with some fears
Tempted to calm myself I walk on
Deeper within and loosing the way
A clearing up ahead with a massive
Overly huge pile of wood, or so I thought
Closer inspection the pile is a gigantic pig made of wood
Not real says my mind, until it
Gathering muster
I attempt to run
About which way
To go really
And frightened
I cower there
The gigantic pig
Moves closer,
But is stopped
By the trees
Collecting my hope
I got up and away
Running towards the trees
Knowing they will guide me
Away from this crazy gigantic pig
And to my home and land
Home and grateful, I am home
By Pauline Harris

Purple Floral Waterfall

Taking a long walk

Down by the canal

Across the bridge

Over the farmer’s gate

Through the pastures

Where the cows lay

Anticipating misting rain

I follow the path

Set by purple flowers

Combing their way

Throughout the land

On walkways, through meadows,

Along the slated stone fences

I walk on. Enjoying

Each moment fragrant

And in sunlight. …by Pauline Harris

Lighted Joyney

A light show

in the distant clouds

reminds one of a time.

A time of pretending

of dancing with

music…boom, boom

crackle, clash, ding.

Then a distant friend

shows up

out of no where

and brings delight

and thoughts of

once upon a time

we went for a walk

and on that walk

we came across

a bumpy hill.

Oh the stories

we came up

with about that hill

and how it came to be.

Never really knowing

whether any of

our stories were true,

but oh my

the fun we had.

Just living life.


Each of us

A story to be told

and to live.

Some say forget

the past

it is gone forever,

but memories bring

to light

so much…

and the connections

we make can last a lifetime

and sometimes longer.

Thanks for the joyney

and the stories to carry on.

~Pauline Harris 2013

A Step Into Becoming

photo was taken with digital camera as a storm was developing at sunset

photo was taken with digital camera as a storm was developing at sunset

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